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Haunted Site Office

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

This story is contributed by Site Engineer

I used to work very late in the office when I was still a learner in the construction industry. Normal for a construction site staffs, our office is always situated within the site compound where it used to be hoard up; away from public view for safety reasons. So, as a construction guy who was trained to use to be at this condition, I felt nothing. No scare, no eerie feeling, no ghost thought except planning what should be carry out for the next day. The work schedule alone is enough to keep our brain busy all the days and nights. In fact I have been through from one project site to another; none of my projects is giving me the eerie feeling even though I have to stay through the night to complete tons of works given by the boss.

Things has gone the usual ways until one day I was transfer to a new project site in Sungai Buluh, to look after the construction of six storeys building. At the very first week, nothing is happen and I have stick to my usual style of doing work in the site office until 9 p.m or 1 a.m almost every alternate day. Of course I’m not alone staying in the office. There are always few of us doing work together that consist of the Project Manager, Planner, Draftman, Site Manager and me as Quantity Surveyor. Continue reading Haunted Site Office »

My Grandpa Woke Up!

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

This story is contributed by Tee

Every year my family and relatives would go to the cemetery to pray at my grandpa on the day that he passed away. As soon as we arrived to the cemetery, the routine would be that we would pay our respects to the God that’s supposedly taking care of the cemetery. After that we would head up to my grandpa’s burial spot and start cleaning up the place. We would then place joss sticks and candles around the cemetery. My uncle would place joss sticks at burial plots surrounding my grandpa’s place as a sign of showing them respect. Once the cleaning was done, we would start to pray and burn paper clothes and hell money. Food and beer was also served to my grandpa. Continue reading My Grandpa Woke Up! »

Puchong’s Haunted Bungalow

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

This story is contributed by Navinesh

This happened to a best friend of mine back in 2008. A true story and only something that could have happened if you are really lucky. Well, we do watch ghost hunting’s on tv where it seem unrealistic sometimes with fake interviews or stories and people act as if though they are possessed or something. If its true, hours and hours of filming a particular haunted area results unconvincing evidence.

Way back in 2008, my friend just finished schooling, after the SPM examinations. So, during the holidays his schoolmates and a cousin of his would always hang out every day and they would have this plan of ghost hunting on every Friday nights. After a month of ghost hunting every Fridays at graveyards, jungles and old buildings, they heard rumors of an area being haunted in Puchong. There were about 10 of them, including my friend that visited this old bungalow in Puchong. I don’t really know where exactly is this place, though. Continue reading Puchong’s Haunted Bungalow »