Ghost Temple

December 12th, 2006

Author’s Note : This story was taken from one of the chinese written forums on the internet. Apparently, the writer of this story swears that it is true. The origins of the writer is unknown.

I live up north in a small little village. This village is wasn’t really well known until the a few years later when a ghost temple was built. Everyone started visiting the temple to get lucky numbers so they could win some lottery. My mom soon joined the crowd. The first time, she was a skeptic but as soon as the number given to her striked 1st place in the lottery game, she was turned into a believer. Because mom thought that it was something happy that should be shared with your family members, she soon introduced my aunts and uncles to visit the ghost temple as well.

There were certain rules and regulations when you visit the ghost temple for prayers. I couldn’t remember much but here are some of them

  1. Ensure that your pockets are empty before stepping out of the temple. eg no food like sweets in the pockets
  2. For the ladies, they are not allowed to visit the temple if they are having their monthly cycle Continue reading Ghost Temple »

Ghostly Touch at Home

December 7th, 2006

One fine day, I was sleeping at my boyfriend’s place. It was a very tiring day so I thought of taking a nap while my boyfriend went out to meet up with his friend for a couple of hours. Initially, I was watching a movie on his laptop but after an hour or so, I was getting a little drowsy and decided it was time for a nap.

I proceeded to switch off the computer and headed for the bed. Just for some brief description of how the bedroom looked like, well, it was a simple triangular room. With the bed at one corner and the door at the other, I had to get up to get a clearer look if anyone was at the door.

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Malaysia Urban Legends – Types of Malay Ghosts

December 4th, 2006

There are many kinds of beliefs in this world about the types of ghosts. One of the more popular types of ghosts in our local culture are the Malay ghosts. Of course, there are also the Chinese ghosts, English ghosts and even Indian ghosts depending on your religion, race and beliefs. For example, a vampire is an English ghost version whereas Malays simply knows them as “pontianak” and Chinese as “Kiong Xi”.

Malays believe that ghosts are usually only active at night especially during the full moon where it is belief to be the most powerful time for the underworld. Of course, be it fact or just simply another Malaysian Urban Legend, we’ll never know. Below are a lists of the types of Malay Ghosts

  1. Pontianak – also known as the vampire where it is belief that they are usually ladies dressed in white seeking for revenge. The pontianak is said to be the spirit of a woman died of childbirth. Most of the time, they can look very beautiful but if you look closely, she would have razor sharp teeth. They usually comes out after the sun sets searching for men or pregnant women (apparently, it is said that she could not bear the thought of other women being able to enjoy motherhood) to suck blood. Sometimes, they even eat the flesh of babies ripped out from their mother’s womb.
  2. Toyol – these are actually ghostly kids that people adopt for the objective of stealing other people’s money. It is believed that this spirit is kept and preserved in a jar in a form of a foetus. Because the toyol is kept by people to do bidding, you have to feed it with blood everyday. Continue reading Malaysia Urban Legends – Types of Malay Ghosts »