Menara Hino haunted

December 19th, 2006

Anyone that stays in Malaysia, particularly Kuala Lumpur particularly Petaling Jaya and more exact near to Jalan 222 or road 222 will notice that there are a lot of office buildings and factories around that area.

One particular building that my friend used to work in at that area was a building called Menara Hino. Menara Hino was a typically normal office buidling except that when as soon as you step into this office building, Menara Hino gives you the chills especially when the night falls.

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Strange Happenings at Hotel in Haadyai, Thailand

December 14th, 2006

Author’s Note : My friend, Angie related this incident back to me. She mentioned that although this story may not be one of the scariest experience she had with supernatural beings but at that moment, she feared for her son

On one of the holidays, my family, which consists of my son and husband decided to go for a short holiday trip together with my mother and MIL (mother in law). At that time, it seemed like a good idea and co-incidently although it was a last minute decision, there was a rooms available in the usually peaked holiday season. 3 days before we took off to Haadyai, Thailand for the holidays, my son fell sick for 3 days but was however assured by the doctor that he would heal soon.

On the journey to Haadyai, my son seemed to look better and when we decided to make the first stop at one of the Kuan Yin Ma Temple, he was feeling much better already. As soon as we checked to one of the hotels at Haadyai, Thailand, my son immediately took in fever and vomitted a little blood. Perhaps it was due to the pizza my husband ordered for him over lunch.

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Ghost Temple

December 12th, 2006

Author’s Note : This story was taken from one of the chinese written forums on the internet. Apparently, the writer of this story swears that it is true. The origins of the writer is unknown.

I live up north in a small little village. This village is wasn’t really well known until the a few years later when a ghost temple was built. Everyone started visiting the temple to get lucky numbers so they could win some lottery. My mom soon joined the crowd. The first time, she was a skeptic but as soon as the number given to her striked 1st place in the lottery game, she was turned into a believer. Because mom thought that it was something happy that should be shared with your family members, she soon introduced my aunts and uncles to visit the ghost temple as well.

There were certain rules and regulations when you visit the ghost temple for prayers. I couldn’t remember much but here are some of them

  1. Ensure that your pockets are empty before stepping out of the temple. eg no food like sweets in the pockets
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