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Ghosts in Phoenix Plaza, Cheras

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Yes, ghosts. Not one but many. You see, my friend Jason visited Phoenix Plaza in Cheras not long ago. Phoenix Plaza happened to be quite an old shopping complex but back in the 80s, it was one of the hot spots of Cheras. Jason went there because as he was invited to a game of badminton and apparently, there is a badminton court indoors that are ready for rent to those interested in this sport.

It was the first time that Jason went there and he did not know where to park his car so he went around the parking lots looking for a suitable carpark. After deciding to park in this specific floor, he looked around for the exit and asked his friends (who were already there in the middle of the game) where was the location of the court. After searching for a while, he decided to go to the toilet first and then only search for the court. Because it was already late in the evening, he did not think of anything weird about the emptiness of the parking lot. He did not even think that there was anything weird when he heard footsteps following behind him walking towards the empty washroom.

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Black Magic Experience at Kuta Bali Indonesia

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Author’s Note : This incident happened to my friend about 4 to 5 years ago when she went for her holidays in Kuta Beach, Bali in Indonesia. She was hoping for a relaxing and lazy holiday with her boyfriend but little did she know, Kuta Beach Bali Indonesia offered her more than what she wanted.

Amy decided to visit Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia when she had a very cheap offer for airplane tickets from her boss who happen to win the airplane tickets to Bali from a credit card company. Amy and her boyfriend were pretty excited as it was their first trip overseas to a romantic getaway.

On the first night in her hotel, Amy and her boyfriend did not experience anything unusual. They were pretty careful with the people and things they bought there as some of her friends warned her about the use of black magic in Indonesia. They had a terrific time window shopping at the street markets, going for spa and even getting some massage in the beach.

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Haunted Places in Indonesia

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

I stumbled upon a site which lists the top Haunted places in Indonesia. Although I haven’t been to that place, but people always tell me that Indonesia is a place where the culture is abundant and that goes without mentioning the mysterious supernatural and unexplaiable side of Indonesia.


  • Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital – A place full of ghost stories. One particularly popular one would be the one about a doctor with a surgical knife and hands full of blood or a nurse who always warns the doctors if there’s an emergency patients.There are also the spirits of dead people floating around in the hospital. They usually they wander at night and show their form to someone who’s alone.
  • Jakarta History Museum – This place was used by the Dutch Colonials as a city hall whereas the main court was used to hang a number of Chinese people. In the night a few ghosts can be seen there. The prison was believed to be haunted by number of ghosts. Perhaps due to the historical horrors, there’s a strange feeling when you enter the building

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