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Haunted house at UKM, Bangi

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

Because we were all students studying at University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, all 8 of us decided instead to rent a house nearby our campus. One of our girlfriends found a really huge double storey house only renting for about RM500 which was really a good deal. Of course, how could anything be too good to be true? We knew instantly that there was definately something wrong with the house because no one had rented that place for the past 4 years. Because we were all desperate for a place to stay and had no extra money, everyone agreed to just keep our curiosity low at all times.

The first few months nothing big really happened. Sure there were the occasional mysteriously on and off of the lights but all of us just thought that it was just one of those innocent ghost games played by this haunted house. We all breezed through staying there for 2 years. After we all moved out, only did I found out some of the mysterious experience that my housemates experienced.

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Bearded Man outside Window

Monday, October 9th, 2006

Husband and Wife were about to get into bed after a long tiring day. After checking on their 6 mth old baby (whose baby cot is situated by the window still), husband and wife went to bed. Its been such a long day because Baby keeps on crying the whole day until Husband and Wife had to take turns to keep Baby entertained.

It was approximately about 2a.m in the morning when Baby started crying. Wife, seriously tired woke Husband up so he could check on Baby. Husband, tired as well, nudged the Wife instead. In the end, He could not tolerate Baby’s cries any longer and got up from the bed. Blurly, Husband went over to the cot and saw Baby sitting up crying and crying. Mistified, he asked “Why Baby are you crying?”. Baby cried louder and louder and pointed outside the window.

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Can you hear me?

Thursday, October 5th, 2006

Foreword : This story is told to me by a colleague of mine, Alice

This is a story of how my cousin brother communicated with us after he died at a young age of 23 years old. He was just back for the holidays from the States so it was a very usual thing that he hangs out til late at night with his buddy and long time girlfriend as soon as he touched down to Malaysia.

It was a tragedy the way he died. I heard that it was because on that unfortunate night, after dinner, he had a long list of night plans with his buddies and girlfriend. After a sumptuous dinner at home, he head on to the movies. Already at dinner, he ate til his stomach could not fill because he missed all the delicious home cooked food that he used to enjoy before this. At the movies, he went on taking popcorn and junks of snacks. After movies, I heard, that he went on to mamak-ing (a term used for hanging out and eating at a local Indian-malay stall by the roadside for supper in Malaysia).
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