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Another Ria Apartment Genting Ghost Story

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

What! Another Genting Ghost Story? Well, everytime when I gather with my friends and ask them for a true horror story, a Genting ghost story is never, ever left out. Here’s another Ria Apartment Genting ghost story that my friend’s friend encountered

We were all supposed to be having a time of our lives until my friend, James saw something extraordinary. It happened in the afternoon when all the four of us guys decided to play the game of Mahjong. However, being the 5 of us, another of our friend, Andy thought that he was hungry and decided to cook up something to eat.

As we started our game, Andy walked into the kitchen and start preparing for his lunch. After everyone of us prepared the tiles on the table, James thought of looking for Andy to ask him to prepare another set of lunch for him and went to the kitchen to look for him.

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Malaysia Urban Legends – Genting Highland’s Guest

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

This is more of a horror story that’s circulate some 10 years ago about one of Genting Highland’s hotel. I’m not too sure which Genting Highland hotel is it as there wasn’t really one particular hotel mentioned in the many version of stories I’ve been told but some swear by its authencity. Afterall, this is one of the most told Malaysia Urban Legend I’ve heard for many times

It started out as a group of high school friends decided to make Genting Highland as one of their holidays destination. Genting Highland’s hotel, was afterall one of the most affordable-ly priced hotel with its location easily accessed (buses and cable car is one of the most widely used mode of transportation for students that do not own a car)

To make the holidays affordable for everyone, this group of high school friends decided to cram into a single bedroom which has 2 single beds. There were about 5-6 people sharing the room and with the cost of a RM300 or less a night, it was a reasonable price. Happily, the 5 friends joked and hanged out at the room. When noon came, they even visited the indoor and outdoor theme parks and had a great time enjoying themselves. As night approached, they were really tired and decided to call the day off.

Discussing how 5 people could sleep comfortably in 2 single beds, they decided to pull off both the mattresses so 2 single beds could turn to 4 instead (the remaining person would have to bunk in with another friend). As 2 of the friends pulled the upper mattress, they were shocked to find a dead body of a woman beneath the mattress. Horrified, they called the security and hotel management to explain the situation.

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Mysterious Footsteps at Hotel Gua Musang

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Author’s Note : This story is told by a friend of mine who is now a mother to a boy. Last time, she used to work with a cigarrette company selling. Because of this job, often she has to travel outstation for adhoc projects. Here is one of the eeriest experience that she encountered. Til today, she still can’t figure out what happened.

This project took me and a few of my colleagues out to Kelantan, Gua Musang. At first look, I’ve never thought of the place as scary. With beautiful mountain sceneries and lush landscape, the air was cooling all the time even at the afternoon because of the trees surrounding the area. Me and my 3 other colleagues have always travelled together in a team and this time around, this particular function required people from other teams as well which includes boys. As young as I was, I loved to party til dawn and party was something I do at that time crazily.

This trip required me and my colleagues for 2 nights and in order to save up money, we stayed in this hotel which looked more like a wooden long house. All the other teams both from outstation and local (Kelantan) stayed there too. At first glance, I saw the place as authentic and it never crossed my mind that there was something more sinister in that place. Because the room could fit 4 people but there were only 2 beds, me and my other colleague offered to sleep on the floor for the first night. That night, after a long day’s work, we were all too tired and my other roommates were soon fast asleep.

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