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Pressure by Unseen Forces

Friday, February 16th, 2007

We have all heard of the feeling you get in the middle of the night when you suddenly realized your body is being pressed down by something. This is a short story from a friend of mine that doesn’t believe in these things

I am now one of those converters, people who do not believe but now believe because of something they experienced. I’ve always heard stories from close aquaitances about their experiences of being pressed down by unseen forces or rather more commanly known as ghosts. I’ve always thought that it was only their imagination as they are always sleeping when it happened or I would thought that its because of their muscle cramp or something of that sort.

That night when the exact same thing happened to me, I was wondering aloud to my husband what it would have felt like if it happened to me instead and even joked with my husband that if it were to ever happen, he would have to shake me really hard.

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Something at Dusun Eco Resort

Saturday, February 10th, 2007

This is some story about Dusun Eco Resort that I remember my classmate shared with me back when we were in Form 5. Til today, what she experienced at Dusun Eco Resort still remains a mystery. Here’s a short story of what happened that very night…

You know how prefects are at school, right? Every year when we recruit new ones, we make sure that we have some team building activities just to get to know each other. This year was something different. Due to the additional budget our school has, they brought us to this recreational forest known as Dusun Eco Resort, located at Pahang, Malaysia. Well, it was all fun but something happened one night that still leaves me puzzled.

One of the activities that day includes waking up really early in the morning to jungle trekking. Of course, our teachers did advise everyone to bring their own torch light because it gets very dark but who knows that they would be that crazy?!

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Templer’s Park Night Out

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

My friend, May loved outdoor activities. When she was young in her schooling days, she joined the scouts. Then in college, she joined the senior scouts where she brings the junior primary school students for camps and adventures. When she’s a young adult, she loved those cuti-cuti Malaysia trips together with her boyfriend and family and now, she simply loves travelling overseas, jungle tracking in the deep woods and backpacking.

One incident that happened to her was back in the college days where it was one of those simple camping trips that she had to bring the kids out. The location of the camp was at Templer’s Park, oldest established recreation forest park in Selangor. It was late at night and after stopping at one of those stopping booths (I’m not too sure what’s its called), they set out to help the kids unpack their sleeping bags. At that time, she was with then boyfriend, now husband Ian who’s equally as actively crazy as she is. Unfortunately, she was sick and could not care for all the children so everyone realied on Ian instead. Quickly, she was into a deep sleep.

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