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Haunted Hotel in Johor Bahru – It’s The Same Hotel!

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Author’s Note : I remember once I wrote about a haunted hotel in Johor Bahru and was threatened by the management that I would be sued for defamation. Not wanting to create legal matters, I removed the post and shortly after that, I perhaps or might have and maybe posted it again but removing the hotel’s name altogether because I think everyone has a right to know what is happening. While haunted hotels are not something new and uncommon. Here’s another story that only proves that this hotel is indeed haunted.

Read more about Emily here

Ever since I found out I could see ghosts, I’m practically a magnet for all things horror. A tradition that I kept since I was young was to carry a protective charm which I would keep beside me at all times especially, and I mean especially when I need to stay a night in a hotel. A night without it would meant a sleepless and horrifying night for me so imagine my horror when I realized I left my protective charm at home during a business trip to Johor Bahru a few years back. Continue reading Haunted Hotel in Johor Bahru – It’s The Same Hotel! »

Through a Child’s Eye

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Author’s Note : In the many years that I have written this blog, I have by far never personally met someone gifted with 3rd eye. Although I might have included some stories about friends or associates of mine that has encountered supernatural forces, but those incidents were always and often by chance and luck. When Emily told me about her experience, I realized that this gift is perhaps what we call fate or a stronger word, of destiny because it made me wonder, why did she have to “see” some and not “see” some of them? Here was what happened to her when she was about 7 – 12 years old

My first experience was the most vivid to me because I was old enough to know what was happening. This single incident made me thought that it was just a case of bad luck but as time passed, it still kept happening and it still is even when I’m already now in my 30s.

When I was studying in primary school, my routine was taking a school bus back to my grandma’s house in Setapak and after that running to tuition every other day. My parents would take me back after their long day at work and it would begin all over again the following day and the rest of the school days. I could not recall if I had any ghost experience before this so I have always and assumed that this was my first experience. Continue reading Through a Child’s Eye »

Haunted Hotel along Langkawi Island

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

I just found out recently one of my colleagues used to work in the hotel line many years back. Out of curiosity, I asked her if it was true that every hotel has their ghost stories. Being a religious Muslim, she told me she never saw anything out of the 7 years she has been in the hotel industry although she has heard quite a few. I probed her further but she couldn’t recall any except 2 short ones which she remembered clearly because she when she heard the stories from her then colleague, goose bumps were all over her skin.

The first incident took place at a hotel in Langkawi way back when the hotel was called Sheraton Perdana. As Langkawi was one of the favorite destinations for many foreigners, this hotel in Langkawi had it shares of foreigners. Her then colleage told her that a western couple had complained early in the morning that they wanted to switch rooms. Although they weren’t angry, the husband went to explain to her colleague that after spending a few nights in the hotel room. He found out something amiss. Continue reading Haunted Hotel along Langkawi Island »