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Ghost kid at Hotel in KL

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Author’s Note : I recently met a friend that graduated from hotel management. Curious, I asked a famous myth that someone once told me – all hotels have at least one room that is haunted. Although I did not really get a firm yes or no answer from her, but she shared with me a story she heard from one of her colleague which she met while doing internship there.

My ex colleague, Ben once told me a spooky ghost story that he experience while working in this hotel. I shall not name this hotel although I can clearly tell you that this hotel is located some where in Kuala Lumpur. While I was doing my internship there, Ben told me that he once had his share of ghostly experience some months back.

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A Taiwanese Ghost Story – Night at a Hotel Room

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Author’s Note : Remember I once mentioned about a Taiwanese talk show that invites their local Taiwanese artists to talk about their ghost story experiences? Well, here’s one that my friend watched and told me about. I’m not too sure how accurate is the ghost story since from a TV programme, it is passed down to me by word of mouth. This is just one of the 3 part series that I will be sharing. So here’s what happened to part one of A Taiwanese Ghost Story – Night at a Hotel Room

This artist talked about his experience in one of the asian country where he had to do some overseas shooting. Although he did not mention which country he went to but he did state that this country has many many Chinese but isn’t China or Taiwan either. During the whole period of the shooting days, he and the whole camera crew had to stay in this hotel which has 18 floors. So happen, this artist was staying on the 18th floor Continue reading A Taiwanese Ghost Story – Night at a Hotel Room »

Japan Hotel Holiday Turned Horror

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Author’s note : This story is told by a good friend of mine about an experience her sister had a few months back during her holiday trip to Japan

My eldest sister, Ying, and my youngest sister, Yin, recently went to Japan for their holidays. Yin, however, had a shock an experience of a lifetime when she encountered something supernatural during her Japan trip at the local hotel there. She experienced what most people would describe as sleep paralysis but Yin was certain that it wasn’t as what most non-believers would explain to be. So here’s how it happened.

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