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A Short Story – Lover’s Black Magic

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

It is said that there was a newly wed couple that was happily married in my hometown. During honeymoon, both had decided to travel somewhere romantic and chose a beach as their travel destination. After the honeymoon, things started changing. More specifically, the wife was no longer a happy woman.

At first it began with a minor sick, then after that, she started vomiting very badly. She had vomited so often in just a few days that her husband had no choice but to send her to the hospital. The doctors however could not detect what went wrong with her and the family members decided to get some second opinion with the witch doctors. Many they seek stood beside the husband and told him that his wife stands no chance of survival as the curse was too strong and unfamiliar with this curse.

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Yong Peng Highway’s own ghost

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

This story is a courtesy from SLLChing

My friend Adam was driving back from Johor one night after completing his duties. He was heading back to Kuala Lumpur. They say never travel alone at night but Adam doesn’t really care. Adam was really looking forward to his home sweet home although it was late at night and figured out that he could stand the 4-5 hours trip.

As Adam was passing by Yong Peng highway, he suddenly felt his car slightly heavier than usual. Immediately, he thought, “Oh God, please don’t let me car breakdown at this hour, I could be stuck here for some hours”. Adam continued to drive on but at a slower speed. Its not intentionally as he felt that no matter how much pressure he was putting on the gas pedal, the car just would not go any faster than usual. After about an hour passed, Adam felt a little strange. He noticed that the already very little cars along the highway would not overtake his car  and if they do, they would passed by really quickly. He also noticed that the cars behind him were acting strangely by flashing at him. Adam ignored the signs and continued the long journey home.

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Tips For Haunted Hotel Rooms

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

They say, when you walk into a hotel room, there are a few things that you should do before you relax. The objective? To ease the spirit that happens to be occupying the room that you are about to spend for that few nights. The question remains if its really to ease the spirits there or is the truth really about easing our own minds from unnecessary thoughts?

Here are some guidelines that I’ve collected from various people about what you should do before you even claim the room as yours.

Rule No. 1 – Knock the door before you enter the room
You can even ring the room bell if you want. This is said to “inform” the spirits that you are about to enter the room. Its a polite gesture so the spirits might not feel offended if you just barge into their room

Rule No.2 -Flush the toilet as soon as you enter the room
This is say to flush away all bad things

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