The case of Ghost Hunting in Haunted School

October 13th, 2010

This story is contributed by Navin

This ghost hunting expedition happened few years back and the ghost hunting expedition happened to a friend of mine. They were a group of teens loitering around and one of them has ability, a third eye. The ability of seeing the presence of ghost is truly a rare ability. He does not really see ghost, but he can feel the presence of it. He would usually feel a sudden chill and see shadows of people and a black figure moving. Because of this ability, the other friends named him “Constantine”.

One day, the group was in a car somewhere (which I didn’t really ask where it was) and crossed some old school building which was not demolished. Not really big but just one big block. One or two of them before heard rumors from people that the school was haunted. Young and naive, all of them planned for a ghost hunting expedition to enter the school grounds and just to be on the safe side, they decided on going in at broad daylight. Continue reading The case of Ghost Hunting in Haunted School »

Car Park Copycat Ghost

October 5th, 2010

Author’s Note : We were just doing some office gossip one day when somehow we went to the topic about car park and that’s when one of my colleague spoke about a rumor she just heard a few weeks back. It goes like this

You know just how old habits are hard to die? You have a favorite toilet cubicle you would always go to no matter how urgent you needed to finish your business or even your favorite seat at the restaurant. Its not much different when it comes to parking spaces. Our office car park has 2 basement parking and in the morning, not many people would have their car parked there as the management did specifically mention to all staff that the basement car parks are reserved for customers only. As usual, there are always those stubborn people who would not take the management’s advice and would park there.

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The Replacement Body

September 29th, 2010

This story is contributed by Ding KoSg

Ding KoSg : This is a true story I heard from my friend about her aunt’s husband who’s possessed by spirit which took place in Singapore.

This incident all started when my friend’s aunt’s husband (let’s call him Ah Huat for the story’s sake) met a long time friend by the roadside and had gracefully offered his friend a lift home in his car. And this was when things started going awfully wrong.

You see, Ah Huat’s friend was staying in a low cost rented apartment which is infamous for its supernatural sightings. In past, developers had tried to renovate and revive the building located at exactly where this low cost apartment was but somehow this particular building just wouldn’t profitably prospers. There were even cases where bad omen happened to the people who had tried to revive the building. In the end, the building had no other option but to indiscreetly turn into a low cost flat catered for low income people to rent.

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