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Another ghostly encounter by Master

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Author’s Note : Remember wrote a story about a Feng Shui Master before? Well, this is the same guy and its this story is contributed by SLLChing

You know Feng Shui masters get invited to visit new houses to “spot” what is good and how to maximise the elements of Feng Shui? Well, you see, this FSM (Feng Shui Master) was invited by his friend to visit their newly bought house to get some advise on the placement and renovation one day and FSM happily agreed as this was once of his good friends.

Upon arriving at the said house, FSM’s friend inserted the key into the main door of their house but found some difficulty getting the door to budge. FSM’s friend turned the key over and over again and after sometime, the door finally gave way. Everyone, including FSM’s friend’s wife commented that this was weird as the door lock seems to fit but the door just seemed heavy all the time. As soon as the FSM stepped into the house, FSM said nothing and continued  placing his compass around looking for the Feng Shui spots.

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Grandma’s Ghost Vision

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Author’s Note :  We were out having some drinks at a local mamak store. It was a hot and humid night to start off with and after a few gulps of drinks, we were all talking all sorts of topics that you can imagine. One one topic in particular, had me feeling cold all over despite the humid weather. One of my friend, June was talking about her family, one in particular, her grandmother in law also known as her husband’s father’s mother. She, at that point of time was almost close to 100 years old.

You know, my GIL (Grandmother In Law) sometimes scares me. Sometimes, I really pity my MIL because she would always get scolded by GIL who happens to be her daughter in law. There would be times when we were all at the living room when she suddenly would scold my MIL and tell her off for being rude for not inviting people into their home. We would all stare out into the car porch to see who was coming to visit but to our eyes, we could see no one. My GIL would go on and on about letting people standing outside our house calling my MIL a rude woman. That was just one of those moments.

On another occasion, my GIL would suddenly scold my MIL for not serving tea to our guest sitting in our living room. My MIL stared at the empty sofa and could see no one although my GIL would keep on telling her off about her manners and how she treats our guests. That was already enough for me to feel chilly all over.

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Standard & Chartered Malaysia Building haunted?

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Author’s Note : This story is told by my friend who happens to be working in Standard & Chartered Malaysia’s building. Standard & Chartered Malaysia’s building happens to be located in the city center.

My friend works in Standard & Chartered Malaysia’s building for quite some time already. Every day, he would have to stay back to finish his long pending work. All these times, nothing happened. Unfortunately, nothing happening last time does not mean that it would not happen in future. Afterall, nothing is impossible, right?

That very unfortunate night, he was working together with his colleague at around 8pm. The whole floor was just the both of them and each were busy typing away their reports that needed to be submitted first thing in the morning. The night was clear and there wasn’t a single drop of rain. The only noises heard at that moment were the sounds of keyboard’s buttons. That was when it happened. My friend  suddenly heard a very loud knock coming from the window across his work station. His reflexes immediately caused him to turn towards the direction of the sound. When his eyes registered that there was no one there, he immediately turned to look at his colleague sitting next to him who was also at the very same moment looking right back at him. His colleague shrugged his shoulders and then that instant, both continued their work. Perhaps it was just the bird or something?

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