Japan Hotel Holiday Turned Horror

September 24th, 2010

Author’s note : This story is told by a good friend of mine about an experience her sister had a few months back during her holiday trip to Japan

My eldest sister, Ying, and my youngest sister, Yin, recently went to Japan for their holidays. Yin, however, had a shock an experience of a lifetime when she encountered something supernatural during her Japan trip at the local hotel there. She experienced what most people would describe as sleep paralysis but Yin was certain that it wasn’t as what most non-believers would explain to be. So here’s how it happened.

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Site Down – Spooky Corner’s Own Horror Story

September 21st, 2010

What can be more horrifying than your own blog being listed by Google as malicious?

It started yesterday morning when I received an email by Google informing me that my site has been temporarily removed from being accessible because of being suspected as an accessory to spreading malware viruses. Of course, I was shocked. The immediate reaction was that this had to be some sort of prank or whatsoever junk mail from spammers or hackers or whoever that’s trying to get you to click on the links they have so that they can make the rest of your life as miserable as ever. But after going through the mail once again, it seemed genuine and the next course of action was taken. Innity, one of the advertising companies that Spooky Corner is signed on to happened to be the reason of this horrifying story (To Innity, thank you very much for creating this nightmare. Thank you for being irresponsible enough to ensure that its a payback time for Spooky Corner since Spooky Corner’s been scaring people for so long). For the next 48 hrs or so, Spooky Corner immediately went into some sort of horror story itself because no one could access this site.

Thank God everything is now back to normal. As how all nightmares started, they must end (otherwise it must be really really really scary). So sorry to disappoint some of the readers who have been trying to access this site since yesterday. You must have somehow stepped into Spooky Corner’s nightmare by noticing that this site has been blocked.

The Vengeful Ghost

September 17th, 2010

Author’s Note : I find it pretty comical speaking to a friend of mine whom I recently discovered that she is quite sensitive towards ghosts. When I speak sensitive I meant that she claimed she could feel them. Although she did not mention about her past but I suspected that she probably had 3rd eye but “closed” them when she was younger as she claimed her son has them too. Here’s one of the incident that happened to her sometime ago

Back when I was young, I used to sleep together with my younger sister in the same room. My family has always branded me as the scardy-cat as I would be easily frightened by ghosts or anything that is supernatural. The thing is I didn’t want these stuff to happen to me but they just do! I remembered clearly like it was yesterday back when I was just 16 years old. My parents have gone on a trip outstation leaving my sister and me behind home alone. It all started that late evening. My sister was outside at the gates speaking to a mutual friend of ours and since I was feeling tired, I decided to wave good bye to our friend and head of to bed. At that moment, I was standing at the front door and as I waved goodbye, I turned around to head towards the foot of the stairs. As I was turning, I suddenly felt something bad behind me. It was just a feeling but this bad feeling would usually bring bad news. I knew that night something bad was going to happen. Continue reading The Vengeful Ghost »