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A Haunted Hotel in Johor

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Author’s Note : Some may find this story somewhat familiar as I took it out sometime back due to some unforeseen circumstances. I’ve however took out some of the details that would perhaps get me into trouble but most of the part remains accurate as per what I have been told. Enjoy!
This happened to a girlfriend of mine who used to stay at a hotel in Johorl when she has business trips to Johor Bahru. It was rumored that this hotel in Johor Bahru had a suicide case a few years back where a girl killed herself in one of the hotel’s room.

I used to travel a lot with during my previous job and that included Johor Bahru. Me and my other 2 male companions knew about the suicide case that happened not long and always cautioned this hotel staffs not to put us at that particular floor where it happened (I forgot if it was the 13th or 15th floor, let’s just assume that it was the 13th floor). I would always stay at the non smooking floor which would be located on the 15th floor and above whereas my other 2 male colleagues would stay at the smooking floors. Nothing really happened at everytime I stayed at the there, that is, until that particular day.

It was like any ordinary day and it did not occur to me the slightest when it happened. Co-incidently, I was taking the lift back to my room. Usually, I would be accompanied by my collegeagues but so happen that day, they could not accompany me and I decided to walk back to the hotel room by myself. I pressed the number to my hotel room floor and the lift started to move upwards. As sudden as it seemed, the lift stopped at the floor where the suicide case took place. I thought nothing of it and waited for the lift doors to close. I have to admit that I was kind of puzzled when the lift suddenly stopped at the floor without any warning. That was not the only thing puzzling me, there was no one at that floor at that particular time! I shrugged it off as perhaps it was just some naughty kids playing with the lift buttons.
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The 25th Floor

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Author’s Note :  We were out for lunch one day when a friend of mine, James, told me that he used to work in the hotel industry. So being curious and all, I asked him if it’s true that some rumored that every hotel has at least one ghostly resident or a haunted room. James told me that although he could not confirm my statement but so far, he do know that the one he used to worked in had a haunted floor and this is how the story goes

I used to work in a very old hotel down at Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur about approximately 10 yrs ago. Back then this hotel was owned by a man who believed in supernatural powers. From feng shui to ghostly existence, well at least, that was what the rumor had been back then. I was still young from my college years and of course, being innocent and all, I believed them. How could you not believe when a whole entire 25th floor was closed to public? Not even we staff were allowed to go to that floor as it was entirely shut off. Naturally, the staffs gossiped that the 25th floor was shut down due to the strong existence of supernatural beings or ghosts that disturbed hotel guests. The disturbance was quite drastic that the management had decided to close down the whole floor instead. As time passed, the floor was used to hold old furniture or unwanted assets that needed to be thrown away.

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Scary Experience in Ipoh

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Story submitted by Anonymous Reader

A couple of years back me and 2 of my friends had to drive up to Ipoh on a Saturday night to deliver an urgent item for a Minister’s meeting. By the time we received the item from the supplier, it was already 9.30pm and by the time we made it to Ipoh it was already 12am. Thinking that its best we stayed overnight, my friend proceeded to book a room in Heritage Hotel.

The hotel was pretty fully booked that day as the Minister’s entourage also stayed at the same hotel. We were given an end room that was located at the end of a quiet corridor. We didn’t think much of it as by then all 3 of us were tired. Once we entered the room, I felt an uncomfortable feeling overcoming me. The room felt hot and stuffy but I didn’t mention any of this to my friends.

We went out for supper and then got back to the hotel to rest for the night. As there were 2 single beds, we joined both beds to make it a queen size bed. Me, being the hero, even though they say never sleep in the middle, chose to sleep in the middle. It was around 3-3.30am that I first heard strange noises. The first sound was of our cupboard doors sliding (they had sliding ones) and the second was of glasses being moved around and thirdly the tap being turned on.

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