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Unexplainable Experience at Taman Negara

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Author’s Note : This happened to one of my relatives who visited Taman Negara back when he was still young. We were speaking about some strange things that can happen at forests when he mentioned about his experience in Malaysia’s forest reserve, Taman Negara.

Taman Negara was one of my travel destinations when I first graduated from high school. My friends and I were pretty excited about visiting this forest reserve because we’ve heard so much about the beauty this forest reserve has to offer. So naturally, Taman Negara was our first destination. As it was a budgeted holiday, we only manage to stay one night at Taman Negara hiking the whole day to reach one of the hill’s peaks to see the sunrise.
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Short Stories about Genting Highland

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Author’s Note : Here are two short ghost stories that I’ve heard from 2 different sources in Genting

Short Ghost Story #1
We were on a short vacation at Genting when a very unfortunate incident happened to my wife. We were staying at Highlands tower in a rented apartment with some of our close friends on that holiday. It happened during the evening when our friends were still at the casino gambling and after a tiresome day, both of us decided to head back to the apartment to get some rest before dinner. My wife had proceeded to the bathroom while I lazed at the couch watching tv. It was not some 1 hour plus minus (its normal that she takes long showers) that my wife stormed out of the bathroom looking flustered and annoyed.

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Pulau Pangkor Spooky Holiday

Monday, October 19th, 2009

This story is contributed by Asrar

Something happened about 7 years ago when we went to Pulau Pangkor during the Hungry Ghost Festival! Very brave of us indeed.

It all started the morning we arrived at Pulau Pangkor. Upon reaching our Hotel, 5 of us decided to head to town to rent some motorcycle. The hotel provided us transportation to get to the town. Once in town, we immediately got to a shop that rented their motorcycles. We rented 5 of them and headed back to the hotel. On the way, everyone got lost individually in broad daylight! When we finally reached the hotel, we all asked each other how come we can get lost. Friend A said he was following B. B was following C and so on. I was the last one in the line and I am very sure I was following D when at a bend he suddenly disappeared and I was cursing him why he had to speed! Everyone had the same story at the same bend!

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