Malaysia Urban Legends – Haunted Karak Highway

March 6th, 2007

I know I’ve blogged about an incident about the infamous haunted Karak Highway but this one is a story that has been told to me over numerous times by different people of different background levels. Most of the time the stories about Karak Highway varies, afterall, its an urban legend! But this is one story that I find creepy but at the same time hard to believe. You be the judge.

It was late at night when a young couple and their baby was travelling in a car along the Karak Highway. They were trying to get home, like the rest of the other Malaysians because it was nearing festive season. And like the many other Malaysians, they choose to travel at night to avoid the traffic jam and also the heat of the sun when noon gets in the way.

As they were travelling along the lonely stretch of Karak Highway, suddenly, the car gave a sudden jerk and started making weird noises. The husband was fairly surprised because he remembered to check the car before travelling long distance to ensure the safety of his family. Soon, they had no choice but to stop by the roadside. The husband got out of the car to check the car engine while his wife and baby was waiting in the car. After a few minutes, he came back and reported that he could not see anything wrong and tried starting the car again. However, the car just would not budge. At loss, the husband made a difficult decision to either wait until another car comes along or walk to the nearest phone booth.

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Temporarily Away – CNY!

February 27th, 2007

Dear Loyal Readers,

Firstly, I would like to apologize for taking such a long time even to put up this post! Yes, I’m too busy on the CNY holidays and all the hype about it. The other truth is that I’m pretty “pantang” about blogging ghosts this festive season. Afterall, its suppose to be the auspicious time of the year!

I would like to wish every a late and great CNY! Happy Pig year!


Pressure by Unseen Forces

February 16th, 2007

We have all heard of the feeling you get in the middle of the night when you suddenly realized your body is being pressed down by something. This is a short story from a friend of mine that doesn’t believe in these things

I am now one of those converters, people who do not believe but now believe because of something they experienced. I’ve always heard stories from close aquaitances about their experiences of being pressed down by unseen forces or rather more commanly known as ghosts. I’ve always thought that it was only their imagination as they are always sleeping when it happened or I would thought that its because of their muscle cramp or something of that sort.

That night when the exact same thing happened to me, I was wondering aloud to my husband what it would have felt like if it happened to me instead and even joked with my husband that if it were to ever happen, he would have to shake me really hard.

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