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Personal Ghostly Experience – Part 1

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

I was in secondary school, when I lived with my aunt in Ampang. My aunt, A, had the third eye ability. That is, the ability to see ghosts. You see, because of this, she has a lot of ghost stories which I would share with everyone at a later on stage.

For clearer understandings, let me describe my house which I lived in. It is a double story house with a big porch on the front, a living room on the left side of the house (since the right side is occupied by the porch). Behind the living room, you can see a U Shape staricase (where a few steps up, there would be a platform, turning left, is a few steps then a platofrm, turning left again then a few steps up). The dining room is next to the stairway on the left. There’s also a door which leads to the kitchen (usually opened, unless my aunt is cooking) that is located just behind the dining room. Next to the kitchen is a bedroom (that is unoccupied) and a toilet.

At the back of the house, there is a small road for people to walk and opposite of my aunts house would also be houses. The second floor, the master bedroom is located on the right side with a living in the middle and two bedrooms on the left hand side which shares a common toilet. Me and my brother, sister and cousins sleep at the second room whereas the other room is occupied by my aunt B and uncle B. In totality, 9 people stayed in that house.

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Voices at the Cemetary

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

When I was about 15 years old, studying Form 3 at a local high school, I had to take the SRP test, a local government test that all young Malaysians had to endure (back then, PMR is not introduced yet). Since I am a buddhist, I strongly believed in ghost too. You see, I have this very strange hobby which is, I like following my relatives to pay visit to my grandparent’s burial ground every year! Moreover, the year I took the SRP was and important year, therefore, it was even more important that I must go prayed so my grandparents can looked after me! This is what I believed….

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Mysterious Footsteps at Hotel Gua Musang

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Author’s Note : This story is told by a friend of mine who is now a mother to a boy. Last time, she used to work with a cigarrette company selling. Because of this job, often she has to travel outstation for adhoc projects. Here is one of the eeriest experience that she encountered. Til today, she still can’t figure out what happened.

This project took me and a few of my colleagues out to Kelantan, Gua Musang. At first look, I’ve never thought of the place as scary. With beautiful mountain sceneries and lush landscape, the air was cooling all the time even at the afternoon because of the trees surrounding the area. Me and my 3 other colleagues have always travelled together in a team and this time around, this particular function required people from other teams as well which includes boys. As young as I was, I loved to party til dawn and party was something I do at that time crazily.

This trip required me and my colleagues for 2 nights and in order to save up money, we stayed in this hotel which looked more like a wooden long house. All the other teams both from outstation and local (Kelantan) stayed there too. At first glance, I saw the place as authentic and it never crossed my mind that there was something more sinister in that place. Because the room could fit 4 people but there were only 2 beds, me and my other colleague offered to sleep on the floor for the first night. That night, after a long day’s work, we were all too tired and my other roommates were soon fast asleep.

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