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Menara Hino haunted

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

Anyone that stays in Malaysia, particularly Kuala Lumpur particularly Petaling Jaya and more exact near to Jalan 222 or road 222 will notice that there are a lot of office buildings and factories around that area.

One particular building that my friend used to work in at that area was a building called Menara Hino. Menara Hino was a typically normal office buidling except that when as soon as you step into this office building, Menara Hino gives you the chills especially when the night falls.

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Disturbing Ghost

Sunday, November 19th, 2006

My friend once related incidents of strange happenings at her office. She was one of those “crazy” workers that any company would be delighted to hire because of her dedication. She would usually spend so much time in the office that it was really a common thing to see her still hard at work at 12am in the morning.

She first experienced her paranormal hauntings in the office when she stayed back late for the first time. It was really late and she was all alone. Her cubicle was situated just beside the walkway and her laptop was facing directly at the path. It was suddenly she heard someone “psst” just in front of her. Looking up, she was surprised to see no one. Freaked out pretty much, she packed up and left.

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Noises from Computer Keyboard

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

Gill, Cathy, Loong and Tan** were working late one night. Loong was in Tan’s room discussing for tomorrow’s meeting whereas Gill was teaching the new comer, Cathy, some work for tomorrow’s deadline. It wasn’t really late, approximately around 9pm, and it was a common thing that the people in that office always stay late. There were rumours about ghost, a family of ghosts to be exact, surrounding the office building but work had to be done so the people there do not think much about it. Gill thought that since she had been working there for 2 years and had yet experienced anything paranormal, she had nothing to be afraid of. Loong and Tan, on the other hand, did not believe in ghosts. As for Cathy, because she was a new comer, she heard nothing of the rumours.

Cathy’s cubicle was about 3 cubicle away from Gill. After Gill had taught her some work, she sent Cathy to work on it. It was then that they started hearing some noises behind their work station. Gill, being a Chinese, believed in a traditional saying that teaches one that if they hear something out of place, they should not speak about it for fear of encouraging the ghost to make more havoc.

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