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Calls from Home

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

I’m sure everyone’s received calls from your own home or loved ones on your mobile phone. But have you ever experienced picking up a call that could have spooked you out? How, you may ask. What if the called ID on your mobile is showing your house number and when you pick it up, no one is on the other line? Doubtful? Not really when a friend of mine related to me an incident that happened to her not long ago.

You see, it was a holiday season so her family decided to go for a trip overseas. My friend, however, was stuck at home because she could not take any paid leave from her company. For the whole week, her phone kept ringing at the exact time, 3pm. Her mobile phone would show that the caller was calling from her home. The first time when it happened, she thought that her phone must be wrong and picked it up. There was no one talking on the other end and she could only hear crackling and static sound. Puzzled, she thought her phone was going crazy. However, the same thing did not happen when she picked up other calls. I asked if it could have been a prank call from someone but she was convinced that no one has keys to her house (including her relatives) except her.

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Black Magic Woman

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

This is a story told to me by a friend of mine that witness what black magic is all about. She never saw the woman that casts the black magic on her relative but this is what she has to say.

I was very young when I learn that black magic is not a myth or supersition or anything of that sort. It was something very real that shook the very nerve of my spines. You see, it happened to my aunt S so it was very clear to me although I was still in primary school.

Aunt S lives just a few doors away. She started being all weird and everything from I don’t know since when. I couldn’t really remember but what I could remember clearly was the impression that my neighbours thought of her as a crazy woman. I could remember one incident at night when we were all sitting in the living room when she knocked on our door. She was pretty hysterical and was carrying a bottle of talcum powder on her hand. She cried to my parents that there was something wrong with the talcum, that the talcum was making her hands itch when she puts it on. Not believing, my parents rubbed some on their hands but nothing happened. She scream and started acting out of her mind when my dad tried to rub some on her hands to show that there was nothing. The next thing I knew, she was scratching her hands so furiously that the skin started to turn red and peel away. I never really knew what happened next because I was shooed into the room by my mum.

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Poltergiest haunts Mitsubishi Old Factory

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

My friend used to work in an old Mitsubishi old factory as a sales person. Because it was a pretty busy job, she and her colleagues used to stay til 8pm just to finish up the day’s work. You see, my friend when she first started the job not long ago did not think that there was anything spooky or scary about this old Mitsubishi factory. The only scary part was the long walk from the guard house where her car was parked to her office on the 2nd floor of this Mitsubishi factory. Other than that, because the factory itself was more than 30 years old and the fact that the company did not do any renovations, the lightining was pretty dim with peeled and cracked walls.

On one particular night, she was working together with her colleague. She was sitting on one far end of this open concept office room and her colleague was sitting on the other end. They were trying to finish up some work when suddenly the laser printed situated next to her boss’s table started printing. At first she did not bother as she assumed that her colleague was printing her work but when printer started making sounds of paper running out she called out to her colleague and told her about the printer.

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