The Odd Dream

November 19th, 2012

Author’s Note : This incident happened to a friend’s friend of mine (why does it always have to happen to a friend’s friend anyway!) while she was staying in Stamford Hotel, Hong Kong. Being a bit of a blur (according to my friend, she’s usually quite a blur case), she did not realize what was happening to her even as she was telling my friend what happened. To some of you, after listening to this story, you might find a little skeptical but for the believers, co-incidence sometimes do not happen as often as you think it would like them to be. Let’s allow my friend to tell her what Ms Blur told her.

My friend, Ms Blur was always a little blur when it comes to reacting towards certain situation so when she told me what happened to her one time at Stamford Hotel in Hong Kong, I wasn’t really surprised that she had no feelings at all. In fact, she didn’t realized the reality of the situation until we told her bluntly that perhaps the dream wasn’t a co-incidence but a message that she did not bother to digest at that time.

Ms Blur was staying in Stamford Hotel for only one night in Hong Kong due to a business trip so when it was time for bed, she was already quite tired. As she was watching some English channel on TV, she nodded off to sleep and soon she was drifting. She didn’t realize she fell asleep until she was woken up by the sounds of the TV. Still a little drowsy, she noticed her TV channel was switch from an English channel to a program that was showing old Chinese movies. Being the Ms Blur she was, she didn’t have any second thoughts or whatsoever and switch the TV off. Very quickly, she went into a deep sleep. Continue reading The Odd Dream »

Types of Western Ghosts

November 12th, 2012

We’ve studied the types of ghosts in the Malay culture, then we studied a little on the Thai culture but what about the western culture? Curious, I looked around if there were any analysis or summary gathered about the types of western ghosts from the western culture and here are some of the definitions of the types of western ghosts “available”

Orbs, spears, globules, balls of lights or globes
These are one of the common forms of supernatural ghost captured on film by ghost hunters. Considered a prize photo if it is taken with an inner substance, the most impressive feature about the orbs are the lingering trail it leaves behind if captured on film. The trail usually indicates that they are travelling at a fast speed. Orbs are usually caught on video hovering in the same position for a short period but are also sometimes caught travelling erratically through the air in a carefree pattern. They can be seen at any location but mostly outdoors (with a more common sighting at historical places) and do not affect temperature changes. These orbs, spears, globules, balls of light or globes are believed to be the soul or spirit of those that passed on. They take the form of orb as it is convenient to travel around. There are also theories it could be separate life form and are undetectable to the human eye because of their finer tissue. There are theories that it could be nature tree spirits that only comes out at night. Continue reading Types of Western Ghosts »

Ghost Thieves

October 31st, 2012

Read more about Emily here and about her haunted one bedroom apartment here.

If you’ve read about my haunted apartment and my roomie Jeannie, you’ll probably know that Jeannie is more in tuned with ghosts than I am. I did not elaborate much about what Jeannie used to experienced in KL but let me share one of the incidents that she had when she was in Australia.

That day, I was having an afternoon nap while Jeannie was playing with the then popular messenger, ICQ. The plan was to take a quick snooze and collect my energy before I proceed to prepare our dinner so I laid to bed and rest. I was quite a light sleeper so although I was sleeping, I could hear Jeannie typing away on the keyboards. Suddenly, I heard a change in the noise. I could hear sounds of a chair pushing back which meant Jeannie getting up from her chair and then shortly sounds of keys grabbing from our study table. The next thing I heard was the sounds of doors slamming shut and then still quietness. Thinking nothing much, I continued sleeping. After a while, I could hear sounds of our stationary moving around subtly but I decided to ignore it and continue sleeping since it did not disturbed me much. Continue reading Ghost Thieves »