Silence is Golden

October 7th, 2006

It was late at night in the office when Jill realized she was the only one in the office. Used to working til wee hours of the night, she’s not disturbed with the idea of being alone although there were rumours flying around about the haunted office. After all, it was only half past 9.

Usually, she would put on her favourite mp3 musics and shut out the quietness of the office. However, on this particular night, since she’s all alone, why not just on the music through her computer’s speakers? Techo, being her favourite music, she played the music blasting the sound through the office, afterall she thought, there was no one around to complain about the noise she was making.

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Can you hear me?

October 5th, 2006

Foreword : This story is told to me by a colleague of mine, Alice

This is a story of how my cousin brother communicated with us after he died at a young age of 23 years old. He was just back for the holidays from the States so it was a very usual thing that he hangs out til late at night with his buddy and long time girlfriend as soon as he touched down to Malaysia.

It was a tragedy the way he died. I heard that it was because on that unfortunate night, after dinner, he had a long list of night plans with his buddies and girlfriend. After a sumptuous dinner at home, he head on to the movies. Already at dinner, he ate til his stomach could not fill because he missed all the delicious home cooked food that he used to enjoy before this. At the movies, he went on taking popcorn and junks of snacks. After movies, I heard, that he went on to mamak-ing (a term used for hanging out and eating at a local Indian-malay stall by the roadside for supper in Malaysia).
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October 4th, 2006

I believe that mankind are divided into 2 beliefs. The skeptics & The believers. The believers are those that believe sometimes what we cannot see or what science today cannot prove do not mean that they do not exist. For me, I believe that we all live in a parallel world & sometimes with the right wrong friction, timing & frequency, wala! We may experience something that we cannot possibly explain ourselves.

Most of the stories written here are either stories contributed and retold by listening to my circle of friends that experience these phenomenon themselves, or someone related to them. Perhaps the skeptics may point out that the stories written here are lies, but the people that told the stories to me seem to think otherwise.

Either way, I hope you would enjoy the stories as much as I enjoy listening and blogging them out here.

Happy Spookout! 😛