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Haunted House in Cheras

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Me and my colleague was baffled when we suddenly find it hard to contact an associate of ours. It was either Ann was on leave or she just didn’t attend to her call. We left her messages but she did not return any of them. It was actually quite puzzling as Ann wasn’t the kind of girl that would disappear without informing anyone. It was only a few weeks later that I found out from another colleague of mine that Ann was in the midst of moving to a new house because her old house was haunted. A few days later after that, I checked if she was okay and she related to me that she had recently rented a haunted house in Cheras.

Ann told me that she, her boyfriend and her other 2 housemates only managed to stay there for about one and a half months before they were too scared and moved out. Previously Ann and her boyfriend did not believe in ghosts and throughout the conversation, she kept on repeating to me that its really hard not to believe when faced with that sort of situation. I asked her when did she start to realize that there was something wrong with her house and she told me that it was only a few days after they moved in. You see, one of her housemate owns a Beagle dog and without fail, the Beagle would cry every night around 3 or 4 in the morning and the cries would wake her up. I prompt that Ann must be a really light sleeper but Ann insisted that she is quite a heavy sleeper and she also didn’t know why she would suddenly wake up around that time.

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Pontianak in UITM Arau

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

This story is contributed by an ex-colleague of mine who happened to tell me this story after I kept pestering her for hours.

This happened to my brother during his studies at UITM in Arau. It was during one of those exam period in UITM Arau when most of the students were busy studying and burning midnight oil. My brother was nonetheless, one of those last minute UITM Arau students who prefered to study under the examination pressure. He claimed that he saw a pontianak with long hair 3 days in a row just right before his examinations.

You see, his desk was facing the outside window where the view were tress and grasses. At around midnight, he suddenly saw something that caught his eye and looked up from his books. It was a pontianak “crusing” past his window but it seemed to him that the pontiank could not see him. He immediately did a double take and looked behind at his roommate who was fast asleep. My brother turned back towards the window and of course, there was nothing but the calm and dark night scenery. Why was my brother so sure that he saw a pontianak? Well, one thing’s for sure is that whatever that was, it was no human because he was on the 3rd floor of UITM Arau’s campus.

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Haunted Office in Petaling Street

Monday, September 15th, 2008

I used to work in a haunted office in located in Petaling Street back about 4 months ago and although I did not experience anything unusual during my short tenure there, my colleagues that worked there for the past year swore that there is definitely something there. If you have been to Petaling Street, you wouldn’t be surprise that the buildings there are mostly some 50 years back (I think) and I guess its no surprise if anyone mentions that there’s a ghost or two in some of those vacant building.

My office in Petaling Street are those 4 storey building. Back then when the company was still young, the company only occupied the first 3 floors (including the ground floor) leaving the 4th floor as a storage area. However, after the management decided to expand its business, only did they started to hire more people, thus moving the old furnitures and archieved documents to a warehouse nearby.

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