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Ghostly Office Sightings

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Here are some short stories / rumours of office sightings where I’ve heard my ex-colleagues claiming that they accidently “bumped” into supernatural beings.

IT department in my previous company always have one person that would be on stand by in the server room just in case if anything happens. One night, after leaving the locked room (you’ll have to scan in and out with your own name tag) for a late night toilet visit, IT guy came back and saw a couple (male and femake) with their backs facing him in the locked room. He freaked out and left the office immediately. IT Guy told me he saw 2 old people wearing traditional chinese clothing of a cheong sam and sam fu.

On another separate case, IT Guy B was working at the late night shift at the office. After a while being busy with the problems on hand, he decided to stand up and streach himself. The sitting and computers in the office are situated in such a way that its in 3 rows of PC. IT Guy B was sitting at the last row nearest to the door and when he got up to streach his legs, he was surprised to see a back of a lady sitting at the first row adjecent to where he was sitting. Confused and confident that there was no one beside him, he kept quiet and sat back in his office until the next morning when the next person came in. Surprisingly, the mysterious woman disappeared as quietly as she came.
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Short Ghost Story of Tesco Damansara

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

This short story was told to me by my friend, Poh recently at a friend gathering session.

I used to have a colleague who’s girlfriend posses what some people would call a curse where some may say that it is a gift from God. Its the “3rd eye”. “3rd eye” people have the ability to see supernatural things that “common” people like us could not see unless our luck is on the low side or simply what Chinese would have called it “si wan tai”. My colleague’s girlfriend, WaiWai, though, could not really “see” ghosts all the time which most of the time makes it hard for her to “recognize” who’s living and who’s dead.

According to WaiWai, the spirits looked exactly like any other human. She wouldn’t have noticed them until the spirits starred back at her and only her. Locked in an eye to eye communication, it was usually only then that she realized that she was the only one that could see the spirit and the spirit knows that she could see them. After each incident, she would fall very sick with fever running high for at least a week. Perhaps this is due to her being too frighten as she confesses to me that til today, she could not get used to her unusual “gift”.

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Sepang’s Back Passenger

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

When mentioned the “Sepang” word, everyone assumes the circuit which has made the Sepang area famous because of the fast and furious car racing track. However, in the recent years Sepang has named itself for another reason, its Sepang’s back passenger. Here’s one experience my friend would never forget.

The Sepang road is one of the most commonly known highway to use as a shortcut between KL and Port Dickson. It was a dark and lonely drive along that highway towards KL. Me and my boyfriend was just making a holiday trip back from Port Dickson that very night when something strange happened. My boyfriend was driving while me sitting next to him being bored, took out my handphone and started playing with the camera.

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