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Reincarnated Souls

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Chinese believed that one does not know when they pass away until the 7th day that they wonder around the earth. By the 7th day before crossing to the other realm, the deceased would visit their loved ones for the last time. On that day, the living loved ones would prepare the deceased favourite dishes, set on the tables. They would also retire to bed early for fear that if their loved one’s spirit were to try coming back, the living might accidently bum into the spirit or scare the spirit away.

Below are a series of reincarnated souls stories that I’ve collected from friends that have personally experienced something supernatural

1. Front Door banging
It was already late when I was walking upstairs towards my bedroom. According to beliefs and tradition, we were all suppose to go to bed early so my just deceased grandfather in law could come back and visit us for the last time. My husband was already fast asleep, as soon as I reached the door knob to my bedroom, I suddenly heard someone banging the main door of my house. Frankly, I was kind of surprised because everyone was already fast asleep or perhaps pretending to be fast asleep. Perhaps I was hearing things because it had been a tiring day. All the cooking and preparing dishes kept me busy the whole day. Then, the banging came again. This time, I was sure of the noise. I walked down the flight of stairs towards the ground floor when I saw my maid coming out from her room.

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Haunted house at UKM, Bangi

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

Because we were all students studying at University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, all 8 of us decided instead to rent a house nearby our campus. One of our girlfriends found a really huge double storey house only renting for about RM500 which was really a good deal. Of course, how could anything be too good to be true? We knew instantly that there was definately something wrong with the house because no one had rented that place for the past 4 years. Because we were all desperate for a place to stay and had no extra money, everyone agreed to just keep our curiosity low at all times.

The first few months nothing big really happened. Sure there were the occasional mysteriously on and off of the lights but all of us just thought that it was just one of those innocent ghost games played by this haunted house. We all breezed through staying there for 2 years. After we all moved out, only did I found out some of the mysterious experience that my housemates experienced.

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Lost Ghost at Karak Highway

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

My friend, Joe, one day decided to head back home to Pahang during the weekend. Because of the hot weather during the day, Joe decided to travel back home in the middle of the night instead. Usually, Joe goes back home using the only highway he knew from Kuala Lumpur, which was the Karak Highway.

That night, in the middle of the long stretch of highway, he felt tired because of the lack of sleep the previous night. Thinking that he would not want to endanger his or anyone’s life, he pulled over to take a short nap.

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