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Amcorp Mall’s Office Ghost Story

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Author’s Note : I had a bit of goosebumps when my business associate related this incident about her housemate, Carol, to me.

Did you know those office lots nearby Nestle House in Petaling Jaya? Those are really old shoplots and have been around for quite sometime already. My housemate, Carol’s office used to be there  before moving to her new office down at Amcorp Mall. Carol used to work till late at night to rush her already due deadlines. There was one night when she was working all alone in the office, suddenly she felt something blowing at her ears. In the beginning, she thought it was the wind although the office entrance door was locked and no windows were opened at that point of time. Trust me, don’t be surprise to find yourself trying to find for a logical reason whenever situations like this happen to you. Then just as she was starting back her work, the blow came again. Ignoring it, she continued to work. After a while, the blow came again. This time she packed up her things and left. Okay, so this was just the first and perhaps the only incident that happened back at her old office.

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Standard & Chartered Malaysia Building haunted?

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Author’s Note : This story is told by my friend who happens to be working in Standard & Chartered Malaysia’s building. Standard & Chartered Malaysia’s building happens to be located in the city center.

My friend works in Standard & Chartered Malaysia’s building for quite some time already. Every day, he would have to stay back to finish his long pending work. All these times, nothing happened. Unfortunately, nothing happening last time does not mean that it would not happen in future. Afterall, nothing is impossible, right?

That very unfortunate night, he was working together with his colleague at around 8pm. The whole floor was just the both of them and each were busy typing away their reports that needed to be submitted first thing in the morning. The night was clear and there wasn’t a single drop of rain. The only noises heard at that moment were the sounds of keyboard’s buttons. That was when it happened. My friend  suddenly heard a very loud knock coming from the window across his work station. His reflexes immediately caused him to turn towards the direction of the sound. When his eyes registered that there was no one there, he immediately turned to look at his colleague sitting next to him who was also at the very same moment looking right back at him. His colleague shrugged his shoulders and then that instant, both continued their work. Perhaps it was just the bird or something?

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Something about the elevator

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Author’s Note : My friend read this somewhere in a forwarded mail and related the story to me. I guess if you have read it before then feel free to skip but I thought it might seem interesting to share with those that had not encountered this forwarded mail (someone like myself, actually)

Eddie is used to working long hours at night. Sometimes up to 1 or 2 in the morning due to the nature of his job. And because of that, he is used to going back home alone in the deserted and dark office building. Eddie’s normal routine was to call the security guard stationed at that particular day just to unlock the elevators. You see, for security purposes, the guards would lock the elevators after a certain hour of the night.

After working in A company for a number of years, Eddie had decided that it was time to change his working environment. However, his new job still took him til late hours at night. On one particular night at approximately 12am, Eddie decided to call it a night and head home. As usual, he would need to call the security head to inform him to unlock the elevators. After a few rings, the security head picked up the call and unlock the elevator for Eddie. Eddie stood in front of the elevator waiting it to arrive at his office’s 15th floor. After a few minutes, Eddie realized that the elevator did not budge and called the security head again.

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