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Phone Booth Ghost

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

This story happened in a local university campus. You see, back in those days when hand phone was something unheard of, not much of a common asset or only something that the “rich” people could afford, all students use the phone at a phone booth located near their hostel.

One late night, this student was hanging on the phone for a very long time chatting with his girlfriend. Although he knew people were waiting in line, he just kept on yakking on the phone ignoring the frustration of the others. After about an hour or so, the crowd dwindled to just one more person standing behind him. After a while, he heard the person asking him if he was going to take a very long time but he just ignored him and kept on chatting. In fact, he was quite irritated that the person wasn’t using the other phone booth which was located not far away from the one he was using.

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Haunted House in Melbourne, Australia

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Author’s Note : My cousin, Shen lives in a haunted house in Melbourne Australia. How does she know that her house is haunted? Well, its not very difficult when someone tells you.

Shen lives in a house in Melbourne, Australia with her boyfriend and his brother. Little does she know, over time that her boyfriend’s brother, J, posses the ability to sense and see ghosts. In the beginning when they moved in together, Shen did not understand why J was a withdrawn and introvert person. Soon, Shen’s boyfriend explained that J was very preoccupied with beings that neither Shen nor her boyfriend could see. Because J is still disturbed with the fact of his special ability, he kept himself mostly in the room blogging. Shen, a curiosity cat she was, always asked J for some ghost stories to tell since he has encountered many but was always faced with rejection from J.

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Ghost Story of UUM (University Utara Malaysia), Kedah

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Author’s Note : University Utara Malaysia located in Kedah is also fondly known as UUM. The following ghost story is told to me by a friend who personally experienced the ghost herself while studying in University Utara Malaysia.

University Utara Malaysia was a place that every student knows some form of ghost story. In fact, it was circulated as a true ghost story that before the whole university was built in the middle of no where, the government sent busses empty with passangers in the middle of the site and strictly instructed the bus drivers not to turn around or look back at the rearview mirror. After a while, the bus drivers would drive into another faraway area in the middle of no where. It was said that this action is to “ferry” all the ghosts away from the woods and carry them to their “new home”.

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