Grandpa’s Spirit Ghost Story

March 3rd, 2008

Author’s Note : This post is dedicated to my grandpa whom has recently passed away on the 23/2/2007.

After writing so much ghost stories, I’ve never imagined that one of the ghost story that I’m about to tell would involve my own grandpa. My grandpa passed away recently at the age of 82 and being a Chinese, he would be 85 years old. Don’t ask me why add 3 yrs but the elders tell me its to add the sky, the earth and the hell or something like that. Perhaps someone could enlighten me about what this meant. He passed away due to lung collapse. The factor that caused it? Due to excessive smoking when he was young.

This ghost story is not something of a horror but it was a scary experience for my aunt’s maid, Daisy who was sort of taking care of his basic needs (of changing diapers and other toilet needs) during the last few week of his life.

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Ghost Story of UUM (University Utara Malaysia), Kedah

February 15th, 2008

Author’s Note : University Utara Malaysia located in Kedah is also fondly known as UUM. The following ghost story is told to me by a friend who personally experienced the ghost herself while studying in University Utara Malaysia.

University Utara Malaysia was a place that every student knows some form of ghost story. In fact, it was circulated as a true ghost story that before the whole university was built in the middle of no where, the government sent busses empty with passangers in the middle of the site and strictly instructed the bus drivers not to turn around or look back at the rearview mirror. After a while, the bus drivers would drive into another faraway area in the middle of no where. It was said that this action is to “ferry” all the ghosts away from the woods and carry them to their “new home”.

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Tips to spot a Haunted House

February 5th, 2008

Just imagine the sudden windfall you have when you just bought your dream home for an extraordinary price. Too good to be true? It probably is. Perhaps it was the influence of horror movies or books that always gives us the benefit of the doubt that when you buy a reasonably fantastic house for an unreasonably cheap price, its probably “occupied”. So how do we spot a haunted house? Here are some basic guidelines and tips to spot your future house and analyse if its a haunted house or not.

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