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Spooky Experience in Genting Highland’s Hotel

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Autho’rs Note : This is one spooky experience that one would definately not want to have in one of Genting Highland’s Hotel.

A group of girlfriends were thinking of going for a fun vacation and chose Genting Highland as their destination. What they couldn’t expect was to experience something that they would never forget, at least, for sometime near future. Upon arriving at Genting Highland, they checked into the hotel and were given 2 connecting rooms. They had lots of fun riding on the outdoor and indoor theme park and as the day turned into night, most of them were already feeling washed out.

However, most of them wanted to try their luck at the roulette table and headed off to the casino nearby. Both Scarlet & Piglet were the only 2 girls left of the group that decided they needed the rest. So Scarlet & Piglet headed off to their room. After cleaning up themselves, Scarlet & Piglet both slept in separate rooms. The door that stands in between the room was opened wide so that each of them could hear the other party if something were to go wrong. Yeah right that was. Not even 5 minutes later, Piglet was already in a very deep sleep leaving poor Scarlet still wide awake.

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Hotel in Guangzhou, China haunted

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Author’s Note : This is a story told by my colleague who’s boyfriend, Jim, went to stay in a haunted hotel in Guangzhou but never stumbled upon anything unusual.

My boyfriend, Jim, always needed to travel up to Guangzhou, China for business purposes along with some ladies in the same department. Each time they would stay in the same hotel and co-incidentally, each time my boyfriend would stay in the same room. Jim had been traveling and staying in the hotel for some 2 years but nothing unusual happened.

About 2 trips ago, Jim had to bring along an additional male colleague, Fred,  who happened to be his first time travelling to Guangzhou. Since Fred’s mum happened to work in the temple, she gave Fred a charm for protection and safe journey. Upon arriving at Guangzhou’s hotel, Jim as usual was checked into the same room as the previous times together with Fred in the same room.  The girls on the other hand was staying at the next door.

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A master’s own ghost story

Monday, April 13th, 2009

This story is contributed by SLLChing

My sister knows told me this story of a friend of hers who happens to work as a part time Feng Shui master. Although master works full time as an auditor and had to travel to many places at times for his job, he enjoyed a lucrative income from giving advices to people who seek for them from him. Apart from giving feng shui advice, you know how it is, sometimes feng shui masters have an acute six sense that perhaps came together with the training and teachings about the art of feng shui. This is an incident that happened to him while he was away at work in Sarawak

It was not the first time master had travelled to Sarawak for work related purposes. As soon as master reached his destination, he checked into his hotel. This time was slightly different, though. As it was the peak season for travelling, his favourite hotel was fully booked and he had to check into one poorly maintained hotel. It didn’t matter to master as he thought it was just for one night only.

As soon as master reached the hotel and checked in, master quickly located the room and unpack his belongings. The funny thing he noticed upon walking into the room was hearing his room radio turned on. It was playing some sort of oldies and master thought for the first time that perhaps someone had forgotten to switch it off upon checking out from the room. After unpacking, master left the hotel to complete his duties.

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