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The Girl in Red Part 2

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

This story is a continuation from The Girl in Red Part 1.

The second encounter was after both my sisters have grown up. One proceeded to further her studies in a college in Penang where as the other chose to work in Kuala Lumpur. My brother who took the middle room (not the same room as the one my sisters shared), went to sleep one night as usual.
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The Girl in Red Part 1

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

This story is contributed by Su

I am from a small town in Perak and this has happened twice in at my house. The first incident was encountered by my second sister and second incident by my older brother. Both the incidents happened with a few years gap apart.Back when I was just about 11 years old, I do not own a pair of tracksuit so I often ask from my second sister (who is 6 years older than I am) to borrow me one. She would usually be really reluctant and of course, very pissed at the concept of having to share it with.

The first curious incident happened at this one night when I asked to borrow the tracksuit from her while she was half-asleep. You see, she shares the same room with my eldest sister back then. At around 11pm, I went to her room and asked to borrow her tracksuit. Her back was facing me at that time and she went on grumbling, “Yalah, yalah go take it lah!! Don’t kacau me sleeping!!!” So I took it from her cupboard and went to sleep myself.
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Encountered Ghost in TM Resort

Friday, July 16th, 2010

This story is contributed by Death Shishido

I have a ghost story that I don’t even know whether it is really a ghost or just a figment of my imagination but it happened to me during my family vacation at TM Resort in Port Dickson, Malaysia. Every time I pass by or hear the name of  that resort, it just gives me a creepy feeling.

It was a wonderful day to stayed there for one night in that apartment.  The apartment contained 2 rooms. One room for my married uncle and another for my family. The room for my uncle was supposed to be for my siblings and me but since it would have been boring if it was just our family, we decided to invite my uncle as well.

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