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Ghost at the Maternity Ward

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

This story is contributed by ZJ

Let me tell you about what happened to my friend’s aunt at a maternity ward in one of the government hospitals in the west coast.

This happened in 1998 and the lady was giving birth to her second child. She went into labour at around 4 pm. The baby was a little jaundiced so they placed it in an incubator. So a lot of people came to visit that afternoon and everything was normal until night came. Continue reading Ghost at the Maternity Ward »

St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne’s Ghost Story

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

My friend Alex was working as a trainee doctor a few years back at St Vincent’s Hospital at Melbourne. He has special skills which most people would probably which not to posses. He could see ghosts. As much as he disliked his special ability, he could not control when he can or cannot “see”, which in return would scare the hell out of him when his ability was “turned on”.

On one incident that scared him the most was one night when he was on duty. Alex was on the midnight shift and as any other hospitals, St Vincent’s Hospital was no different. It was pretty quiet and he was at the staff’s dorm trying to get a cup of coffee. Continue reading St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne’s Ghost Story »

Slightly Charred

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Author’s Note : This happened recently to my colleague’s relative who is currently still being admitted to the hospital. I don’t have an ending to this story though as my colleague is still trying to find out the rest of the story from her relative.

My SIL recently was in the midst of moving their house. From a condo to a double storey house should be something happy and to be celebrated about but an unfortunate incident which I myself could not even explained happened to her husband which caused her family trouble and pain. Continue reading Slightly Charred »