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Bearded Man outside Window

Monday, October 9th, 2006

Husband and Wife were about to get into bed after a long tiring day. After checking on their 6 mth old baby (whose baby cot is situated by the window still), husband and wife went to bed. Its been such a long day because Baby keeps on crying the whole day until Husband and Wife had to take turns to keep Baby entertained.

It was approximately about 2a.m in the morning when Baby started crying. Wife, seriously tired woke Husband up so he could check on Baby. Husband, tired as well, nudged the Wife instead. In the end, He could not tolerate Baby’s cries any longer and got up from the bed. Blurly, Husband went over to the cot and saw Baby sitting up crying and crying. Mistified, he asked “Why Baby are you crying?”. Baby cried louder and louder and pointed outside the window.

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Something Banged the Toilet Doors

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

Note : This following story happened to a boy student living in a very well known hostel in Malaysia.

Ahmad** lived in the hostel for almost 5 years. Studying there together with his friends has become a part of a life that is only known to him. In the many years studying, there was one place that he never stepped his foot on. That, was the toilet nearest to his dorm. It was rumour to be haunted. The rumour was so intense that everyone was afraid to go near the place.

His dorm-mates tradition was if they wanted to go toilet, they would most probably use the one further away from their dorm. In order to avoid waking in the middle of the night in need, everyone would avoid drinking too much water before bedtime.

That one night, Ahmad suddenly woke up in the middle of the night in desperate need to go to the loo. Because of fear, he woke one of his roommate to asked if he would accompany him. However, his efforts fail because his roommate was deep fast asleep. In desperation, he got down the building. Passing by the rumoured haunted toilet, he dare not enter due to fear. But after a few steps, his felt as if his bladder could not wait any longer. The nearest toilet would be some 2 blocks away and if he managed to get there, it would probably be too late.

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Silence is Golden

Saturday, October 7th, 2006

It was late at night in the office when Jill realized she was the only one in the office. Used to working til wee hours of the night, she’s not disturbed with the idea of being alone although there were rumours flying around about the haunted office. After all, it was only half past 9.

Usually, she would put on her favourite mp3 musics and shut out the quietness of the office. However, on this particular night, since she’s all alone, why not just on the music through her computer’s speakers? Techo, being her favourite music, she played the music blasting the sound through the office, afterall she thought, there was no one around to complain about the noise she was making.

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