A Taiwanese Ghost Story – Night at a Hotel Room

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Author’s Note : Remember I once mentioned about a Taiwanese talk show that invites their local Taiwanese artists to talk about their ghost story experiences? Well, here’s one that my friend watched and told me about. I’m not too sure how accurate is the ghost story since from a TV programme, it is passed down to me by word of mouth. This is just one of the 3 part series that I will be sharing. So here’s what happened to part one of A Taiwanese Ghost Story – Night at a Hotel Room

This artist talked about his experience in one of the asian country where he had to do some overseas shooting. Although he did not mention which country he went to but he did state that this country has many many Chinese but isn’t China or Taiwan either. During the whole period of the shooting days, he and the whole camera crew had to stay in this hotel which has 18 floors. So happen, this artist was staying on the 18th floor

On the first night, he went back to the hotel around midnight and was really very tired after the shooting. After he showered, he immediately got on the bed and while he was on the bed, he saw a flash of light outside the window. However, he did not take note of the flash of light as he thought that it was just the lighting striking. You see, he did not bother to draw the curtains as he thought he needed to wake up at 6am the following day.

At about 2am, he was suddenly woken by strange and weird sounds. The sound seemed to be like something was knocking on the glass windows in his room. Without much thought, he glanced outside and was shocked to see a lady’s head appeared outside his window. She was hanging outside the window upside down and was swinging in and out in a blink of an eye; she was swung herself inside the room. At that same moment, the artist felt something pressing against him and he was unable to move at all. The feeling remained with him for about 5 minutes and as sudden as it came, it was gone. He immediately ran into his colleagues room as soon as he was freed from the feeling

to be continued…

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12 Responses to “A Taiwanese Ghost Story – Night at a Hotel Room”

  1. Rina Says:

    cant wait to read part 2!

  2. JonSpark Says:

    waiting for pt2 and pt3 XD

  3. Navinesh Says:

    thats creepy.. but the feeling for 5 minutes? that long?

  4. ezman Says:

    Haiyo…what happened next ?

  5. Ic3Que3n Says:

    aiya… sorry la… actually this story ended already… hahaha.. part 2 is actually a separate story! 😛

  6. Rina Says:

    oic… hahahaha.. i hv been checking daily waiting for the update leh..lol
    next story pls! 😀 😀 😀

  7. Lynn Goh Says:

    what lah. apalah lu.

  8. pisang Says:


  9. banana Says:

    oi wheres part 2 fker….until now never post

  10. yoyoyo Says:

    ah yo yo … where’s d 2nd part .. sounds interesting

  11. unsightly Says:

    Its 2011 & the iceprick..oppss I mean icequeen has not posted part 2. Typical MY prick.

  12. xan Says:

    The actor must be a handsome guy. The lady ghost wanted to make love with him. That why she was on top of him for 5 min.

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