Haunted Hotel in Alor Setar

February 25th, 2013

Ever been to a haunted hotel in Alor Setar? I heard before that every hotel is haunted in their own quirky way, the problem is just exactly how much haunting is acceptable. When my friend, Apple, stayed in this hotel in Alor Setar, she did not expect that she had a frightening experience of her own to share with me when she came back to KL. Her schedule was to stay there for 2 nights so when the first night came and went, she wasn’t too worried about being in a haunted hotel room.

The night before she only came back from her work at 9pm. Although she was tired from the long day, she couldn’t sleep and went on to watch tv until about 2am and feel asleep. The next morning, she had to start her day early and left for work at about 8am. Apple had a long day ahead so when she was back to her room at about 9pm, she was already very tired. Apple has a habit of not disturbing any of the drawers in the hotel as she knew that it would usually contain the usual bible and perhaps sometimes menu for room service. Continue reading Haunted Hotel in Alor Setar »

A Dying Wish

February 6th, 2013

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Chinese has this saying about a person’s last wishes and that if it is left unfulfilled then the dead person would not be able to rest in peace. This happened to my beloved aunt who left her husband and only daughter. My cousin was always the sort of person that loves traveling so when my aunt fell sick, she was not able to return home. Why? Because she entered America but had over extended her stay. If she were to return back home, she would not be allowed to enter America again. When my aunt announced that she was suffering from the last stage of cancer, my cousin had intended to return home. But my aunt told her that it was not necessary and persuaded my cousin to stay back.

To occupy her retired lifestyle, my aunt was a very generous woman that often attended charities and fund raising events. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she still went about extending her volunteering work whenever she could. There, she met up with her master who thought her that chi kung has marvelous affects on one’s health if u practice it often. Through that, my aunt learn to control her chi and miraculously, what the medical doctors told her about her short life of a few months since her diagnose became a few years. I would say my aunt lived her life to the fullest and I enjoyed her company very much. She would often share with me her experiences and stories about how her master thought her about compassion. What I wasn’t aware of was that her master’s knowledge not only extended to the teachings of chi kung but also to the realm of the mysterious and supernatural world. Continue reading A Dying Wish »

A Really Haunted Doll Story

January 24th, 2013

Author’s Note : Do you still remember the movie about a haunted killer doll called Child’s Play featuring the ever famous Chucky? I stumbled upon this story and that was the first thing it came to my thoughts because when I was a kid watching Chucky, this movie used to scare the daylights out of me. And after reading this true story (according to the website, at least), I will remember not to buy any dolls that could open and close its eye!

This is story of Robert The Doll. Also known as Robert the Haunted Doll, the story began in 1896 at the home of Mr and Mrs Thomas Otto in Key West. It was well known that the Otto’s mistreated their servants and so when a servant was requested to take care of their son, Robert Eugene, the servant who was rumored to be well versed in voodoo gave young Robert a doll. The doll was 3 feet tall, stuffed with straws and has very doll life like features. Young Robert decided to name the doll “Robert” and it became Young Robert’s constant companion since then. Strange things started happening when the Otto’s often heard Young Robert talking upstairs to the doll and heard their son answering himself in an entirely different voice.

In the beginning, they thought that he was probably just changing to his play voice but when they heard that the voice was entirely a different and that young Robert could not have made up the voice, they started feeling that something was amiss. Not only that, many strange things started happening around the same time as well. Neighbors would tell them that they saw Robert The Doll moving about in the house from window to window when there was no one in the house. The Otto’s themselves could also hear strange giggles from the doll and it was also then that Young Robert began having nightmares and screaming in the middle of the night. When the Otto’s rushed in to his room, they would find his room furniture all trashed and overturned and at the foot of the bed sat Robert The Doll. Young Robert would point and shout that “Robert did it!” Continue reading A Really Haunted Doll Story »