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Gifted Eyes – 3rd Eye

Friday, September 25th, 2009

This story is contributed by From a Penangnite

One of my current colleagues, Adeline had a kid who has special gift, Charles, who could see ghosts. We, Chinese, believe in ghosts, reincarnation and many more.  Both of them speak mandarin language at home. Adeline told me that when Charles was about 2-3 years old, she would put Charles at the living room to play on his own while she was at the kitchen cooking. Suddenly, she heard him crying and screaming. At that time, her son was too small to complete a full sentence. Concerned, Adeline kept on asking his son why did he cry and she had to even to repeat the question a few times. She could see that Charles was terribly frightened and he kept pointing towards the balcony. Although she tried her best to soothe him but Charles kept pointing and crying out loud.

Then she realized something was out there. Adeline scolded that thing loudly and even walked to the balcony, stood there with her hand flying and kept on scolding non stop. Her son then stopped crying after that. You might think that Adeline is not afraid of ghosts but she’s just as frightened of them as most of us are. However, she would do anything to keep her son safe. She told me that at that moment, she felt crazy and angry. People said that when a kid is small (usually before the age 5), they could see ghosts and even play with them. It’s a natural thing that could happen to any kid. So, my colleague thought that this is was just a passing phase. So, one and off, she would tell us what her son saw (that was before the age of 5).

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The Mysterious Lady Q

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

This story is contributed by Pisang

This time I will tell you a story that happened in my hometown a few decades ago. The incident happened at that time when my mother was teenager.

Lady Q (not a real name) was very rich and wealthy in my home town. I’m not too sure how rich she was at that time but my mom said that if you were to count her wealth in current time, she would own the whole of KL. Back to the story, every year Lady Q would visit China and return with an adopted child.

One fateful day, Lady Q fell sick and couldn’t sit or walk.  Strangely after her sickness, her child (not her adopted child, and yes she’s married with few children) died one by one. Every one of her either die in an accident or sickness. At first it would be her daughter, then her son-in-law, then her daughter-in-law and lastly her grandchildren. In the end, she was the final one to die in her family and no one was there to mourn for her because there were no more family members or relatives left. In those days, if someone rich were to pass away, they would hold a long funeral and Lady Q’s funeral lasted for 49 days.

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Ayer Hitam Haunted Highway

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Author’s Note : This is another different story I heard from my friend about Yong Peng highway. Is it true that this particular highway is just too dangerous to drive at night?

My friend was driving alone at around 8pm heading towards KL on one lonely night after his work duties in Johor. It was just another exit at Ayer Hitam and he would be reaching the Yong Peng exit. Everything was as per normal as he drove through this highway a dozen times before as his work requires him to travel to Johor quite frequently. However, this time was slightly different as he needed to rush back home that same night.

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