Malaysia Urban Legends – Tale of the Mysterious Lady

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10 years back, the road along the old airport or Jln Sg Besi would be very quiet by the time it was pass midnight. Back then, there were lesser cars than now. The whole highway there was said that it used to be an old chinese cemetarial ground and even as we speak today, you can still see some old chinese tombstones just by the side of the road.

It was very late when this young taxi driver drove by the deserted road. He decided to take a shortcut by cutting through the old cemetary grounds. Being a brave man he is, he was not afraid nor did he believed in the ghost stories that some of his fellow friends tell at the coffee shop during their break times.

As he was driving through the winding trunk road, far ahead, he could see a lady standing by the roadside. The closer he got, he noticed that the lady was very attractive and wore a long white dress. Not only was she pretty, she also seemed to be upset and waiting for something. The young taxi driver thought he could be a good samaritan and pulled over. He asked the lady if she needed a ride and the lady happily agreed. As soon as she stepped into his car, he could smell a very pungent smell of some sort of flower and commented that her perfume was nice. The lady only smiled and handed to the young taxi driver a piece of paper.

After looking at the address written on the paper, the young taxi driver drove to the destination. Along the way, he couldn’t help but notice the sweet scents of the flowers. After arriving at her destination, the lady got out of the taxi without paying.

The very next morning, only did the young taxi driver realized that the lady did not pay for her ride. Since her home was on the way to his house, he decided to drop by to collect the debts.

Upon arriving at her house, he spoke to an elderly couple and explained to them the senario the night before. The elderly couple were shocked and replied that it would not be possible since their only daughter had already passed away 7 days ago. The young taxi driver did not believe the elderly couple and thus, they showed him their daughter’s shrine.The young taxi driver was so shocked when he saw that the picture on the shrine was exactly the attractive lady that he took on as a passanger just the night before.

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5 comments on “Malaysia Urban Legends – Tale of the Mysterious Lady

  1. heard that before. the cemetery quite near to the place i stay now… glad that taxi driver was ok.

  2. kenny, ya i kinda thought so too. but whether its true or not….

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  4. i heard this one before,my father told me,hahah.

  5. the taxi driver actually doing a good thing for her by sending her home.

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