A Taiwanese Ghost Story – Play Merry-Go-Round

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Author’s Note : This is a continuation from the story about A Taiwanese Ghost Story – Night at a Hotel Room but this next story has nothing to do with the previous one and its another artist’s turn to talk about her experience

This artist stays in Tai Chong and it happened on a day where she had to travel to give a performance at a place that was one and half hours drive away from her house. Since she was quite familiar with that location as she had been visiting that venue at least 2 to 3 times a year, she was pretty confident that she could go there herself and told her assistant that she did not need her assistant to accompany her on that day.

On the day of the event, she drove herself to the venue. Upon reaching the town, she realized that she could not find the location of the venue. She was pretty confused at that time as she was very confident that the venue was just around the block but she turned around and around but still was unable to reach that place. After some time, she gave up and decided to call her assistant for some help. Her assistant asked for the location of where she was right now and also some landmarks for confirmation and told the artist that she was just 2 streets away from the venue. Her assistant thought her how to go and she followed her assistant’s instructions but still could not reach the venue. She even went to the extent to ask people nearby and they gave her directions but still she turned around and around and was not able to locate the venue

At last, she decided to stop at a petrol kiosk and ask her assistant to come and lead her to the venue. When her assistant came to look for her, she confirmed that the venue was just behind the street. It was only then that the artist realized that she had been passing the street many times but could not see the venue. Some people suggested that perhaps a ghost had closed her eyes

to be continued…(p/s : in case anyone’s going to “ala…” again, this story’s ended…but Spookycorner’s got yet one more story to go)

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  1. Rina Says:

    hahahaha.. okok we got it. xD
    will wait for a different story…

  2. pisang Says:

    may be her G.P.S fail to work…….
    no not that G.P.S…
    this is (G)od (P)osition (S)ystem

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