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Ghost Daughter

Friday, July 27th, 2007

This is a story told by a friend of mine that heard the true stories from one of those tv talk shows that talk about true supernatural experiences. This story was narrated by a young Buddhist monk that experienced the whole incident.

A lady and her husband due to unexplained situation aborted her baby at one time in their life. Perhaps it was due to financial reasons but the reason was never revealed. After a few years later, they decided to try for a baby but with no avail. Chinese believed that abortion needed to be done in a careful manner with prayers to ease the infant spirit especially if the fetus has already formed its shape. However, the lady and her husband failed to perform any prayers for their unborn child at that time as they did not know that rituals needed to be done.

On one afternoon while the lady waited for her friends for tea at a local restaurant, she could suddenly feel something brushing against her leg. As she was wearing skirt at that time, she thought that the wind must be blowing but after second thoughts, she looked under the table to see if there was anything. She saw nothing. Again, she suddenly felt the brush and peered under the table. Nothing was underneath and when she felt the brush for the third time, she suddenly thought of her unborn child. Could that brush be her unborn child? She thought to herself “Child, if you are really my child then brush my leg again” and as she finished thinking, she felt a brush on her leg. Excitedly, she thought to herself again “Child, if you are really my unborn child, reveal yourself” and she unveiled the table cloth to see a very cute little girl peering up at her with her black brown eyes clinging on to her feet.

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Another Ria Apartment Genting Ghost Story

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

What! Another Genting Ghost Story? Well, everytime when I gather with my friends and ask them for a true horror story, a Genting ghost story is never, ever left out. Here’s another Ria Apartment Genting ghost story that my friend’s friend encountered

We were all supposed to be having a time of our lives until my friend, James saw something extraordinary. It happened in the afternoon when all the four of us guys decided to play the game of Mahjong. However, being the 5 of us, another of our friend, Andy thought that he was hungry and decided to cook up something to eat.

As we started our game, Andy walked into the kitchen and start preparing for his lunch. After everyone of us prepared the tiles on the table, James thought of looking for Andy to ask him to prepare another set of lunch for him and went to the kitchen to look for him.

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Ghostly Office Sightings

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Here are some short stories / rumours of office sightings where I’ve heard my ex-colleagues claiming that they accidently “bumped” into supernatural beings.

IT department in my previous company always have one person that would be on stand by in the server room just in case if anything happens. One night, after leaving the locked room (you’ll have to scan in and out with your own name tag) for a late night toilet visit, IT guy came back and saw a couple (male and femake) with their backs facing him in the locked room. He freaked out and left the office immediately. IT Guy told me he saw 2 old people wearing traditional chinese clothing of a cheong sam and sam fu.

On another separate case, IT Guy B was working at the late night shift at the office. After a while being busy with the problems on hand, he decided to stand up and streach himself. The sitting and computers in the office are situated in such a way that its in 3 rows of PC. IT Guy B was sitting at the last row nearest to the door and when he got up to streach his legs, he was surprised to see a back of a lady sitting at the first row adjecent to where he was sitting. Confused and confident that there was no one beside him, he kept quiet and sat back in his office until the next morning when the next person came in. Surprisingly, the mysterious woman disappeared as quietly as she came.
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