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The haunted Karaoke in Bangi

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

My friend, Tom, used to help his friend in his own electrical wiring company. Because of the nature of the business, his friend used to accept jobs that require such skills like in pubs, discos and karaoke entertainment outlets. Tom was warned before that he may encounter weird incidents but his friend always told him that there is nothing to fear. So Tom did not bother much when funny things happened. Not until the incident at a newly renovated karaoke center in Bangi.

If any of you have visited a karaoke outlet, you will not be surprised that anything is lurking behind the shadows because a karaoke is the best place to hid for anything that is afraid of daylight. Dimly lit corridors and lack of natural sunlight almost and always bring the spirits closer to home. This newly renovated unopened karaoke outlet was no different. Continue reading The haunted Karaoke in Bangi »

Haunted Hotel along Langkawi Island

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

I just found out recently one of my colleagues used to work in the hotel line many years back. Out of curiosity, I asked her if it was true that every hotel has their ghost stories. Being a religious Muslim, she told me she never saw anything out of the 7 years she has been in the hotel industry although she has heard quite a few. I probed her further but she couldn’t recall any except 2 short ones which she remembered clearly because she when she heard the stories from her then colleague, goose bumps were all over her skin.

The first incident took place at a hotel in Langkawi way back when the hotel was called Sheraton Perdana. As Langkawi was one of the favorite destinations for many foreigners, this hotel in Langkawi had it shares of foreigners. Her then colleage told her that a western couple had complained early in the morning that they wanted to switch rooms. Although they weren’t angry, the husband went to explain to her colleague that after spending a few nights in the hotel room. He found out something amiss. Continue reading Haunted Hotel along Langkawi Island »

My Sleeping Friend

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Author’s Note : The first impression I had when I heard this story was funny! Although my poor friend who related this story to me said that it was the most horrifying experienced she had I could not help but laugh. Let’s see if you are entertained by this story

You know how hostels are since you have been writing and hearing ghost stories for the past 7 years right? Well, when I stayed in the hostel, I had my share of ghostly experience as well. Well, you see, we stayed in a 4 bedroom dorm that for obvious reasons 4 of us shared. Every evening, we would study until late and night and no, my story is not those normal ones that you usually hear where people could hear chain sounds at the corridor nor about catching glimpses of floating white apparition. Mine was more frightening! Continue reading My Sleeping Friend »