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Haunted House in Melbourne, Australia

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Author’s Note : My cousin, Shen lives in a haunted house in Melbourne Australia. How does she know that her house is haunted? Well, its not very difficult when someone tells you.

Shen lives in a house in Melbourne, Australia with her boyfriend and his brother. Little does she know, over time that her boyfriend’s brother, J, posses the ability to sense and see ghosts. In the beginning when they moved in together, Shen did not understand why J was a withdrawn and introvert person. Soon, Shen’s boyfriend explained that J was very preoccupied with beings that neither Shen nor her boyfriend could see. Because J is still disturbed with the fact of his special ability, he kept himself mostly in the room blogging. Shen, a curiosity cat she was, always asked J for some ghost stories to tell since he has encountered many but was always faced with rejection from J.

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Haunted Apartment in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

This eerily spooked out story is contributed by Karl

I’ve had many ghost experiences in my life. Though, I still consider myself lucky to have not seen anything first hand, my friends and fellow housemates, on the other hand, were not so lucky.

This was during our college years back in 2003, we had just moved into a condominium unit situated in the hilly areas of Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur. The house was the lower most unit of the rows and there was an easy access to the swimming pool. The surrounding area around the swimming pool was heavily dense with trees, plants and bushes or better known as secondary forest.

There were 8 of us living in that unit alone and most of us shared rooms. For the first few days since moving in the condominium in Wangsa Maju, only four of us had moved into the house as the rest were yet to arrive back from their hometowns. Nothing much occured or spooked us out except for the fact that doors opened by themselves even though there wasn’t any wind. That incident did creeped us out but we tried to be logical about it and thought maybe the ground wasn’t level seeing that we were living on a hillside.

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Supernatural Hearing Power – Telepathy or Telekinesis

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

This story was told to me by a friend of mine who’s aunt works as a hairdresser in Puchong. She believed that she possesed te power of telepathy or telekinesis. FYI, telepathy or telekinesis is the ability to communicate,  be it receiving or sending, information through senses. 

My aunt opened her saloon for quite sometime ago and not long after that gained a couple of loyal customers. There was one particular loyal customer that she remember very well and it was not only because she frequent her saloon n buys shampoo from her. Mrs X was a very strong religious person carrying pendents of Gods where ever she goes. You see, my aunt was after a while pretty curious about why Mrs X is so peculiar and found out one evening during one of Mrs X’s hair cut session that she could see ghosts. Continue reading Supernatural Hearing Power – Telepathy or Telekinesis »