Malaysia Urban Legend – Malaysian Ghosts from the Sabahan

January 10th, 2011

This post is contributed by C^Lene

Here’s a few things on what I understand of Malaysian Ghosts, from a Sabahan perspective.

  • Hantu Tetek – Anaru Susu (Literally, ‘Long Breasted’) in the Dusun language. Supposedly, she can be identified by her long, shrill whistling, which I guess ayone knows, is no animal if you hear it a night. My mom has actually had an experience when she was younger, where she heard it’s whistle while alone at home, and was taunted by having it whistle at one end of the house, then in a split second hearig it whistle again at the other end. Apparently, as it went on, she began to feel drained, and just as she was falling asleep on the couch (which was in the middle of the house, so she thought it would be fine), she was woken up by my grandmother who had just come home. When she described what happened, my grandmother said that it was a good thing she had woken her up because if she hadn’t, the ghost would have come in and killed her. Continue reading Malaysia Urban Legend – Malaysian Ghosts from the Sabahan »

Short Langkawi Ghost story

January 3rd, 2011

Author’s Note : My friend did once told me before his son is pretty sensitive towards ghosts. Each time he saw one, he would fall heavily sick. What he didn’t know was his daughter had the same fate as well. Here’s what he had to share

During my recent short trip to Langkawi, my daughter had fallen sick during the holidays. Perhaps she caught the flu bug but before her fever came something weird happened. It was in the broad daylight and we were passing by on the way back to the hotel. The only people there in the car were my daughter and my eldest son. If you’ve been to Langkawi, you would know how some of the areas there are pretty quiet.

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Sunway University’s Washroom Ghost

December 24th, 2010

Author’s Note : This happened to an acquaintance of mine who’s brother is currently studying at Sunway University

This happened recently to my brother who is currently studying in Sunway University. Some may find it amusing and some may find it rather full of rubbish but my brother is convinced that something happened that day. That particularly unfortunate day for him was an exam day. He was sitting through his exams when he realized that he needed to go to the gents. So off he went to the nearest gent nearby his class. Usually given the choice, he would not wonder off there as the gents was particularly quiet due to its location that far off the building.

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