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Short Ghost Story of Tesco Damansara

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

This short story was told to me by my friend, Poh recently at a friend gathering session.

I used to have a colleague who’s girlfriend posses what some people would call a curse where some may say that it is a gift from God. Its the “3rd eye”. “3rd eye” people have the ability to see supernatural things that “common” people like us could not see unless our luck is on the low side or simply what Chinese would have called it “si wan tai”. My colleague’s girlfriend, WaiWai, though, could not really “see” ghosts all the time which most of the time makes it hard for her to “recognize” who’s living and who’s dead.

According to WaiWai, the spirits looked exactly like any other human. She wouldn’t have noticed them until the spirits starred back at her and only her. Locked in an eye to eye communication, it was usually only then that she realized that she was the only one that could see the spirit and the spirit knows that she could see them. After each incident, she would fall very sick with fever running high for at least a week. Perhaps this is due to her being too frighten as she confesses to me that til today, she could not get used to her unusual “gift”.

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Haunted Office in Malacca

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

I had a friend that used to work in Malacca, near the Bunga Raya Road. During his tenure at Malacca, he often heard of stories and experienced some himself. I guess afterall, this historical city of Malacca, does hold not only histories but also some spooky ones as well. Here’s one of the stories that will get your spines chilled.

When I first started out working at this office in Malacca, I only noticed that this building was a very old building. According to some, it was more than 100 years old. After a while, my colleagues confided me that this office was haunted but I did not really believe. That was when he told me an experience of his that, well, let’s just say I did not dare to stay any later after 8pm.

The company I worked in was a logistics company that deals with many countries across the world including America. Therefore, it wasn’t uncommon that some of my colleagues would come over to the office in the middle of the night to fax documents to America since it was daylight there. That was when something happened to my colleague, KC. KC was just suppose to fax some documents to America and arrived in the office a little after 2am. The company’s structure was divided into 2 parts, the front part and the back part (both parts of the office has the fax machine). Since the front part of the office was locked, he decided to walk to the back part and fax the documents instead. Afterall, it was easier than to open the locked doors and everything.

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Poltergiest haunts Mitsubishi Old Factory

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

My friend used to work in an old Mitsubishi old factory as a sales person. Because it was a pretty busy job, she and her colleagues used to stay til 8pm just to finish up the day’s work. You see, my friend when she first started the job not long ago did not think that there was anything spooky or scary about this old Mitsubishi factory. The only scary part was the long walk from the guard house where her car was parked to her office on the 2nd floor of this Mitsubishi factory. Other than that, because the factory itself was more than 30 years old and the fact that the company did not do any renovations, the lightining was pretty dim with peeled and cracked walls.

On one particular night, she was working together with her colleague. She was sitting on one far end of this open concept office room and her colleague was sitting on the other end. They were trying to finish up some work when suddenly the laser printed situated next to her boss’s table started printing. At first she did not bother as she assumed that her colleague was printing her work but when printer started making sounds of paper running out she called out to her colleague and told her about the printer.

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