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A Godly Encounter

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Author’s Note : This is a short story about a friend of mine who related to me one of the weird incidents he had when he told me that he had “fate” with the La Tuk Kung.

I know you don’t believe me when I tell you that I have “fate” with the La Tuk Kung so I’ll tell you one incident I had with him that saved my life. When I started working many years back, I was based on the north. Because of this, I always need to travel the long distance between Penang and other states in the north. One peculiar time was when I was traveling to Kedah from Penang. The night before I had very little sleep due to some reason therefore, while driving along the stretch of highway alone, I began to feel the fatigue. I decided to stop at the roadside and quick nap since my eyes were starting to shut by itself.

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Datuk in Temenggong, Perak

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Author’s Note : My friend’s husband told her yet another fishing expedition gone mysterious. Here’s what happened in Temenggong, Perak

My husband loved fishing and would go to nooks and crannies to get to some exotic fishing spot with his friends. A few years back, we went to this jungle in Temenggong, Perak for a two day fishing expedition. The river at Temenggong was pretty secluded and they had to walk in the jungle for close to 2 to 3 hours in order to reach the said river. From there, he and his friends would rent a native house and the native would bring them to the fishing site.

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Hantu Pocong in Ipoh

Friday, June 11th, 2010

This story is contributed by Ding

I had my first encounter with “them” during my college days. During those days, it had never crossed my mind or even think of such thing. Naively back then, me and my housemates are just as mischievous and as ordinary as any teenagers. Our common activity after studies was to travel to the city centre by bus as our hostel is quite a distance away.

One day, after a long waiting for a bus, one of my friends suggested to take short cut by walking to the city as he had taken the route before. However, that particular day was already late in the evening and the sun is going to set soon. Since no buses turned up, we decided to take a walk through the short cut as what my friend had suggested.

In fact, by using this shortcut, we had to pass through the railway tracks. As you would have imagined, there were no common tar roads for us to walk on but narrow sand pebbled trails. By the time we reached the starting point of the short cut, the day had turned dark. With no road lights to guide us, we had no choice but to depend on the gloomy moon light up in the sky to lead us the way. At some point on the route, we had to fence off the long bushes using our hands.

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