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A TAR College, Kampar ghost story

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Author’s Note : This story happened not really at TAR College in Kampar but to this particular TAR College student whom was a friend that told the story to me.

My friend, Min studied at TAR College in Kampar and this happened to her not longed after she studied there. You see, she stays in a rented house along with a few other course mates and throughout her stay there, nothing really happened. In fact, no one even complained about the existence of ghosts or any sort. I guess its what the call a case of really bad luck.

It happened during the Hungry Ghost Festival month which also happened to be Min’s examination week. Usually, she and her other housemates would study til late at night but not on that very unfortunate night.

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Ghost in SMK Hillcrest

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

This post is contributed by Arveent

My friends and I are mischievious little brats and because of that, we do some pretty risky things. You see, last year (when we were all in Form 2), school was slow and very boring. We often find ourselves without a thing to do. So,we did a few things (mostly against the school laws!) to make the boredom go away. One of these things was to go to the allegedly haunted ‘Taman Gajet’ where the scouts and others store their homemade equipments (shoe racks and such). It was perched on a small hill and led to higher ground. As you would have probably guessed by now, this ‘activity’ was against school laws but we, being the thirll-seekers that we are, decided to pay a visit to this exciting new place.

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A ghost story at Pulai Spring Resort, Johor

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Author’s Note : My colleague, KKor, related this story to me about his recent vacation with his family at Pulai Spring Resort, Johor.

Back in Oct 2008, my wife, eldest son (he was 1 year plus at that time) and I went to Johor for my wife’s company trip.Her company booked the Pulai Spring Resort which was quiet beautiful place for holiday. We left on a Saturday early morning at 6.30am and started to travel from KL heading to Johor.  The trip was a treasure hunt trip so we reach the resort about 2.00 pm. After checking in resort I was very tired and went for a sleep around 4.00pm.

It was a family suite so there was one bed room and living hall ajoined with the kitchen. My wife and son did not feel tired so they sat at the living room watching movie until I woke up at approximately 5.30pm. Later in the evening, we proceed to dinner and joined the game with her company colleagues til mid night. All three of us went to bed around 12.30 am and I slept throughout the night like a baby. We woke up around 7.30am the next morning and after breakfast, we checked out from Pulai Spring Resort and headed down to Malacca for a some sight-seeing. Later after that, we went back to KL.

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