Haunted Ria Apartment, Genting Highlands

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What was supposed to be a happy holiday turned out to be a nightmare to a friend of mine, Sheryn, when something unexpected happened to she and another 2 girlfriend of hers. Planning to enjoy the cool breezy hilltop resort, they planned out to travel with a group of friends. What they didn’t know was their choice of accomodation, Ria Apartment, Genting Highlands was haunted.

It started out when a group of them planned for a stumptuous dinner at thier rented apartment. So it turned out that a group of them went out to enjoy the breeze, another group of males planned to checkout the whole resort and as for Sheryn and another 2 of her girlfriends, they decided to be the chefs and stayed back to cook the dinner.

All was fun at the kitchen when she and her friends gathered to prepare the ingrediants when suddenly they hear noises from the living room. The noises were really loud and sounded like people enjoying themselves with a game of mahjong. Sheryn could hear people talking loudly and calling out the game’s card and thought that her group of friends were back from their short walk. She then get a glimpse of the living room to see who was back and asked them to help out instead.

As soon as she stepped out of the kitchen, the noises mysteriously stopped. To her astonishment, there wasn’t a single soul. Curious that she might hear things wrongly (although she was positively sure she heard the noises), she walked back into the kitchen wondering. Again, the noises started as mysteriously as it stopped. Her 2 girlfriends looked as frightened as she was when they realized that the apartment was haunted

Quickly, she and her girlfriends decided to stop cooking and hang out at the living room instead. All the 3 girls were still very much afraid when the walked into the living room. Because they were so scared of hearing the mysterious noises again, one of her friends suggested to turn the radio on.

The 3 of them walked towards the radio when all of a sudden Sheryn heard someone from behind calling her “Wui!”. Automatically, Sheryn turned her head to have a look at who was that and yet, there was no one except her 2 other friends who were too busy meddling with the radio’s switches.

Author’s Note : Sheryn never told me what really happened after that but I personally stayed in the apartment before and there’s always a creepie feeling about the whole location

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164 Responses to “Haunted Ria Apartment, Genting Highlands”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    This story really good! Genting is a well known place which is haunted.

  2. ic3 Que3n Says:

    You mean real life experience!

  3. earl-ku Says:

    err there is tons of spooky stories there wan la …

    i’ll share one of mine, this is from my mom’s days la, long long time edy wan

    this gal she is workingin genting wan, u know la this people who works in genting, sty at those hostel wan, and there are night shifts, and everytime after night shifts they have to walk back to their hostel wan …

    this one nite, this gal walked home alone and while she was on her way back, she saw one of her hostel mate walking towards the casino, her housemate is normally a joyful and cheerfull one, but tonite she is diff, she just walked pass this gal and never even greet or said hi … she tried to call her, but she just kept on walking hurriedly away …

    the gal thought that was weird but went home and shower then sleep … the next morning, the very same housemate came back home, this gal – was furious the way her housemate treated her last nite when they bumped into each other on their way …

    to her horror the hosuemate said she was in KL back in her home, the whole nite as it was her off day the day before …

    so who was it she bumped into last nite?

  4. Gallivanter Says:

    Never underestimate the power of the human mind. It can play tricks. :-)

  5. Ic3Que3n Says:

    earl-ku, eeee… bulu roma sudah naik!

    gallivanter, i totally agree but if 3 people could hear those noises….

  6. earl-ku Says:

    i cant remember who told me this, or was it my friends actually …

    you know la, college days, wherever we go in a group and with an apartment sure got alcohols wan la … i never rememebered anything after passing out, but a few chicks told me there was people pressing the buzz after we all ppssed out … that when they went and look at the peephole, there was nothing … just a black shadow …

    they were so spooked, the never said anything, only told us after we reach kl later that day …

  7. ic3 Que3n Says:

    earl-ku, perhaps ur friends were also drunk?

  8. frog Says:

    yea… RIA aparments… I hv been there yrs ago.. its really haunted.. I was the 1st one to step into room, striaght infront was a room, i saw the windows opened by itself… At first i thought someone was faster than me to be in the room.. to my curiousity, i went ahead & check it out.. Guess wat. no one… so.. who open them?
    Well.. thereafter not much of “interuption” everyting goes smooth.. maybe becos there were many pple… *sniffles*

  9. ic3 Que3n Says:

    frog! Luckily you didn’t manage to bum into anything!

  10. Loqman Says:

    My brother and his families went there in Dec 2005 and many of them experience the same thing….

    In the bath room while bathing, the women would feel someone touching their back. Some of the men saw something in the house. It is really haunted.

  11. Ramoni"Li Spesial Says:

    i once worked at genting for few months. our hostel is at Ria apartment, can’t say much about the haunting or anything unusual in the place. althought it felt very spooky especially at night.
    During my employment there(for a short period of 4 months) i have witness one suicide and another one(according to my colleague) at genting.
    According to old timer- it’s a common occurence there.

  12. nonsense Says:

    nonsense ! scared wat . pray to god kau tim .

  13. aphrodite7980 Says:

    Aiyah… Scared? Scared of wat sia? Nonsense ahhhh!!! Just pray lorr….

  14. SexyLuv Says:

    As expected by many local’s who hv stayed thr before…The same spooky experience aso happened to one of my friends, A, who went for a holiday with her family.Her mom & dad stayed in one room while she & her sis stayed in another.Durin’ the middle of the nite, around 3am, sumone was knockin’ on her door’s many times.The first time, she did opened the door but there’s nobody outside!! The second knocking came a few minutes later.This time even louder!! Fearing somethin’ is not right, both of them decide to just stay in bed & covered themselves with blanket’s.
    The next day, while durin’ breakfast, A decide to relate their scary experience to their parent.Guess what?? her parent aso faced the same incident!! Now, u tell me, who the mischievous prankster who knockin on ppl room in middle of the night??

  15. shereen_1212 Says:

    wah! so horrible ah? i stayed at Ria once. but nothing happen, thanks to God. I thought wana book again this coming June, after read ur guys stories. my hand damn cold now. Now not planning to book liao. Anyway, thanks for the story.

  16. shereen_1212 Says:

    however, my aunt told me last year her friend went there, stayed at Ria apartment too. In the afternoon, her daughter was playing with her toys. Then suddenly her daughter cried “don’t take my toys, its mine”. Her mother immediately show angry, and shouted “don’t play my kids!”. After a few minutes, her daughter play happily. But during night time, my aunt friend cried for help..cause “someone” cekik her. She can’t breath and turn to pale. Then her family help and keep say sorry! After that, only that aunt been release from that “someone”.
    So please don’t simply say something especially when we are in hotel.

  17. ic3 Que3n Says:

    eee, shereen, I think ur story’s more spookier!

  18. Purple-Mushroom Says:

    How abt the story that First World hotel got dead body.. is that ever true??

  19. be be Says:

    izzit true?!! i plan to go this coming National day…….. i feel its very horrible and scared.

  20. Frankie Says:

    Just back from KL today, checked in Ria Apartments at 21 June 2007 4.30pm, immediately checked out at 10pm and say bye bye to Genting. Ria Apartments’ Pahang Block, beware…. experienced it….

  21. Ic3Que3n Says:

    Frankie, care to tell me what’s happened? Mail me at submit[at]spookycorner.com and I’ll publish the story for you!

  22. xemoredx Says:

    hello mates..is there any chances for me to book ria’s apartment for next month? i’ve tried to find ways to book it online, but all turn out said that can’t book online anymore. does anyone knows if the apartment still running or they already closed? thnx..

  23. aseela Says:

    been to ria apartment before, twice actually. the unit that we rented was just okay. not well maintained thou. dimly light, due to the ugly carpeting and dull walls i guess. it was okay. did not personally experienced anything spooky, coz we’re in the apartment most of the time. me and me family.

  24. Lebon Says:

    AH?! wah.. so scary.. die la.. i going there this week to stay.. din noe it is haunted till yesterday my gf told me..OMG..

  25. Lebon Says:

    May i know which is the unit which is haunted?

  26. sean Says:

    Hey how ca nwe book ria aprtment nowadays?? still open to public meh?? Anyway my advice is no matter what u face just dunt panic..sometimes it might be psychology..

  27. Xiaodidi Says:

    The same spooky experience aso happened to one of my friends ar!heard my friend said inside the building got a floor is locking ,on the door also stick 2 chinese “FU” ,noyone allow to go inside lo bcoz that floor alot of ppl died..the spirit inside very fierce..he know this bcoz he worked there b4 during his school holiday..he told me sometimes when they took lift , the lift will automatically opened at duno which floor liao..but they did’n press the floor button, why the lift will opened itself? noyone was comin in ..Got one time, once the lift door opened at the same floor, they saw a pregnant lady wearing whole body red colour shirt walking by the lift door, they were frightened !!bcoz nobody allow to stay on this floor!what a pregnant lady doing over there at the midnight 3 something????

  28. Xiaodidi Says:

    a murder happened at genting hotel la..a dead body was been hiding under the bed..noyone realize that was a body under the bed..until few days jz been detected by a customer which staying there for holiday..the customer said at the night he went to the bed and wanted to sleep, when he nap on the bed he felt something solid thing making he felt uncomfortable,so he opened up the bed and he frighten! and smelly dead body is inside there!!! T_T this is real!!

  29. Xiaodidi Says:

    Alot of ppl suicide at genting there bcoz of losing money at casino!!!WU WU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  30. trip Says:

    i just book for monday to wednesday….sometimes, after hearing all the stories bout something, the mind sure go haywire when ur there…so just take it easy for those gg…like me…eh..its no longer avail for public…i book through SAF…i dunno if its onli SAF can..or other civil service units…maybe army people can take things like this better…those things might even be scared of them ah…hahas…

  31. ah fei Says:

    back to the couple yrs ago during my earliest college time, we used to stay at Ria few times thru agent booking. The package was so attractive in which RM78 include theme park fare, breakfast, go and return fare for bus and cable car transfer from Gombak. that’s the best deal u never ever can get during tat time.Prior to the trips, we never heard bout spooky story b4, we jz feel so cold in the apartment every 9 and 1 of my spooky fren dare not sleep alone with his gf,instead he got all of us (around 7 ppl) sleep together in his room. The trips were safe n smooth all the time, jz a bit spooky and cold all the time. We enjoy staying that hotel until we watched a local made movie….where the movie’s primary contents were concerned bout 3sexy girl exploring the local (west msia) most famous haunted places, know wat, Ria is one of them!!!We were jz realised tat Ria apartment was well-known with fierce ghosts, not tame ghosts hur!!!!One experience by my frens who have 4 in the trip stay at Ria. 4 of them were playing Big2, when somebody said hungry n wan to cook somethin at kitchen for filling stomache. They distributed the playing cards equally to every1, n every1 had read their cards b4 they went into kitchen. After 4 of them came out from kitchen, know wat???all cards had been changed!!!! my god, i never dare to stay there anymore!!! For those who dun believe, u can try to explore floors like 18 or 19, (we faintly saw in the movie where the director asked the sexy girls to knock d door to challenge the spirits), there are lots ‘jimat’ or in chinese ‘fu’ on the door which are haunted seriously.

  32. Mamarock Says:

    It wasn’t rumours about all spooky tales. I believe that there’s always an opposition in whatever u do & wherever it is. We have beggers, we have millionaires. We have positive & negative. We have gods & also ghosts. So, I do believe that Genting is one a very spooky mountain not only Ria Apartmts, but all resorts. I had a bad experienced of staying at Genting View back in my 20’s twice & during a broad day light. Was taking a nap while parents & aunts were playing mahjong outside the living hall. As it was quite stuffy in the room, I did not closed the door & left it juz open like tat. I took a nap. During the nap, I suddenly felt there’s a heavy thing on top of me & can’t breathe. My subconscious mind to get up or scream for help. I actually struggled in my ‘dream’ but I know I’m awake. By screaming out voicelessly & nobody could hear me, I mumbled a few chinese prayers. Within minutes, I was ‘set’ free. That really scares me & came out from the room told my parents abt it. All they said was ‘aiya, when u sleep, ur soul will go wandering one. Ur soul wasn’t back yet when u want to wake up mah’.

  33. kimi Says:

    Sometimes these tales are true even if not many will beleive….and some people will try to summon the dead just to see if they exist.I experienced a frightening experience when i was 13 during camp.Our teacher told us not to shine the torchlights on the trees and call our friends names out loudly but we could care less…one of my friend did the opposite of what the teacher said.We had a restles night,we heard strange noises from outside our tent,but we tried to sleep.The following day , my friend who did not listen to our teacher had black spots on her back…and we were scared to death when we saw blood stains on her bed…

  34. kimi Says:

    maybe during the holidays i want to stay at genting…..but not alone with my other friends……….hopefully nothing will happen……..

  35. Lover Man Says:

    I did make a booking for 3 Bedroom at Ria Apartment and enjoy cheap prices rates for SAF Regular last year October 2006 from Monday to Wednesday.This Ria apartment unit was for SAF staff since they got 2 & 3 bedrooms of two units.Me went there wih my family,auntie and cousin of total eight people.Since that week was consider Off-Peak,it was really really quite and we feel strange once we enter the apartment.We stay for a while and went to First World Hotel to enjoy the amusment ride and having dinner there.
    We went back to our apartment around 10pm and all of us was very tired since we never take a rest since we reach here from singapore.Around 3a:m,I was awake by a lady laugh very loud and asking help outside the master bedroom window.I still remember that we staying at high-rise floor and who will do these.I was shocked and returned to sleep thought I was dreaming,wow lucky man.
    The next morning,as we having hot drinks at the living room,I asked them if they have hear the strange noise around 3a:m,my auntie and my cousin heard it since they were sleeping at the living room.And they also can hear somebody was talking outside the main door before this incident happened.Immediately,we know this was not good,we left the place and proceed to Kuala Lumpur to stay the remainder nights since I have already apply my leave for this trip.But now,if I not mistaken the RIA Apartment has been closed.Is it closed temporarly or permanetly????

  36. azharaidah Says:

    I juz came back from genting. Stayed der from sat, 2pm till sun, 10am at room 16419. Total there are 6 of us including my gf(the only female). Luckily ,thers nothing hapen only the kitchen door keep on swinging in and out. And all of us think its cause by the wind. But when u came out from the lift, u turn left and saw a hole shaped bullet on the glass door. Thats all. And by the way, all of us slept at the living room by moving out the two matress out. Haha! Overall we did enjoy genting but not to the maximum cause we juz stay der for 1 day. And for the apartment, our main motive is juz for sleeping overnight before we rode back home. To me, if anywhere u go overseas, always stick together especially at night. For those who are going there, enjoy yourself.

  37. foo2a Says:

    I am in awe. Ria apartment is a dreamboat from the Seventies! Everything is sooo retro here, and looks as if nothing has been changed, replaced or even cleaned since the Seventies! The corridors dingy and moist, the lights yellow and flickering, the atmosphere dank and moldy. Tres Chic! The 2nd floor convenience store – wow, words fail, its like HEAVEN to a cockroach like me. Soooo caked with the dirt of ages, sagging with disrepair and disrepute, sticky with the grease of aeons, its amazing. Make sure you visit the 2nd floor convenience store, you hear? It has more than 30 delicious varieties of Instant Mee, like LakSa, Ayam and Tomyam! Hurrah!! And the canteen at 7th floor, makes truck stops seem like Shangri La Hotel. The beautiful pictures you see on most booking sites do not do this place justice – this Ria Apartment is so so much more wonderful!!! Visit and stay at Ria Apartment TODAY! Its a priceless experience.

  38. David_GX Says:

    I would like to share a funny incident which happened to me many years back in the Ria apartments.

    It was way back in 2001, sometime in July to August. During that time I was working in a small IT distribution company in Mid Valley, KL. Since all the colleagues were predominantly Chinese and very close to each other, we always plan trips together either for lunch or dinner right down to overnight trips to Genting Highlands, which we enjoy very much because of the cool breeze and relaxing atmosphere.

    On one particular weekend, we decided to go up to Genting Highlands for an apartment stay. There were around 8 of us, 5 guys and 3 gals. We drove up in separate cars and met at Ria Apartments. There were a lot of agents downstairs ready to rent out rooms for guests around so we got hold of one and got a unit. It was a high floor (can’t remember which floor it was) selangor side.

    That evening we had a good dinner and all went back early to the apartment to enjoy the company of each other and play cards. As the 2 blocks face each other, we decided to play a game, we wanted to see which block looked creepier than others. So we started looking randomly at the individual units there.

    All of a sudden, we saw a unit about 2-3 floors above us on the Pahang side with only a lamp on (warm yellow light illuminating the whole unit (I’m not sure if it’s the hall or bedroom) so it looks quite bright. The curtain was open quite wide so we could clearly see what was going on inside. There was a young couple inside the unit playing catch with each other. The girl would run around in the room and the guy would try to catch her. The girl runs to the window sill and the eerie part is, she would look directly at us and wave frantically. Then finally the guy catches the girl and they would fall down on a sofa or a bed and the girl could be seen struggling with the guy a bit and within a few seconds, the scene repeats itself again in exactly the same manner.

    This went on for a good 1-2 hours or so, all of us guys were in the hall in our unit witnessing the whole incident. We were excited at first, as we got to see some ‘action’ for the night, since we were with colleagues and wouldn’t be getting any and the girls were chatting with each other in the room. Getting bored of the incident happening opposite our unit, we decided to watch some tv, have some drinks and play cards, occasionally we would catch a glimpse of the unit above us and like a youtube recording, it keeps replaying itself.

    The next day we woke up and went to the window sill to see if the couple was still playing catch with each other and guess what we saw? We saw that the unit looked like it had been abandoned for years, the windows were all boarded in and there was no way anyone could look inside from the opposite direction.

    I will never forget that incident.

  39. antiilluminati Says:

    to be frank, i am spooked up by some of the stories told. Thanks.

  40. luilui Says:

    We stayed at Ria Apartments in Oct 2005 for 2 nites, total 2 gals n 2 guys.
    Our unit is on the 17th floor and there’s 2 rooms and a living room. So we left our bags in the rooms and headed for the amusement park.
    When we came back in the evening, 1 of the room door when closed. But I remembered I left it opened when we left the unit, so we just thought it’s the wind that caused it. My bf tried to opened it, but it was locked from inside, no matter how hard he tried just couldn’t open it. Then the other guy came to help, suddenly the door just swing opened by itself and stopped b4 it slam onto the wall behind. As if “someone” was opening the door from inside. Accordingly to the guys, their hands were bearly on the door knob!!! …. it just opened by itself. The guys knew something was wrong, so we moved the bed to another room… all of us sleep together.
    The corridor of the hotel seems to be very errie…. exactly like those haunted buildings in those hong kong dramas…..

  41. Secret Says:

    By the way, why is Ria Apartment no longer available to the public?

    I got experience before in Ria, all my cousins were in the room while our parents in the hall when suddenly one of my cousin climb out of the window and walk towards the hall window. she could have fell to her death but fortunately our parents saw it when she was walking outside and grab hold of her. Until now she dont know why she did that.

    so anyone knows why ria is closed now????

  42. Secret Says:

    oh ya, and that night.. we could hear the lift sound every now and then.
    That night, my cousin’s friend got sit by something.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Many, many years ago…perhaps about 18 years ago, my family would stay in a unit on the 10th floor of the Ria apartments that my aunt owned. I remember it to be an overcast, foggy day when I was standing in the living room. In fact, I still remember the old straw furniture, the tv, and even the sheer white curtains. I’m sure everyone who has been to Genting can picture the view I was getting looking outside the window at the foggy, dense forest…cable cars in the distance. I was very young then…perhaps 6 or 7 years old…and I saw something that fascinated me. I saw a woman floating just 10 feet from the window. I can’t remember if she was looking at me…but I was certainly looking at her. I vaguely remember the white gown and her long, black hair that fluttered quietly in the wind. She floated slowly upwards…and then downwards…and then upwards…and then downwards… I simply didn’t know to be afraid. I tugged on my mom’s arm and pointed at her, “Ma! Look! She can fly!!” I heard her gasp a little and replied “Choi!!” and pulled me away. I think she took me to the indoor theme park afterwards…perhaps just to be surrounded by people and get away from that window for a while. I disagree with the saying “seeing is believing” because I still question if it was all a figment of my overactive imagination as a child.

    Perhaps about 6 years ago, a family friend stayed at my aunt’s unit during her stay in Genting. She swore to never stay there again. Interestingly, she was relucta

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Many, many years ago…perhaps about 18 years ago, my family would stay in a unit on the 10th floor of the Ria apartments that my aunt owned. I remember it to be an overcast, foggy day when I was standing in the living room. In fact, I still remember the old straw furniture, the tv, and even the sheer white curtains. I’m sure everyone who has been to Genting can picture the view I was getting looking outside the window at the foggy, dense forest…cable cars in the distance. I was very young then…perhaps 6 or 7 years old…and I saw something that fascinated me. I saw a woman floating just 10 feet from the window. I can’t remember if she was looking at me…but I was certainly looking at her. I vaguely remember the white gown and her long, black hair that fluttered quietly in the wind. She floated slowly upwards…and then downwards…and then upwards…and then downwards… I simply didn’t know to be afraid. I tugged on my mom’s arm and pointed at her, “Ma! Look! She can fly!!” I heard her gasp a little and replied “Choi!!” and pulled me away. I think she took me to the indoor theme park afterwards…perhaps just to be surrounded by people and get away from that window for a while. I disagree with the saying “seeing is believing” because I still question if it was all a figment of my overactive imagination as a child.

    Perhaps about 6 years ago, a family friend stayed at my aunt’s unit at Ria during her stay in Genting. She swore to never stay there again. Interestingly, she was reluctant to explain herself beyond “it’s a dirty place”. After some pestering from me, she said that she could have sworn she saw a woman in a white dress floating outside the window. And she was moving left…to right….left…to right… I was so shocked to hear this. But more than anything, I felt that years of my self-distrust have finally been laid to rest.

  45. HauntedHoe Says:

    During my childhood, our hobby is too neighbor’s doors and run like hell. Its because our Uncle and Aunts are busy Gambling at the casino, and the young ones are left in the RIA apartment just to chill.

    Years passed and me and my schoolmates are grown up and we rent RIA apartment by ourselves. i remembered it was around 6-7 of us and man, our hobby is still challenging haunted places like the Well known RIA apartment (my Aunt works in Genting for 30 years told me it was haunted).

    One the same night, me and 3 of our friends went to visit floor by floor using the lift too look for any sign of ghosts. we purposely challenge the 12.00am moment to do it. HERE IT HOW IT STARTS.

    we were going to the 4th floor..and guess what…maybe during Chinese New Year the 4th floor were unoccupied and when the lift opened at the 4th floor. there were no lights at all! air condition is still centralize and its cold and dark . We regret in our hearts to do the challenge….But our ego insisted…

    holding hands we entered 4th floor walkway around the rooms.. and told everyone that never call names and keep to themselves if they see anything. the walk took 5 minutes and we went back to our rooms and laugh about it.UNTIL 3.00AM ARRIVED….

    theres a knock at our door, and we went to open it assuming 5 of my other friends are back from grogeries…Nobody. nah..scientifically must be wind too strong with loose door shaking creating something like a knock.
    few minutes later, Another louder one. KNOCK KNOCK!. folk tales always believed if someone knock on the door twice (knock knock) it is highly not appropriate to open it as the spirit might enter the body of the one answering. i went to open it and nobody was there.

    still in disbelief that it is anything related to ghosts we assume that it must be some naughty kids doing the same thing when we were young.(or its just my friends faking it) knocked and run like hell.
    Me and my friend (theres only 2 guys left in the apartment) decided to hide outside the firedoor peeping in too catch the kids off guard when they come back to knock again..

    we waited for few minutes when there’s a sudden chill that gave us both goosebumps followed by loud knock on our door. while we are looking from OUTSIDE! both of us were caught deaf where it is really a knock by something..not kids.not our friends..but..something. nobody was inside nobody were outside. but a definate knock on our door. We ran down the fire Exit.

    We told our friends what happened and none of them believed. until we got on a car and the car gear box suddenly broke…(makes no sense) and both of us were having high fever the next morning.

    we went down to the security guard and asked him is our room haunted. the security guard did not answer, he just kept quiet.

  46. idunno Says:

    i was shocked when i was told by my cousin that Ria Aprtmnt is hounted . I didn’t believe it at the first time but when i read all those responds here, i felt a lil bit spooky. Now i remembered a couple of incidents tht happened to me and my other family (my autie,uncles n cuzin).

    This is the story…We rented at Pahang Apartment for 2 days and 1 nite.And guess where was our room?it was on the top af the apartment which is 22 floor! We’ve been there before but nothing weird ,spooky happened or maybe we didn’t realize it.

    It has 3 rooms a big living hall.But because there are too many of us (more than 10 persons) we decide to sleep together at the living hall.We were too tired because tht evening we had spend times played in the theme park. around 12a.m, all of us started to sleep and suddendly i couldnt sleep and when i looked at my watch, it was 1.30am! i cant believe that it still early cuz i thought i had enough sleep.

    Then, at 2a.m, all my family members awoke and they also cant believe it was only at 2am! then they had some hot tea bcuz it was too cold. but I decided not to join them and just keep trying to sleep.

    Then, after all of them get sleep back, it sound so quiet and suddenly i could hear some steps in the hse. i thougth it might be my uncle who just want to check us out but the steps getting weird as “it” keep walking in the hse for a quite long time. then my cuzins also claimed tht someone has “intai2″ us bcuz all of us were covered with blankets due to the coldness!

    next in the morning, i asked my uncle if he was walking to check out us last nite, surprisingly he didn’t.he said he also could hear a child screamed more than 5 times tht make him awoke.but when he checked his baby, the baby is sleeping and it makes him goosebump. the screamed was too loud tht as if the baby is next to him.

    then, another incidents happened when we get the lift and pressed 22 button, all the passengers looked us with weird face and this uncle maybe 1 of the workers said to us..”Waa,manyak belani ar lu?” We thought he said so because it is too high.but now i know why. we also faced an incident tht the lift suddenly open at 16th floor. but no one was there. and it keep opened everytime we entered the lift to get back to our room…

  47. DarrenNic Says:

    i do belive in ghost stories, to me, where ever there is human, there is ghost around. sometimes i wonder why some people saw all of these, so i went and ask my friend (who practise buddhism), he said it is either you are too unlucky (si wan dai) or that “thing” chooses you for reason. to me, i’ve never encountered such things (and i do not wish to!)

  48. annoying008 Says:

    yes. me too. i heard many stories in genting. almost all the genting hotel are haunted, not only ria apartment. whoever went to casino and loses money, they killed themselves, what i know usually in genting hotels, they will kill themselves in the room. as for the ria apartment, they will jumped out of the window most probably, in the room as well. Well, it is their fault to lose their money and go to the casino. And I also don’t get it why do Genting have Casino? It is always because of the casino part.

    And also, the theme park is another haunted place especially outdoor theme park. Space shot, so called the worst thing happened, there is some pole or whatsoever on top of the space shot. Her hair was like start on top and when it is the time to go down, her hair got ripped off, her head came out. That’s so creepy! And the cockscrew as well, years ago, one girl fell off of the rollercoaster.

    I dont get it why Genting is haunted!

  49. small meow Says:

    I strongly believe ghost do exist. But i dare not stay overnite in genting even with a group of friends & family members. Haha … i never encountered any in genting but in Fraser Hills.Yes! It was back in 1987.also like many others, heard footsteps all night long & water running from bathtub during midnight even no one is using ….Later the next morning before we checked out, a friend of my uncle suddenly came visited us (he was an ex-army) & said that there are some story behind our strange encounter. A woman was said to have commited suicide in the last room.No wonder the mirror in the last room were cracked the first day we reached there. Luckily “she”did’t disturb us or show her “real appearance”.Or else i would have fainted.

  50. ziehan Says:

    nothing happen while staying at ria apartment with my whole family for 1 night stay.we had a family gathering.17 of us.

  51. Lizard Says:

    This happened last year 7th September when me and my gal friend stayed there. Everything started after we came back from dinner at 10 pm.
    We hit the bed at 11 p.m since we are exhausted after the activities in Theme Park. I closed the room door while my gal fren was doing the prayers with her bible.Once she is done with the prayers we started to talk stories when we suddenly heard something . The sound of a door closing and opening on its own.
    The first thing came to my mind is wind. I went out to the living room to check out.It was the kitchen room. I guess those who went to ria Aparment knows how the kitchens door look like . There is no door knob on the door. So i get the Star newspaper which i bought earlier from the 3rd floor minimart to be used as door stopper. I fold the paper and stuff it under the door to make it stop moving.
    It was a success . The door stopped moving and i feel relieved.
    I went back to room and closed the door. I told my gal fren that nothing to be worried as its only the wind .We continued to chat for sometime before we heard the same sound again. This time i really got the goosebumps outta my body.
    My gal fren took back her bible and started to pray loudly. I went back to check what happened actually before i found the newspaper was moved from the door and relocated few metres away from where i located it.And it was in a proper condition. If it was blewn by the wind there is no chances for the paper to be in proper condition.
    I knew something was really wrong in the house but we dont have an option but to spend the night there in fear. The next day we moved early morning as 8 am and we checked in at Resort Hotel.
    Few weeks back ,me , my brother and cousins went to Ria Apartment again . Nothing happened there .A week after that one of my cousin showed symptoms like being possesed. I dont want to talk about it much because he is my best cousin ever.
    People out there !! Watch out !! I hope you people wont go tru the same shit i went tru….

  52. listen_er Says:

    wooo…i was plannin to to apartment hotel, but when i’ve read all this comment…maybe i should change my mind staying there…but its an adventure stay if i do.. will think about it…hehe..that should charge rm50 pernite there now..since its not really a holiday place..

  53. joewin Says:

    I got a story about genting as well. but this time it is about the first world hotel. me, a guy fren, and two girls stayed in a suiet at the top floor for a few nights. it was 14-16/oct/2005, after our pmr exams. during the second night we chatted and played cards until around 1 am and fell asleep with the tv on to a jet li movie(forgotten which wan). me and my guy fren shared one queen bed while the girls took the another. ours was just beside the window which we kept shut since it was a cold night. at about 3 am, me and my fren next to me woke up. we heard noises. eery noises. it sounded like an old cantonese man singing. singing a sad sad tune. it was like a lament. and the worse thing was that the sound came from above us. and yet we were staying at the top floor. wat was up there?

    we dare not tell the girls because we were supposedly not suppose to tell about ghosts when they come in case they disturb us. but on the way home the next day we told them and they confirmed it when they said that they heard strange noises in the bathroom as well.

    genting is really haunted. wat with all the suicides and other deaths, i’m not surprised. i bet that sooner or later, sightings of a headless woman walking around will be reported. this is because one woman was killed not too long ago when her hair got stuck at the top of the solero shot. her whole body came down without her head.

    i had a similiar experience as mamarock. when i was sleeping(not in genting) i could feel a weight on me. i couldnt breathe properly. and i tought i could see movements around me. but i cannot move a single muscle. when i try to shout, no sound came. it will go away a short while later. this happened a few times and everytime it was the same, restricted movement, no sound, but blurred sight. it may just be a recurring nightmare, but it happen to many of the ppl i’ve met.

  54. SAMuel- Says:

    i was at genting permai resort if im correct.. with my friends at 2006 if im correct.. we jus had our mid term exam..well.. we were drinking liquor at late mid nite.. well 1st night i was pissed drunk..woke up in the morning, my fren was asking “did you guys heard any funny sound like baby crying or dog barking?” well of cause i din hear it was to drunk XD.after that my fren came out from the toilet asking”eh who bleeded, why toilet got blood” but none of us bleeded,coz most of us were drunk. on the second night jus after dinner we were drinking again..well on of my friend was tipsy, so we ask him to go to the balcony to get some fresh air, out of a sudden he shouted “eh down there got ppl” which was in another block of apartment.. i was like” huh where got wor”.. i basically saw nothing, but he was still like”got la down there” after 1 few seconds he said “no more d la” out of a sudden he felt cold..extreamly cold as i can see from his face.. we put him in the room 4 him 2 chill but it din’nt seem 2 work, and we were also afraid that something might have gotten in to him, so we ask him 2 sit at the living room. all he did was he keep laughing for no reason, and he kicked my fren. after that next thing i knew he was sticking his tounge like a snake shaking it up n down, i scold him on his face, and he laugh again.. well then i was pissed, i shouted at him, then i ask them to call the guys thats in charge of the group. well they make him vomit and did a few more stuff, which i was’nt seeing XD.. after dat incident total up 2 10person was sleeping in the same room =.= well i could’nt even lies down, i must sit n sleep.. around 4plus in the morning my fren called me, and ask me if i can hear anything.. i said no.. he said concentrate abit! then there starting i keep on hearing door slamming.. i could’nt sleep till 5plus coz of the door slamming..

  55. ian Says:

    few experiences of ria apartment before it became a private own apartment:

    1. elevator mysteriously go up to 15th floor, open-close-open-close, and down to 13th floor, up to 15th floor again, and finally back to my 17th floor.

    2. toillet light mysteriously switch on (can be assume that it is lack of repair)

    3. weeping voice from penthouse 22nd floor.

    4. eerie feeling that some1 is following you everytime you’re in kayangan or ria. (assume because we are overimaginative).

    oh and endnote: there’s an abonden room in kayangan apartment first floor. everything inside is totally emptied. it is cool, given that you like to challenge yourself to meet the unknowns ^^

  56. butterfly Says:

    I worked part-time at Genting for about 4 years from 2001-2005. Ria apartment was my hostel and I had stayed in different units (4th floor, 12th floor, 13 floor, 11 floor, you tell me) in the Selangor tower. Honestly, the place does look spooky. But I did not encounter anything except a few incidences where minor things happened like water tap turned on by itself, the window next to my bunk bed opened by itself.. but never saw ‘anything’. However, many of my collegues told me stuffs that they experienced but Im skeptical about them. Mind could do the tricks you know. When u are afraid, it will get to you even more easily because you are a ‘easy target’. So, try stay calm and not think about it. I had morning shifts and guess what, I had to walk to another apartment early in the morning through the hallway (in between the elevators) to my collegues’ apartment so that we could go to work together. Nothing happened although it was spooky. But i survived for many years, as well as some others who have worked there for many years (i know a few and they told me they did not experience anything major) and even some still working in Genting.

    Try not to be too paranoid about staying in Ria. It will help if you are calm. Good luck all!

  57. buddyluv Says:

    wow!!this is some stories…well, i dont know whether its true or not..as my fren always mentioned, good place to bring a chick..;)..i bet seeing is believing after all..nice comments, should go there and experience ownself

  58. buddyluv Says:

    anyway, ghost is everywhere..no doubt a man is the devil himself..:p, well, talking bout ghost, its everywhere i bet, just a matter whether its visible or invisible to human sight. anyway, staying at Ria apartment might be the best place for party..;) perhaps the ghost can join the crowd huh…hehehehehe..try to bring video cam to know the truth if we can catch the ghost shadow..I might be organizing a merdeka party there..i will let u guys know if i find anything..till now…GHOST BUSTER!!!!

  59. leena Says:

    Genting IS haunted. I’ve heard so much about Ria Apartments and probably the stories you’ve heard explains why the lobby is quiet most of the time.Almost once in every 1 month or twice in 3 months, suicides are likely to happen (mostly gamblers who’ve lost their luck). Plus,it’s pretty cold up there. Only ppl with tough guts would most likely stay there and not experience anything but the weak hearted will. From babies cry,hearing ppl playing mahjong,someone calling out your name,something cold touched the back of your neck,main door opens and closes by itself,to witnessing an activity in an abandoned floor etc,seeing a figure in the mirror,I say I don’t really suggest staying there if you want to have the time of your life in the ‘city of entertainment’. Let’s not spoil the fun now alright!

  60. Ling Says:

    Please enjoying the good place without frigntening each other. the world do have ghost.., just like we do have a god. treat “they are normal” if you r real buddish, you know… well.. this is nothing to be scare.

  61. blackmetal666 Says:

    if you see a woman ghost just fuck her in the ass dont worry…..Genting is haunted.I stayed there last 3 years in Ria apart.I saw a woman in white dress flying with a long hair and dont have legs,maybe her legs been decapitated I guess.So it was early in the morning around 3am,I saw her flying left and right on the 22 floor window from my room.i was really pissed off,the reason i go there to bring back home some spirits which is normally done by the BLACK METAL.So I manage to catch a kid spirit.Untill now i still have the kid spirit…..normally I will bring it with me when I have Ritual to be done.RIA APARTMENT IS REALLY FOR BLACK METAL throne……..take care.

  62. LK Says:

    i cant believe that so many spooky story at Genting..damn scary ah..haha

  63. Vince1991 Says:

    i’ve never actualy see ghose in genting ria appartment before…(but i do belive in them)
    but i do have a friend who told me that when she came back from genting on a bus, the bus driver(which is a fierce woman) suddenly shouted foul words and say if you wanna take a ride on my bus you better dont disturb my pessenger in cantonese…
    i assume that she’s either making jokes or realy scolding the ghost(if they realy existed)

    for those people who never seen anything during their stay does’nt mean they dont exist rite?

  64. Deandra Says:

    wow…didnt know before genting is surrounded by ghosts @ haunted until i read all the above stories…i stayed in Ria Apartments around 10years ago with a friend.we chose that hotel cuz the rate vv good n the only available.the apartment is so damn big n has good facilities too..it has 3 rooms but we end up share the same room cuz it was very scary at nite.very quiet place cuz its quite isolated from other hotels (which is good for honeymooners)but thank god we were not disturbed by the ghost or encountered any spooky incidents,instead we were disturbed by the staff there…cuz we were 2 unaccompanied hot chicks ..hehehe..(or maybe the ghosts got scared after they saw us)…heheh…anyway,intend to go to genting again with family but will think 100 times wether to overnite or not….

  65. jonjijul Says:

    plan to stay there this month end. now i’m thinking twice.

  66. Lizarus Says:

    hi guys, after looking thro’ what you guys type i m not going there as i have planned to. No point spending money and get scared and worse if you bump into any of those.. When i was a kid, i visited genting quite often. At that time. the amusement park still didn’t have stuffs like the Corkscrew. I remember my grandma told me her encounter in the Genting hotel’s bath. She was then sleeping and sharing room with 2 other relatives. She woke up in the middle of the night to pee. Toilet door was opened. She saw one of our relative sitting on the toiletbowl as if she was also doing business. So she talked to her and ask her to take her time. But the lady in the toilet supposed to be one of my relatives sharing room with her didn’t answer. My grandma didn’t want to disturb her do business so walked back to the bed. To her shock, she counted the number of pple sleeping on the bed. Everyone was there sleeping soundly. So who was in the bath? She went back to check the lady had already disappeared… Faintszzzz .. Lucky for me i haven’t encounter such stuffs. But I wouldn’t want to try it anyway. Tho genting is a cheap getaway but I don’t wan to put my gf and myself at risk man!..Only the two of us is going .. These things usually strikes when there are less pple.. they love to pick times when u r alone.. If u r all in a group they can’t hurt u. 😀 good luck man.. please remember to knock the door three times n say excuse me before entering a hotel room man!The best is don’t go la.. lol.. i wonder how can anyone still be normal feel ok after witnessing the amusement park ride that ripped pple’s head off.. imagine if u r sitting next to the victim then… have a nice day! thanks for sharing all those stories…

  67. Is it true?! Says:

    Wow…Spooky website and spooky Ria Apartment…

    Here’s something my dad have experienced…

    One night my whole family including me….stayed in Ria Apartment after watching the performance…Then we went back to the room at about 12am++….started sleeping at about 1pm++…I took a fast bath as i noe that Ria Apartment is haunted…so i never looked into the mirror…but i felt cold although i took a hot bath…and i never looked into the mirror…At late night….my whole family slept together….6 of us…i cant sleep at night and realize tat my dad cant sleep too…Next morning…i asked my dad why cant he sleep….he said something was touching his back….he never turn behind…and prayed whole night….i only got to sleep for 4-5 hours that night….so the next morning…realize i have panda eyes =D!

    Until now…Whenever I go to any hotels…i dont look in the mirror too often unless im styling my hair…hehehe!

    Here’s something u guys could use to make “them” stay away from you whenever u stay in a hotel…
    – Try telling “them” that u are just staying in the hotel juz for few nights and u will be going off…tell them not to disturb u and your family….Juz say “Da gao sai , da gao sai, stay few nights then go off le” in Cantonese , Chinese , English or any other languages u noe…- it is pretty useful…

    One more thing… – Pray more in your house – – Go to temple more often –

    Nothing to worry about…

    “Amitabha”~ o(^^)o

  68. unwqnted Says:

    wow man!!!! all those experince above really freak me out…….

  69. civic98 Says:

    For everyone’s information, Ria & Kayangan Apartments are NOT part of Genting, these are private properties, private apartments sold off to individual buyers. Since June 2006, all bookings with Genting for these apartments had stopped and the respective Management Corporations and Joint Management Body under the Strata Titles Act 1985 and Building & Common Property Act 2007.

    HOWEVER, there are private parties renting out these apartments on their own. Which means they own the apartments and are making a profit out of renting them out, very much like in Cameron Highlands. Having said that, the apartment is only as good as the owner.

    Now for these spooky stories, I do not doubt some of it, I know some myself, BUT there are some really ridiculous encounters stated here. Most of us had heard it from someone whom had known someone whom had encountered it themselves, BUT I doubt it, it just doesn’t make sense.

    The all time favourite dead body under the bed is one of the most ridiculous one. Anyone with a divan and mattress will know that you can’t put anything in between them without it bulging out, what more a dead body?? And the stench from a dead body, who could have missed that for few days?? Simple example, leave a dead fish/chicken out and see how it smells.

    Then someone up here said “centralized air conditioning” in Ria Apartments. LOL there’s no air cond in Ria Apartments.

    Then another favourite, closed/abandoned floor in Ria, stuck all over with talismans and fu etc. Mind you all the floors are occupied, AND it’s not even easy to buy an apartment in Ria, anytime someone sells, it is grabbed almost immediately. YES it is that much in value. Over RM200 psqf and it’s a 22years old apartments.

    And someone up here even said there’s an abandoned “room” in Kayangan. Kayangan are all apartments, and they go for even higher price than Ria. Much more in demand. The are empty apartments there, just because they could not transfer the ownership due to technicalities as most are Singaporean owners.

    NOW for all that matter, I would be more afraid of human. What human could do to another is far worse. Like chinese say, the scariest ghost is “Kung Guai” (poor man).

  70. YuShEn Says:

    however…i know ther was haunted at ria…AFTER i reserver the room!!!^^yeah!hurray~

  71. juon oi Says:

    The story sure really a truth story.
    Now, my friend and her families are staying at there for three days.
    Will the same story happens to them?
    I hope nothing bad will happen to them.

  72. ChineseBoy Says:

    Wow dudes and ladies, awesome stories up there! Everyone do have their own experiences like me myself. Never seen them before though. Never could and never would. Only can feel their presence and hearing them talking. One thing’s for sure, I never stayed in Ria Apartments before but my Dad did. Some ghost aren’t hostile or aggresive that’s for sure. Here’s a story from my Dad himself.

    Just wanna share a tale with you peeps. Back in 2006, he had a Chinese National supplier who visited him and where else to go other than the reknown ‘City of Entertainment?’ They rented 2 single bedroom in the Ria Apartments. Nothing happened in the morning, went ahead with their plans. Enjoy the day, came back around 2am and decided to thit the sack. My dad woke up 1 hour later due to enter the toilet. To his surprised, thecloset was widely opened. Funny thing was, he was sure that he closed the closet before heading to bed. Well, he closed it again, then proceed to the toilet. Came back to the room and closed the door. Cuddle himself in the bed and a few minutes later, weird things begin to happen.

    First, slight knocking can be heard from his bedroom door. He didn’t care much and he never had any thoughts on that. Then came harder knockings on the door. Still as it is, my dad didn’t hinder the knockings. Seconds later, he heard clearly 3 very loud knockings on the door and the door suddenly just opened by itself. My dad was facing the door. He assumed that it was the wind and went ahead and check the windows. No windows were opened and he could not feel any wind at all. He knocked on the door and the knocking sounds is similiar. He reliazed that it might not be the wind after all and it might be very well be someone else in the room with him. He assumed that there’s a ‘being’ who might be staying in the closet. The ‘being’ might had followed him out of the room and when my dad return to the room my dad closed the door and he could not get in. So that might explain the 3 different knockings on the door. First knocking was soft and polite then came slightly harder knockings than the first as if trying to get the person’s attention (assuming my Dad had not heard the first knocks). The last hard and loud knockings might represent an annoyed person. Dad quickly apologized for his rudeness. He continued to sleep in the room and if it was me, I did move out of the room already. Throughout the night, he could smell someone in the room and feel that there’s a prescense in the room. He did not worry though as the ‘being’ is a polite and harmless one.

    The next morning he told the China guy whether he had any strange experiences and guess what he said? “No, not at all.” When my dad told him what happened last night he just went pale. That’s about it I guess. Whether anot the story is true or false, it all drops by to the very one person listening to it right? It depends whether the individual believes. Drop the seeing is believing. I am sure most of us out there wouldn’t want to see them at all. Either way, I am very interested in ghost stories and had been interviewing people for their fair share of tales a few years back. Thought it would be cool of you to email me some of your stories. Could ya guys?:P


    Well then I take my leave here first:P Take care everyone!

  73. BimmerMan Says:

    I’ve stayed at Ria Apartment once very long time ago back in the 90s and I agree that it is somewhat creepy.

    What spooks me the most is the eerie silence of it. You cannot really hear what’s going inside the unit when you’re standing outside. Even the hotels in genting are not as quiet as ria apartment. Another thing is the apartment units. some have iron doors bolted to them and some you can see is plastered with chinese talisman. The whistling sound made by the wind also adds a bit of spook to it.

    Apart from that, I remember the elevator is very slow. When i stayed there I used the emergency staircase instead of the elevator because it was just too slow. But the emergency staircase wasn’t all impressive as well. Although well lit, it was somewhat foul smelling due to people peeing there.

  74. goodma Says:

    My goodness, this is the first time I read so many spooky tales about Ria Apts. I have been to GH for umpteen times since 1980 and had “bad feelings” only for losing money and not otherwise. I had stayed in Genting Hotel, Highlands Hotel, Theme Park’s and Ria Apt B4, but no untoward incidents. In the late 90’s I even rented the penthouse (22nd floor?) from GH booking office in KL so just to entertain my client and family from Penang. That family comprised 2 adults and 6 children (5 girls and 1 boy aged between 5 and 16). They took 2 rooms while me and wife used the other. We were happy and enjoyed every bit of the moment from arrival till departure. The only scary thing we thought was the corridors and their doors between units bcos we were thinking would-be robbers would find it a good hiding place. Maybe, just maybe, my heavenly Teacher is always there to protect me.

  75. Win_C Says:

    I always heard about the stories in Genting and I am a shock when I am able to read everyone experiences in this .. Goosh !!dam spooky!…. I will want to think another 100 times to stay in Genting again.. l never stay in Genting till the First World was built and thank god nothing happen, but now I even heard that’s story in the First World. I will never want to stay there again if possible…

  76. watermelon Says:

    to CIVIC98 ‘Then another favourite, closed/abandoned floor in Ria, stuck all over with talismans and fu etc.’

    please do your homework before u comment on that..i think many of us see dat apartment before..i dont think the floors are abandoned but i personally witness an apartment with chain around it and FU stick around the door and incense infront of the door le….if u dun believe it den go do ur survey around each floors…coz last time after grats high sch all frens went up there around 10++ ppl all packed in one lift and we press each of the floors to see ma.on one floors the lift open and the apartment with chain is infront very creepy le..den didnt play with lift liao hehe..didnt stay at RIA for many years oredi..im a RIA regulars back in 1995-2001..stayed more den 10 times there…xx


  77. D3K Says:

    Went to GH few days back. Noticed that 17th floor in ria apartment block selangor dun hv occupancy at all. all lights were closed. Me and 1 more guy went up to check but heard some weird old tune frm some radio. when i went there, I saw 3 doors (left, right and front) were all closed. I peek out from the lift but saw nothing. We finally went down without encountering any prob. Anyway, i fetched him back to my condo as his bike was parked there. On his way back, his bike broke down. I never stayed in ria apartment before. My question – the 3 doors outside the lift is always closed?

  78. vrempire Says:

    Damn.. I will avoid Ria Apartment at all cost after this. This really spookkyyyyyy..brrrr..

  79. angie Says:

    alamak!!! i m going to genting ria apartment tonight wif frens, 6 of us. Now i m veli scared liao wor…. how to sleep ar… btw, will share my stories wif u all soon.

  80. angie Says:

    hei hei!! i m back.. haha.. lucky tat is nothing happen neh.. it is nice, clean, comfortable apartment neh..really no spooky feel when we inside our unit BUT other floors d corridor and lift lobby..errrr…. anyone wanna book tis unit can get d contact from me lah.. it is save one..d door do not have any “FU” one… wont scared u all..when we sleep, we light up d living hall and corridor and let d room doors open mah..boleh tahan lah…

  81. d7adict Says:

    I saw another ‘me’ straight to the eye at genting hotel 4th floor in the lift when im working in genting last month.im sick since then till now

  82. civic98 Says:

    To watermelon, please do YOUR homework, i stayed at Ria for more than a year, and work in Genting for more 3 years. My portfolio includes Ria and Kayangan Apartments, and i walked ALL the floors numerous times, whether it was myself, with security and even during Bomba inspections. Now dont tell me what I know about these apartments.

    No doubt there are creepiness about the apartment but some stories are just too much..

  83. DanSiowGui Says:

    Agreed with civic98, i just went there last week and stayed in selangor block 20th floor. The block are full of ppl and i feel comfortable and the convenience shop at 2nd floor is open daily until 3am. Nothing was happen during my holidays there.

  84. raydenleo Says:

    Hi civic98
    Im not sure if u’ve had visit every single floors in RIA apartment, but i can tell u that there’s one particular floor, i think it was a lower floor (cant remember) is really chained and sticked fully with talisman…
    Im sure this one is real coz now and then, a lot of ppl also share their encounter with this floor..

  85. suomynona.eno Says:

    Based from all inputs gathered here I think it’s safe to assume that probably the whole of Genting area are shall we say…”unclean”.From my own experience, it happened when I was on a fun trip with my gf at “1st W” hotel (shortened for obvious reasons ;p).Not on the 1st nite (not a sound,no visual no nothing) but on the 2nd nite.We just got back from late supper at about 1am-ish and was ready to “shutdown” till morning.Barely 30 minutes or so after lights out,I kinda noticed that my gf was gripping across to my left shoulder a bit tighter that she’d normally would as she prefers to sleep on my right side.I didn’t make a fuss about it when she suddenly made strange hissing sounds and knee’ed my right thigh.There and then alarm bells were ringing in my head and I quickly fumbled for the bedside light switch.She was WILD eyed with fear when I got the lights on and literally jumped at me for a hug which she did.After a brief pause,I managed to calm her down a bit and asked if she had any nightmares.She responded that things had gone wrong for her the minute I turned the lights off because she claimed that as her eyes were fixed on looking at my figure (as things gone dark) coming into bed, she noticed ANOTHER darker,taller and wider apparition making its way to stand just on her end of the bed.She tried to scream out to me but when the “thing” was fixed just off her toes, it seemed to had sucked out her voice so she explained that was why she turned and tried to shake me awake.Just to comfort her,I proceeded to double check the room’s lock and latch,blocked the door knob off by stacking the side tables, the bathroom and the room’s window complete with opening that up and looked outside.Made sure that I pulled the curtain close properly then I hopped on back to bed,left a bedlight on and kept my gf armlocked.Of course that little incident had rattled both of us a bit but I insisted that we should still turn the lights off,changed sides and assured her that I’ll stay awake until she sleeps.Since I wasn’t so affected by the whole deal, it didn’t took long for me to shut it….My gf didn’t move her arms off me all the way till my cellphone’s alarm rang that morning.Woke up with a bit sore on the lower back as I didn’t properly lay flat and was cursing it.On our way back, I teased her that maybe that “thing” was a male because as it happened the only fabrics that covered her was the blanket halfway and that lace Y-back undie underneath.Got a nasty bruising pinch due to my fast mouth lol ./.

    Was quite a bummer thing to happen on our last nite for the trip too if y’all ask me.

    Funny thing is, we made 2 other trips up after THAT with no incidents whatsoever but iirc I did for one of those trips (it was a 2 couple deal) had suggested Ria apartments.Now I know why when our friends would always either; strongly object or try to divert from the idea.

    But honestly I still don’t buy into this wholly because it’s best to approach things with a “hey i just come here to have some fun and NOT to poke around with y’all supernatural things” attitude.But of course there will always be some buggers out there wanting to “tease” us now and then, so it’s a matter of simple vigilance and focusing on objectives that’s all.Am I a”skeptic”?Far from it this is coming from a guy who has seen and experienced these things all his life so far.What I’m saying is that when you already know that “it” is out there, you should also know when and where to draw the line and how much should you let “them” affect you or not.Like it or not we can actually co-exist…

  86. boy Says:

    i didnt knw tht apartment ria hv a haunted story
    b4 tis i with my gf spend our holiday there for almost 2 days
    the scaries thing that i noticed was the evelator there
    such damn shit there
    trully horror
    juz a number of people who stay there
    their face really scary
    but at that time i didnt noticed that aparmnt ria was haunted,,
    so i juz ignored it
    i wont stay there again althought it is free of charge
    fucking freaking scare

  87. Katty Says:

    hi Guys…. well i and my fiance went to stay in Genting for one nite…. we went straight to the Ria apartment as it was cheaper than the hotels. We wanted a single room and the agent was keep on asking us to take one apartment and he will give us for good price. We both were not interested because we dont need a apartment for just both of us. At last we decided to take one room and we did ask the agent whether there is anyone else staying in the apartment. He said there are a group of 6 ppl staying in the master bedroom. So we was ok with it and went to the apartment. The cleaner followed us as she said someone has just checked out from the room and she needs to clean it. There was another room opposite the room we stayed.That room was empty and the master bedroom ppl were also leaving the day we checked in. So basically we both were the only one in the apartment.

    After keeping our bags in the room we went to the theme park and play the whole day and came back. Around 6 something in the evening we thought of napping forwhile. Of course before sleeping we was chit chatting and suddently our room door was oppened by itself. we heard someone hold the door knob and opening it. My fiance went to the door and checked because i and he remember that we had locked the door before lying down on the bed. He said it might be the wind and maybe we didnt close the door propelry. He just try to make it positive. After a while we could hear someone opening and closing the room door opposite. We was abit curious because there was no wan else in that apartment. We also heard the kitchen door slamming and even the toilet lights were closed eventhough we left it open. We couldnt continue sleeping and got ready and went to indoor theme park and had our dinner . We didnt want to go back to the apartment and bought tickets to watch “Casino Royal movie” at 1 am in the morning. I slept off in the theater while my fiance was enjoyed the movie. Around 5 am we walked back to the apartment and went to sleep. I slept off but my fiance couldnt sleep and he can feel something was wrong. He could feel someone scratching his legs . Immediately at 8 am in the morning we moved out from the apartment. It was a bad experience and we did not enjoy anything much because of the fear.

    After that we did go and stay in Ria apartment few times with friends. It was good and nothing happen. We really enjoyed. I wont say that there is nothing bad in there but it just depends on certain apartments. Not all the apartments has the same feeling. Just be confident and calm …….

  88. Nicklee Says:

    My gf’s dad and mum shared their experience with me once when they spent a couple of nights in Ria Apartment with their family. One night when they were fast asleep there, the mum woke up when she noticed that her husband was moving out of bed and walking to the window. She cried to the husband who did not answer her. Realising that something was not right and that he wanted to climb out the window…she ran to him and screamed loudly. At that instant, the husband woke up and turned back. She immediately grabbed his hand and pulled him back in.

    Asking what he was doing, the dad was looking very confused and blur…and answered that there was a woman dressed in white pulling him to the window. He just din have any control over it and was just able to follow her. It was when he heard the mum scream that he woke up from this thing and realised that half his body was out the window. He was definitely shocked and explained that he remembered seeing a woman and it seemed that he was possessed by her.

    That moment on, they did not dare sleep for the rest of the night and decided to check out the very next day.

  89. pohsang Says:

    hm …. i been work in genting .. stay in ria apartment … sometimes back late …. the room only me alone … nothing happen , no ghost at all , no bad spooky feeling .. only smelly shoes at the door …. the lift …. nothing much ….. hm what else , i got one time got stay new apartment – mean my com get one new apart but no ppl want to move there – so i managed get alone sleep room … with window view … also nothing much happen .. peaceful n boring ……………
    at genting i never see any spooky things ……

  90. derek Says:

    Its been around 10 years since the last time i go to ria apartment, and i just it today, the trip is peaceful and i neither see those things nor feelings of it presence. Before entering the unit, remember knock the door 1st, and the shoe don’t arrange it nicely, those thing might wear it if u arrange it properly. The lift can access to 13th floor but i didnt wanna go there

  91. miasarah Says:

    hmm hard to believe. here is true story. just came back from ria last weekend. at night while at kitchen, noticed shadow of a women of the next apartment although no one was staying in that apartment. no light also. cannot be my refelection casuse I wear tudung, the women did not. next morning around 6.30am, heard the lift opened, and the door bell rang shortly. I could not see any shadow from at the bottom of the front door. no sound of anyone walking also. just door bell. I don’t dare to open. So, either the place is haunted, or someone is playing pranks… and very good at it. Anyway we chedckout the same morning although we plan for 2 night. holidays should be pleasant, not full of worries.

  92. apex2212 Says:

    is it true about the gurl ripped off her head?..

  93. jj21 Says:

    aiyoh… i read all these stories at 3am now getting goosebumps and couldn’t sleep…
    anyway, i’m a heavy gambler and i go to genting once a month to gamble, alone most of the time.
    i never stayed in that so-called ria apartment (nor will i ever, after reading all these), but i always stay at the hotels (first world and resort hotel mainly), and so far, i nv encounter such supernatural thingy (n hope i will not ever in my future trips because i always go alone most of the time).

  94. kwan Says:

    ghosts….apparitions….shadows… wateva y’all wanna call it. Thrs no such thing as those according to me. 5 times to ria last year. goin soon again.. have nvr ever experienced such things… I enjoyed the place fully. Y so scared? Thrs nothin there except mahluk halus such as ants and termites… relax people… go genting to enjoy…dun think anythin else… Cheers.

  95. david Says:

    stories sound too fake to be true
    most looks like it came from imagination and creation
    also the stories about a weight pressed on the body, there is a scientific explanation for that(i forgot it’s name though).
    it’s a waste ria is closed now as i’d personally head there to proof to myself and all that there are no ghosts there

  96. Leo Simon Says:

    All bullshit! I have stayed in Ria Apartment for at least 50 times during 2001 to mid 2009. I stayed alone before, stayed with a friends before, stayed with my family before, and nothing unusual happened. Do not waste your time writing & creating ghost story at Ria Apartment. It is never exist in Ria Apartment. Ghost or spiritual things do exist in certain places and I bet you that you do not want to write about it if you have experience it before.

  97. Reen Says:

    I planned to read every story in this comment area, but it’ll take me daaaays!

    all stories are interesting… & i’m sure they’ll be trouble wen i sleep tonyt…

    I’ve stayed in Ria before & thnk GOD! nothing happened…. all i know is… Genting is haunted.. & tht’s a fact… & in a few years time… the whole genting will be fully haunted… it’ll make a good movie actually… >_<

  98. loveghostbutscared Says:

    4 ghost hunters or ghost lovers,check it out at baba hotel in melaka..i checked in ther on purposely jus wanna feel d eerie feeling..d building is more then 100 years.d hotel is so nice ,classy,n cheap..combinations of dutch n baba designed…they r few artics.i went up at nite alone….erm..realy creepy..but i read sum prayers to avoid bad things..experiance it by urself..

  99. Su Cheng Says:

    Goodness me, my family and i were just back from our first Genting trip and we stayed in Ria Apartment (Selangor). it is ok and nothing went wrong for us. i guess if i have known all these things that had happened there, i won’t dare to stay in the apartment. lucky for us, we knocked on the door before we went in and called out loudly “Sorry to disturb for a few days” when we entered into the apartment. so, i guess with such courteous guests, they dun mind sharing the space with us for a few days.

  100. Ifusmell Says:

    Naturally human and animals will not disturb you if you do not disturb them…. This goes to the spiritual being everywhere… To not getting disturb, you must first respect them….

    Myself have been staying in the in RIA for more than 20 times from 2005 – 2009, not counting Awana Genting and First World. There was once I went to Genting with my bro and cousin and we booked the penthouse in RIA since there is more than 8 of us… 3 of us went up earlier to check in and waiting for other relatives to reach as they are working till 10pm… Around 11pm we recieved a call from my cousin’s mom saying that her shop is on fire and she and other relatives will be only arriving the next morning… End up only 3 of us in the spacious apartment… 3 of us were actually scared at first because we too have heard about those spooky stories bout tat apartment… We are silly… We plan to sleep in different rooms since there is 3 rooms and we did not want to leave the rooms vacant… But there’s nothing happen and we slept well that nite… Nothing spooky… Nothing eery…

    Never leave the other bed empty if the room has 2 beds and you are only using one… make the other bed messy and put your luggage on the bed to make it looked occupied.
    Do not ever leave your shoes in a proper manner.
    Knock on the door and always say “sorry to disturb”
    Close the toilet doors when you sleep cos it is believed that spiritual being normally from toilet.

    These are the thing that I will always do whenever I stay in Hotel or Apartment (During Vacation)….

    Dun worry guys. Always remember ” To gain respect is to respect others”. Have fun to those visiting Genting soon.

  101. sgporean32 Says:

    I am a regular at Genting (to gamble hehe). I always had some “experiences” though not serious ones, like there was once I walked into the casino upon arrival and won RM$2000 in 20 min (dun ask me how). Then I went back to my hotel room to take a nap cos was very tired after an overnight drive. I slept alone in the room and shortly after about 30 min, I heard a wild scream that woke me up. I dint bother to see if theres anything, just got dressed and went out to take a walk. I walked into the casino and lost RM$1000+ in just 10 mins. Then I suddenly “woke up” and thought wat the hell happened and why did I still walk into the casino again. So overall I believe thats how casinos work if u understand wat i meant.

    On another trip with a gal fren, I returned to my room in Resort at about 2am after some winning games and she was sleeping soundly. The moment i walked into the room, she jumped out and asked me why did I bring 2 girls back? I turned on the lights and assured her there was nothing and she still described in detailed how the gals look like to me. After calming her down and putting her back to sleep I went out of the room to get some food. I asked the lobby where there was food at 2am+ they told me to take the lift to B5. At first I tot, wah wanna send me to hell is it? becos i remembered the basements are all carparks where did they have any food stalls? Anyway i just tried my luck and really there were some food stalls at B5 meant for those local taxi bus drivers. I chatted with the hawker and told him wat happened just now. He said he haven really heard of anything in Resort Hotel but he confirmed that in First World Hotel Tower 1 there was 1 whole floor that is closed and nobody is allowed to stay there. See if u guys have heard of this b4.

  102. Anonymous Says:

    1. One Fengshui Master told me, when he went there, he heard someone calling his name in Hokkien. Not many people calls him by that name other than family and old friends.
    2. He confirmed that there’s a particular floor of one of the hotels there that has been left vacant on purpose, for “them”.
    3. sgporean32 is a normal case, when you win, the “them” will find ways to bring you back to the casino and to lose more.
    4. There are tips to how to avoid this, but the Master is not revealing. But his advise: when you’ve won enough, go away.

    I won’t cite names here, because of I’m not authorized to make a statement about this.

  103. catmeow Says:

    sgporean32 – do you know which floor is closed in First World Hotel Tower 1? I went there many times and there was nothing happened to each floor which is opened to all. The only one is Resort Hotel, there are no 13th and 14th floor lift to go up. Anyone knows?

  104. catmeow Says:

    do you know which floor is closed at First Word Hotel Tower 1? I went there many times but nothing happened on each floor.

  105. Mohan Says:

    i heard the 13th floor… western’s believe , number 13 sites evil presents ….so building in america or other countrys replace number 13th to 12A or 14A …..not only in america , but if u travel around malaysia ..most of the hotels stopped using number 13 as in floor or room….even nowdays housing developers are restricting number 13 in the house numbering ….. ( wana know how creepy house number 13 can be ? , i suggest you guys to watch these hindi movie = ” 13 B “

  106. fara Says:

    i planned to go there after hari raya with my girlfriends and boyfriends. planning to stay at ria apartment jugak. should i go or should i cancel the trip *after planning it for so long dy* as i read all the above comments saying all hotels and apartments in genting are really haunted ? humm

  107. Mohan Says:

    to my believe , feeling creepy or creepy things around us decide the way we make things flow up with us ,….. so why wana think hard about a place is merlly haunted ? if god is around us all time ….then ghost are too ! so be brave all time since this kinda “thingy” alwayz underflow ppl who are weak in heart or trust …so build up ur trust and be enuff brave to face anything …i know its hard , but errr…we have 2 do it anyway 😛

  108. Kelvin Says:

    I just stayed overnight at First World Hotel Tower 2 Floor 13. Nothing “interesting” happened. Many years ago during school holidays I also stayed at Kayangan apartment with a group of other friends. Again nothing “interesting” happened. I have heard a lot of stories from others, but have yet to experience it myself so far.

  109. tasha Says:

    went there few times but luckily nothing happened. :)

  110. elf Says:

    Some interesting stories here. :)

    Is the Ria Apartment the one with Pahang and Selangor Towers? Can’t remember as I haven’t been to Genting for over 15 years.

    Anyway, the reason why I did a search on Genting was because of a chat I had with my PhD advisor a few days ago. Out of the blue, he asked me if I believed in ghosts. I told him I didn’t because I’ve never seen any yet. I’ve probably been pretty well placed to see any ghosts if they did exist because:
    i. I’ve lived next to a cemetery for 2 years.
    ii. I’m living right next to the city morgue now.
    iii. I travel home from my lab past the morgue and a cemetery at all hours of the night on my bike or by walking
    iv. When I was living in Malaysia, I always preferred to drive in the middle of the night because it was cooler and there’s less traffic, so I’ve traveled along many of the highways and roads in the middle of the night.
    but I’ve never seen anything supernatural before. I asked him if he believed in ghosts and he just said that he drives at night a lot and have seen some strange things.

    Today, I recalled an incident on my first visit to Genting over 20 years ago. I was about 8 or 9 and I was there with my family and relatives. The adults had spent the night gambling at the casino, if I remember correctly. Only the kids were at the apartment. As usual, I was the first one up. I went downstairs on my own. Think we were staying at the Pahang Tower. I walked across to the Selangor Tower and entered the lobby. I felt very strange as the lobby seemed to be totally empty except for a desk and some payphones. There was a surreal feeling while I was walking through it, exploring the place. The elevator seemed to broken and when I lifted the phone, I heard a strange mumbling/chanting sound on the other side. I was more easily scared as a kid, so I ran out of the lobby and back to my own apartment as soon as possible. I returned a half an hour later with a few of my cousins in tow and found the place to be fully lit. The layout of the whole place looked different and everything seemed to be working properly again. No strange noises from the phones.

    Until today, I’m not really sure if it was a supernatural experience. That’s the closest I’ve come. Nothing spectacular, but a bit like I entered into the twilight zone for a short while. Wished I was a little braver and stayed a little longer to find out.

  111. W Says:

    Should i go ? I will stay at Ria too .

  112. yx Says:

    i got mine story too,wheather it’s spooky not it depends on you.

    that day i went up genting with 3 friends, 1 girl and 2 boys.
    my friend parents have booked us the apartment.
    of course,without hesitation we just went in and stayed.

    after throwing our trunks and stuff we headed to theme park and have fun.
    around 9 its dark out there, we walked back to our apartment as dad and mum was in casino.
    we went back and ate our dinner with maggi cup and just hanging around.

    after everyone bath.
    its around 1 a.m…
    nobody sleeps in this early hour as if the night is still young.
    they had their games on and began to laugh and high.
    but for me, i was sleepy cause im kinda sick.
    i asked them to lower their voices down so that i can sleep.
    but its hard for them cause all of them were having fun.

    till 3 a.m…
    all of us kept ourselves quiet cause everyone was getting exausted and tired.
    out of sudden..

    we heard a trumphet music just outside of our room blewing music for around 5/6seconds
    all of us just stun right there and listen.
    but there is no more,

    all of us just keep the lights on and sleep till tmrw morning.
    luckily there is nothing happen in the bathroom.
    thank God

  113. afraid.. Says:

    i don’t know why but why does it have to happen at 3 am? *shivers.

    and.. i’ve been to genting.. and guess what? me and me bro + my dad watched a ghost movie.. TILL 12 AM!! and how dumb of me to not feel afraid.. wait.. dumb? no.. lucky..

  114. echo Says:

    ermm.. nice story, totally freak me out. i wasn’t really search for story, i just wanna noe the price for hotels on peek days. haha.
    Just want to share i’ve been in ria few years back there. with my colleges, few girls, less men n feels like heaven. kahkahkah..

    actually noting much really happend, slamming doors sound is usual by me, crazy lift, pale enviroment.
    but watch out at the lift. i donnoe but it totally scares me. smetimes when i wait for the lift, i can feel there are soo many people around me n i been watch.
    just like they wait for the lift too. wtf. i don’t give a damm.. and the lift, its open itself soo many times at floor that no one there waiting.
    soo scary thoe. alone and the lift play2 with u like that in the middle of nite. shit. seriously,on that moment i just prepare my kungfu boxing punch, if smething ugly show up when the lift is open. feels like the longest time i’ve been in the lift. thx god nothing show up.

    But for me there are always “someone/smebody” who live there. maybe a ghost or what ever. just dont disturb them. anything happend, just let it be(unless u are confirmed they will hurt u). things like this happen anywhere, could be at ur house, hostel or office. we are not alone on earth. just relax and u need to accept it.

  115. try2help Says:

    not all the area at GH are haunted…. one particular place i think…. it has it own protection… full of chinese gods altar and feng shui protection… the casino…. not even toyol can get in… with the guard of the chinese gods…..

  116. 90's Guest Says:

    I stayed at Ria very often during the 90’s when i was a teenager. These stories bring some of my memories back. I went there with friends. It happened quite a few times when one of us falled sick after we came back from Genting which only the medium can heal. The medium will then informed that it ‘happened’ at Genting.

    The kitchen area was the most unusually cold place, there were chains and ‘fu’ if not mistaken at 13th floor, lifts stopped at certain floor for no ppl, sounds from toilet and above unit (at unusual hours), door bell rang with nobody, lifts were too slow, we always got the ‘wrong’ direction to the apartment no matter what (there were few opposite lifts facing other lifts), quiet corridors, quiet lobbies, in an occasion my possesed friend wanted to jump down from the window (next morning doesn’t know anything) and etc. All indirect approached.

    I would say it was an adventurous place to stay and not to mention bang for the bucks too. The atmosphere…..you gotta feel for yourself, out of this world. Late mid-night is the time when it happens…..always.

  117. 1998's Guest Says:

    went up there wif my highschool mate in 1998. nothing happen thoughout our stay there, maybe we have a lot of ppl (20-25pax). but once i enter the apartment, can feel very uncomfortable n spooky…that place definitely is haunted!!!

  118. funkfuzio Says:

    after reading all these stories, it really gave me some goosebumps! reminded me of the time i went there for a holiday trip. ok, this is how the story goes.

    it happened in the year 2000 (can’t remember the date). it was a weekend. and few days before that, my colleagues and i planned a trip to genting. we booked the ria apartments (we didn’t have a clue that it was haunted). i can’t recall if it was pahang tower or selangor tower but it was the tower nearest to the main gate. the plan was to go in 2 groups with 2 cars (5 persons each car) at 2 different times as we were working on shifts. so the morning shift would leave at 6pm and the afternoon shift at 9pm. but due to some delays, the morning shift ended up leaving at 8.30pm, and i was with the morning shift group. so in order to save some time (which we thought we could), we decided to take the batang kali road. but instead of saving some time, we got stuck in a jam. we reached the apartment at around 10pm. so we found the agent, got the keys and headed to our apartment. we were all excited and happily talking bout wat we were goin to do after that and went towards the lifts. waited for the lift, it was kinda long though.. we entered the lift still excited n talking. pressed our floor (couldn’t remember which floor). then the lift door opened and without thinking or looking, we just walked out the lift and walked towards our “apartment”. we reached the apartment and inserted the key but we couldn’t open it. at that moment, we were still busy talking and laughing bout what to do later. then out of the sudden, i “woke” up and realised that the door had chinese talisman stuck on it and the chinese incense pot with some burned incense. then i whispered to them “dude, look at the door!” then all of a sudden all of us “woke” up only to realize that all the doors had chinese talisman stuck on it and some even had chains and locks on it!! then i whispered to them “slowly turn around and walk back to the lift and don’t look back and pretend we didn’t see anything on the doors”. we didn’t realize that we had already walked halfway along the corridor. we slowly n calmly (but actually we were all damn spooked!) walked towards the lift. in order to break the scary feeling, i continued to talk bout wat we were goin to do later and pretend that nothing happened. my colleagues got me and played along. we pressed the lift, and waited n continued chatting wit one another. but our conversation started to loop as we were not thinking straight. it felt like hours. then the lift doors opened. to our surprise, the afternoon shift guys were in the lift. they didn’t know what had happened and thought that the lift reached the floor they pressed. they wanted to walk out. then we told them wrong floor and rushed into the lift. and continued to our floor. they were puzzled as our faces looked as if we had our blood drained out. they asked us y we so pale, then we said its cold. we continued to our apartment. (this time i checked the lift floor number) we didn’t tell them what had happened and continued to be as normal as possible. thank god nothing happened when we stayed in our apartment. only felt cold at night. couldn’t sleep though. we checked out the next day and told the afternoon shift guys wat had happened when we reached kl.

    1: ria is haunted

    2: the urban legend about 1 whole floor left empty with chinese talisman n chained doors are true.

    3: lift door opens at the haunted floor is true (i heard that the floor is now sealed shut. and the lift is now unable to stop at that floor)

    4: spirits can blind u from seeing what u supposed to see (none of us saw any of the chinese talisman, chained doors and incense pot when we were walking in towards the “apartment”)

    5: for those skeptics, go there and experience for yourself. probably u might or might not encounter something abnormal. it all depends on whether u r “lucky” enough to experience such encounters. it doesn’t mean that if u can’t encounter, it does not exist.

    cheers n have a nice day.

  119. Navinesh Says:

    is the apartment still haunted ?

  120. Ryan Says:

    Ria Apartment used to be our 1st stay in resort hotel back in the 80’s n 90’s.

    Back in the old days, when I was around 2 yrs old. My dad always book room, that is close to outside front view window.
    The only incident that I could remember was way back in 1993, by then I was 9. I forgot the floor we lived in.
    When my bro playing guitar, I was watching the TV. The TV wasn’t clear and always blurry abit.

    Around our sleeping time like 11pm, we try keep awake till our parents come back ( coz they still in casino).
    Then we heard a knock on the door, we thought it was our parents. I decided to open it with triumph.
    Somehow, there’s no one outside. My bro noticed something wasn’t right. He asked me to close it, which I did.
    I asked my bro if there’s really ghost spirit outside. My bro was trembling abit, then he go look through the peephole to see if anything outside.
    He then quickly response, better go sleep 1st. So we decided to rest on couch. Roughly 2-3am I decided to wake up to check if my parents back.
    As I look to the bedroom, I noticed the left window open. I was totally scared and quickly wake up my bro to check it. Then only, my parents came back from casino. Me n my bro told everything we saw, my dad then stated it’s normal. He even saying that, he used to help built the RIA Apartment’s carpark back in 1990. Now I think of it, it’s really creepy to live there. But this days, we live in First World Resort, or Theme Park Hotel. If I am told to go back to Ria, I wouldn’t dare to live there again. ><

  121. Maya Says:

    I was there, staying for 1 night. around dec 2009.
    Nothing happen :) lucky.
    & im going to stay there again this coming june ( 2010 ).
    And my mind will be not affected by those scary story.
    its psychology actually. when you trust something to be that way,
    the something will be turn like what you think,
    its psychology men.


    im taking degree in psychology.

  122. Lynn Goh Says:

    Maya, hopefully your psychology study thing proves you right about the whole ghostly thing.
    Science and logical thinking at times doesn’t go hand in hand with spirit world.

  123. Ax_86 Says:

    I juz stay at Ria Apartment last week wit my gf. Luckily nothing scary thing happen to me and my gf. But I thing Ria Apartment not very spooky nowdays. Many ppl live there now included the workers. Juz don’t do anything that can make the spirit angry. :-)

  124. Marie Says:

    Scary stories o.O

  125. itsover Says:

    Since everyone is very fond of Ria Apartments stories, let me share with you my own experience.

    Back in the 90’s, me and 3 other friends decided to have a sleepover at genting, after an entertaining time at the theme park and casino, we decided to stay ( regretfully ) in that godforsaken place called Ria, and it was the worst day of my life.

    We went to our room (on the 17th floor ) at about 11pm, and we were already so tired but decided to have a few drinks before calling it a night. It started out fine, like most drinking sessions, sharing stories, cracking jokes , etc. By around 1am , we were still at it, until, one of my friend, Josh, started acting strangely and became very quiet and yet maintained an agressive look on his face.

    Our 1st impression is that he is wasted ( drunk ), and we decided to pacify him and get him to bed. He refused, and he kept on sitting at his place, eying everyone in the room. Suddenly, he stood up, and stared at at an empty corner of the room. This really scared the shit out of the rest of us. We asked him, if he was ok, he did not reply. At this point, everyone has no idea on how to proceed.

    We decided to give him a couple of minutes, thinking that he could be pulling a prank on all of us. However, it became worst as in a couple of minutes, he started laughing hysterically, almost bordering screaming. My 2 other friends slumped to their chairs and started to pray in their respective believes, and i thought to myself … “bunch of cowards”. Me, being the non-believer, aethist, decided to take things into my own hands. I walked towards my friend, looked at him straight into his eyes, and slapped him as hard as i could. I can feel his cheeks were very cold, and my slap did not even cause him to flinch.

    A big chill went down to my spine, I thought to myself……….. “Big mistake”………………Actually, it was THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE.

    The bastard pushed me hard and i almost went flying across the room. He then grabbed me by my hair, pulled me up, and flung me like a ragdoll towards the general direction of the hall window. A luck has it, the wndows was wide open. I can still remember the events as though it happened yesterday. I remember feeling scared, angry, and sad at the same moment, just like the saying goes, before the last moments, your life flashes by you.

    I fell to my death at 1.36am, and as i said, it was the worst day of my life.

    – RIP –

  126. BoeBot Says:

    itsover…. ConGratuLationS!!

    Your story is yet the best among all to me…

    even though there are a couple of stories I’ve heard along the same lines as yours.. but at least here in this page, ur the first and incomparable and couldnt be copied.. original piece here. Nicely done!

    Anyone trying to copy for sure tipu one…

    Anyway.. just within the topic and slightly diff.. Many Malaysian’s may have heard about this incident by word of mouth and some may have followed the investigation til the end.. it was about a radio station that was doing a 1/2 an hour show on the spookiest stories.. where caller will eventually tell off their eerie experiences on air..

    One call that made the station stop broadcasting this show… It was when a guy (or girl.. can’t remember) called and told about a story of how a car on the way down went swerving and lost control, then plunged into the steep ravine of Genting..

    I couldn’t remember whether they saw anything on the road or was trying to wade off form something or whether they’re drunk… but in the most relaxed and contented manner, the caller told the station of the place where the car plunged to their death from and who was in the car, each one of them by their name and how they died.. now, the story was not as gory but quite disturbing, so the DJ asked whats the caller’s name, and he/she mentioned the name of one of the person in the car earlier… the DJ’s were stunned, then the caller asked for help to find and bury them in a more righteous manner… then the call dropped.

    The DJ’s, having a caller ID, tried calling back the number and it was not in service. The caller was congratulated for coming out with a brilliant piece however, still feeling disturbed, one of the DJ’s then requested assistance from a colleague (police) to check out the place the caller mentioned, just to feed his curiosity.. Well, I guess u know wat happens next…

    The Fire Dept and ambulance personnel with assitance from the police chopper flew down to the area to take out the bodies…they then checked out their I/C’s and no one could not utter a word more.. the names matched to the ones given on air..

    The DJ’s then tried to listen back to the whole recorded conversation but all they can hear was static sounds during the time the caller spoke…

    To those who may have got a clearer story.. please do refresh me again on the details…


  127. Lynn Goh Says:

    Boebot, you really spooked me out. May I know this station aired which language? I remember there was a station airing a chinese one when I was much younger. I am also curious how the ‘caller’ can know when to call or rather how he/she knows there is such program going on.
    My conclusion would be, before they fell dead to the place, they might have listen to the program and know exactly what time to call since it’s only half an hour air and specific days to call.

  128. Hellhound Edy Says:

    The other story I heard about Ria Apt is like this:> my cousin and his mom, together with his sister and his brother-in-law went staying there for one night. My cousin was sleeping outside the living hall whilst his folks slept in the two seperate rooms in that unit. All seemed fine that night, till my cousin he, sort of like waking up suddenly in the middle of the night and he saw a blurry, dark figure standing right at the kitchen next to the main door entrance.

    At first he thought was a burglar trying to sneak in and steal something – so he pretended to be asleep, with his eyes slightly open trying to catch what that figure-liked thing was up to. He saw that figure then, moving slowly towards the 1st room where his mother was sleeping, just watching her from outside of the room. Then, the figure moved slowly again to the next room where his sister and brother-in law were sleeping and repeated the same.

    Now came the exciting part-where the figure-liked thing now begun to move again but this time towards him (my cousin) instead, who was ‘sleeping’ in the living. You may say the figure was rather a friendly one; as it bend over itself completely to my cousin and tried watching his face in a close-up manner. But the only problem about this figure-liked ‘thing’ is that, my cousin couldn’t see it’s entire face at all ’cause it doesn’t have one; and that it has very, very long hair.

    My cousin also found out soon enough that the figure had only half of it’s body actually – minus the legs, of course!

    On seeing these, he again pretended to sleep-rolling aside, cleverly pulling the blanket over his head – as if nothing happened! Smart move, right decision he has made. Later, he did story us that the temperature in the room dropped so suddenly and drastically; and he could felt the extream cold and chill when that ‘thing’ came near him.


  129. club11sam Says:

    hi~bout genting i been encounter once when i was young~we were on holliday to genting and we booked romes in ria apartment~at first nothing scary bout the apartment and we were enjoying it with aunts family~~me and my parent stay 1 room together~~it was around 1am i was getting to sleep then suddenly the door open itself and i could hear the sound ~open door sound (eekkk)and then my dad went to close it and i though we didnt close properly the door~but then later 3-5min it open again~that time i was awake because the sound so earry~~my dad close it again and i was it close properly~~the third time it open again and my dad was so angry he slam the door close and scold to whatever disturd la~~then the door no open again~~

  130. sara Says:

    hi, on 28-30 jan 2010, i plan to stay at First World Hotel wit my best buddy ( two person onli) , so we reach to hotel to check in around 1.30pm and take number to check in first.. while in counter i ask at the person which floor is i going to stay, and he reply is 4th so we plan to get higher a bit so my fren as him which floor is still vacant for twin sharing bed, then the CSO reply only 22nd floor, i said is np, after tht the CSO look at both of us and smile weird abit, i thought i just normal, then both of go to room and placed our bag…once i scan my card to the room i feel a kind of vibration at the door, but i dont care about it…so enter the room and plan to had lunch & continues outdoor activities. then my fren said tht she wan to take shower first then onli went for walk, so i agree wit her . after taking shower & get ready both of when to pizza to having lunch and went to chinese temple by shutter bus. after cum back from ther the time almost 7pm, we still continues wit our out door activities. around 9pm we plan to buy some food and went to room to had dinner over ther..so we buy KFC and when back to room..
    Once i reach the floor i feel is so quite & weird, but we still dont care about tht cause we in joy mood..so we enter the room and had the our dinner, and fresh up and wen to have a walk at first world hotel lobby..once we return to our room back we smell something going on wrong..
    so we sit at bed while talk about our past, within few minites my friend say tht she fell someone pull her hair, but ther is nothing so i just tell to her maybe ur hair sangkut some wher so dont care.. but she still feel the weirdness, so she start to pray loudly, by every single words tht cum out from her mouth is sound cum out from toilet & bathroom.. so we plan to cum out from the room but we unable to open the door & the phone also not working at all…
    tht whole night we didnt sleep .. and the next day i ask the CSO the change my room & i complain is haunted… (22036) first world hotel Genting….

  131. tyan Says:

    yess.. i experienced the same horror with them too.., i rented an apartment of 3 rooms with my family of 7…. we were just getting ready to sleep when my youngest son suddenly cried and pointing at the window…all of us looked at the open window and saw a girl with long hair and white gown starring at us…my husband quickly ‘azan’ and then she quickly disappeared….that night all of us slept at the living room leaving all the 3 rooms empty..heeeheheee…i never went there ever…

  132. Unknow Says:

    hmm, on 12th of November 2010, our company attend Golden Bull Award, so management think that if we attend the dinner, it probably will end around 11 or 12 something. So they managed to book rooms for us (total 7 of us in a apartment) which is in R*A Apartment situated at 21st floor.

    After dinner around 11 something, whole bunch of my colleague when to coffee bean to enjoy cool breeze and gossiping things about company, after 2 something we decided to go back to our apartment to continue our gossiping and have nice grape vine. Once we reach the apartment colleague of mine ready liquor which brought by some of my colleague(since we already figured out what time we will be back to our rooms). Sitting in the living room enjoy cool breeze, smoking ciggs, one of my colleague name A came out from his room pale white face starting complaining of tiredness, he started scolding why off living room’s light (we off the light because it seems to be more ‘feel’ when a bunch of colleague sitting and chatting), we didn’t show any reaction to him due to we are too tired to move around anymore, after few more drink colleague A complaining its getting late, so we should call it the night.(its after 4AM that time)

    Next day 8AM all of my colleague woke up and stating packing their bags, Colleague B woke up bout 9:30 complaining what they doing so early, they told colleague B what happen last night and his sudden changed of his reaction also started to pack bags and leave the apartment.

    Here’s the weird incident about each colleague of mine.

    Colleague A – which very sensitive of his belongings, he put his shoe inside cabinet, and when he come back from dinner(which is after coffee bean) he notice that his shoe was left beside his bed. and during our chit chatting he feel uncomfortable staring at the kitchen(he was facing kitchen), noted that the door keep moving by itself.he heard voice from balcony as well some kids humming songs.

    Colleague B – which same room with Colleague A, noted colleague A’s belonging being move to different places but kept quiet.

    Colleague C – saw black color shadow on top ceiling, she feels like it was staring at her.

    Colleague D – heard noises from living hall there, tables and chairs moving around.

    Colleague E – sleeping soundly, but heard some voice outside living hall. same voice heard by colleague F

    Colleague F – can’t sleep at night, heard voices same as colleague E.

    Colleague G – some one calling him at night by touching his back, he was leaning on right side, so his back was facing his left side, so someone poke him on his back, on & off.

    this is what they experience during that night, just a night in Genting 😛

  133. Farez Amirul Says:

    This paranormal experience really happen on 7th December 2010 about 3-4am.

    What i am about to share with you is a true story as god is my witness. This experience was told to me by my kid, his team mate and confirmed by accompanied teachers when they came back from the resort.

    My youngest child (12 yrs old) won some school competition and as part of the reward, his school sponsored his team (9 children) and 2 teachers for a fully paid vacation at Genting Highland (2 day + 1 night). They rented 1 Ria apartment (2 rooms) on 19th floor.

    Sometime around 3 am they suddenly heard a big ‘BANG’ as both room doors start swinging by them self even though i was told there wasn’t any strong wind blowing inside the apartment/rooms and all the windows was closed.

    What buffled them is that those doors have knob and “something” must have physically turned the knob to open and close the doors REPEATEDLY!

    The teachers have to lock the doors from inside the rooms to stop those doors from swinging and eventually they end up staying in one room and nobody dare to sleep after that trauma until daylight.

    It is up to you reader what to or not to believe as what i have just told you is the truth. After my kid told me, i did some googling and found this forum and i thought it is a proper place to share the story. I am in my 50’s and not the type to say bad things about people’s property if it is untrue.

  134. dean Says:

    Been there at Ria Apart in 2003 with my famly, its like walking into grave site …. so quite , once entered the lift, I already felt funny, the lift is spooky. But I hv been working in hosp environment where everyday people is dying, thereis one particular lift in the hosp special for transporting dead body to the mortuary from the ward … waaahhh the same feeling u can feel in Ria lift . I know that feeling, and I can feel something is not right.

    Since we came in the gang of almost 20 of us…of corse as usual no prior planning, so did not booked any hotel (full house), so Ria wa the only one available, we the kind of not bothered to the funny noises, we didnot exactly encountered funny incidents, I think the spirits got fed up with us l, esp we the medical people who dealing with dead people every now and then, and hospital is the kind of env we used to. In old hospitals we had encountered a lot of incidents, where nurses walking by at night (but the nurse is actually somewhere else), pt complaining washroom or toilet someone making noises late at night, child crying near an old tree far away from children ward etc etc etc. Same story u guys got at Ria.

    But my friend did experineced an incident that he could not forget at Awana Genting and Golf resort. He was late to checked in for a course held at that hotel almost 11pm, and he was given the only room available , He was very tired, and one silent female spirit keep on distuburbing him,, ie while on his bed trying hard to sleep the girl is staring at him (bluured figure/shadow), he read all sort of prayers but it doesnt work, being med personnel, we dont really care about sprit as such, and he was really tired,so he decided to scold the spirit for disturbing him,funny enough it did went away. he tried to get different room again but was not available.

    The next day, he asked the lady room cleaner about the room, she told him that room was rarely occupied by guest and only used if no other room available because the history of the room was, a chinese girl had commited suicide by hanging herself by the ceiling fan (frustrated by a failed love affair). He moved to different room at different floor coz our course had few more days to go.
    The room was at the ground level, the old building , not the tower. I stayed in different room but it was okey then.

    my advice, if you have a weak heart, do not stay alone esp female. Dont do something funny that may irritate spirit who has been there quite a while. Ask the staff who been working there for quite sometime, ask politely, they will suggest you where it is safe to stay. Spirits are just part of once a human or a being believed to share this world with us, either they are satan/or otherwise, some called the orang bunian/iblis/etc.

    When it is too cheap to rent, you will enjoy the other unexpected package that come with it( not advertised on the website of course)
    So enjoy your holiday at RIA or Genting …… dont bother this special package

  135. Ken Says:

    I just stayed in Ria Appartment Selangor Building on 3th to 5th of Feb. It’s fabulous with nothing happen at all. there are more than 15 of us and none of us have any weird thing happen or weird voice at all. Also, I have few friends who work in genting also living in the same building haven’t heard about those story before too. So far, they also haven’t experience anything unusual. they work till 1am-2am almost every night. Well maybe like some people said only the unlucky or feeling unlucky will meet them. Everyone who goes with me all had fun^^ so i would good luck and have fun for whoever going to Genting and have fun^^

  136. Navinesh Says:

    lol ken.. there’s no more stories in genting now.. its 2011 already. if u want u can go to bentong for stories to see for urself.. :)

  137. alangoh Says:

    Few days ago went to the big bungalow and while walking sightseeing at night, me and my friends saw a headless old man walking near the dark jungle, slowly moving into the house like searching for something. We were so afraid that we turned around. While walking back near the golf resort, we saw a beautiful long haired girl walking in the dark all alone, she laughed and smiled loudly like a pontianak…..oh my gosh….so scary that place…I nearly pissed in my pants.

  138. lampa Says:

    @alangoh fk u la, your story so sohai. How u know is old man when it is near dark jungle and it doesn’t have a head… how to see its old? I bet the pontianak up your a$$ now.

  139. Spencer Says:

    Whoa.. What a story.. Believe it or not got mine too.. Last Thursday I brought my family for a short school holiday break. We arrived around 12noon. Seeing the crowd at the theme park ticket counter, my wife suggest me to book a hotel room – afraid that we won’t be able to finish all the rides on time. So I check online but all was fully booked. That was when I decided to book for this apartment (I think I have read a few articles couple of years back regarding their guest ‘experiences’).. But that doesn’t bother me much.. So I get the phone no frm the website and call up for booking. Lucky (or unlucky?) I got one with 2 bedroom. My wife and daughter is still queuing for the park ticket, so I decided to go to the apartment with my 2 other kids. It was the one near the guard post. The office is on 14th floor and the unit is on the 15th. Looking at the facade, the lift, the corridor and the people around I decided to look at the unit first and call up my wife to give her my thought and foremost her approval.. Hi hi.. Don’t want to be blame later. To my surprise, she said ok. (off course I didn’t told her the extra experiences in the blog I read before). Done. Otw back in the gloomy lit corridor my kid says the place is dirty, smelly and spooky.. Hmm.. We took a cAb and join my wife and daughter at the park. It is a tiring round at the park but we really enjoy the ride, activity and fun. After taking our dinner we went back to the apartment. Its already 1230am. We took the lift together with some other occupant and workers perhaps. Yeah, the lift also stop at one floor with nobody there.. But we don’t bother. The others stop at lower level and 9th. The lift stops at 15th.. Ours..
    Our unit is on the right side passing through a fire door. Corridor is well lit up. Rubbish was cleared already.. The smell.. Still the same.. Old apartment as my wife said.. Ok. There are lights coming out from below of the entrance door of some units including ours. Good sign.. We got neighbours.. But who lite up ours? I’m sure we left the apartment with all light off.. Hmm.. Don’t bother. Upon entering our unit.. Whoa.. Spacious my wife uttered but the settings, the furniture and settee.. Old and did they really maintained them.. house keeping? Or change the bed sheet at least.. Off course they do… I broke the doubt. But they really need to upgrade this place and change some torn settee and blanket and carpet.. It’s a bit cold here but yes they have water heater.. But we decide not to take the shower at this wee hour.. And we also decide not to sleep at the rooms but at the living instead. After freshen up and took the bed sheets and blanket of the three beds as our

  140. Lynn Goh Says:

    Spencer, your story half way complete..what happened then?

  141. Rina Says:

    I am a member of Palace Vacation Club under Country Heights. I had stayed at RIA apartment many many times before since it is under Palaca Vacation Club. Now, PVC had given up the place. According to them, not well maintain. Anyway, thank GOD nothing happen to my family and friends. We didn’t experience anything funny and spooky. Now that i had read all this spooky stories, i dont think i would step into that building anymore……

  142. blackrosegal Says:

    Spencer, did any thing happend…??? pls finish the story la bro..

  143. Wai Rey Says:

    catch urself a pontianak or hantu, post it on YouTube and you will be an instant hit, I dont think so. Too many imaginations here! If I am still in my teens, I probably will relate some of ur cerita to my fellow peers

  144. modernmen Says:

    pls cut the crap…mengarut….

  145. oPENmIND Says:

    I see some “critics” and “cynics” here on a regular basis. No matter… Well freedom of speech (err comments in this case) and all that right? But just a friendly suggestion(s):- If you’re here to pooh pooh on people’s experiences, try to practice some tact lah OK? Or if you’re gonna get on a high horse and start educating us with so-called scientifically proven rebuttals or outright put downs then simply put you’re at the WRONG blog no? Majority of readers/contributors here are just sharing, getting some kicks out of it or just simply a form therapeutic bad experiences’ release. Don’t poop at a party that you’re obviously not invited to lah. Get it? Sorry for being frank but hey that’s what internet friends can do too :)

  146. Teekay Says:

    Was reading this and guess what happened? My hair dryer outside the living room there switched on itself -.- this freak the hell out of me!

  147. wondergirl Says:

    Wat eva u do dun go to ria.expecially hot chicks like me.

    this is my personal encounter.i rented a room on the 13th floor which is kind of quiet one.oso my fren rented another room on the same floor
    we checked in on 4.00 p.m ,took abath n went 4 a round.later we wen to the casino and came back about 1.35 p.m.i was so tired unable to open my eyes,i went to bed.

    here is the erie part.i felt tat someone was sittin on me.tat person or(tat ‘thing’)hold my hips and started kiss me.from forhead,cheeks,lips and it
    started touching ,kissing,bittin my breast.i could not speak a word.i felt as though i was molested.it did not stop there.i felt it was pumping its lips on mine as though doin french kiss.


  148. miz scatterbrained Says:

    how funny is that ur story wondergirls. but more to spooky…i dont like that type of thing…. have a lot of sexual passion ….. i think the ‘thing’ is a type of person when he is alive…. he is a man(maybe) who like to rent girls(bitch) so mybe he just get along wif his lifestyle when he is still alive….. but now then he still do it eventhough he is dead already….. my advice…. don’t go to RIA anymore….. because that ‘thing’ will definitely looking for you for sure….. :putnam:

  149. Daraan Says:

    Wonder gal is really silly…. to everyone, ria apartment is realy haunted… ive experienced it in year 2007… its was realy scary… i will tell juz one part that happened.. it was about 12.30am, the whole apartment went blackout and i heard a loud scream right beside me mixture with a man and tiger sound… many things happened after that… lazy to type… but wen we checked out early in the morning, ive asked the front desk staff of the power supply failure reason.. she replied me with a silly and which is “cable kena gigit tikus”…. such a thick power supply cable can be faulty due to a bite by a rat!!!!!

  150. Calvin Kong Says:

    I advised u all guys to bring along some “FU” to genting and never told ghost story in the room…

  151. sahar Says:

    stayed in 1st world this july…. fortunately nothing happened! really amazed to read the stories here…

    yup, GH is HAUNTED!!!!!!!!

  152. Abang Pro Says:

    I went there everytime but nothing happen oso?

  153. The MIZ Says:

    Wow read every single story from the very start
    realised plenty of experienced
    i remember when i was young stayed there once
    but no such experience knew that only thing in my mind
    is that the entire journey is cold and unforgetabble~

  154. Ferr Remy Says:

    Whoaaa! Love this site and love to read all those stories written here. The more I read all the creepy stuff, the more I wanna go the that Ria apartment. I hope eventhough now it’s 2011, it still haunted. Cant wait!!!

  155. kampung boy Says:

    wah Daraan… got tiger sound aswell.
    its like d whole jungle of haunted things is inside d apartment.
    My experience, told by my friend who used to work at maybank genting at d casino’s moneychanger.
    maybank has their own units at the apartment ria for their staffs to live as d hoetel lah. so my friend gets 1 apartment with 2 housemates who are married with kids but they also live at d downhill also so not necessary for them to live at d apartment.
    on the 1st day of his duty after the long hours of working, he went back home to d hostel lah. just imagine 1ST DAY!! =

    1) at the lift, he felt sumone pinch him on his arm. he was alone.
    2) in the apartment’s bathroom during taking bath, he heard sound of a whispering woman during the water dropped on to his head and suddenly the SHAMPOO CHANGED PLACE!!
    3)things happened also at the kitchen during drink water.
    4) at night, when he tried to sleep (he slept on the queen sized bed) he heard the sound like an Indian woman’s leg bracelet coming closer to him. he said he was so scared until he cant even move his body. After that he felt like sumbody slowly sat next to him as he can feel the downpushed slowly until his body would move really close to the ‘thing’ next to him. luckly the thing never touch him but its not finished, after that he can feel that sumone pulled his sheet down n down slowly as he also pulled the sheet back to cover his head untill the thing pulled it again strongly and he immediately ran to the light switch. guess what, only the sheets on the floor. that night he slept with the lights on but he still can hear the sound of the knocking windows from the outside. this things really ‘like’ him so much.
    5) more less same things happened during taking a bath on the next morning.


    6) he was in trauma and he went back to his hometown and his mom got him some ritual things lah to wear on him and also he brought the cd of ritual prayers readings to play on but after he came back to the apartment. so 1st thing he do is to play on the cd but the cd player turned off by itself.
    7)same things also happened at d kitchen, bathroom and hall.

    he decided he cant live there anymore so he asked his other friend who lived down one level unit of maybank’s apartment.


    8) the friend agreed and he slept on the same room just below the haunted room that he supposed to sleep and guess what, the thing made a very loud sound from the upside like dropping the whole things inside the room like the cupboard and everything. i told u that ‘thing’ really loves him so much. :)

    so on duty he asked his friend which is by-right also his housemate about the haunted story and he was informed that one of their housemate was actually hv seen the real ‘thing’ that forms as an indian woman with blood all over the body and also supposed to wear a leg bracelet as it makes sound but tragically the thing was actually got no leg or foot at all. so the guy who hv seen the real thing only left his belongings inside, never return

  156. ConfiusGirl Says:


    hmmmm..i’ve been there before (stay apartment ria-Selangor side) …nutink happen..al goes smoothly…GOD grace …

  157. vanilla sakura Says:

    errr read alot of the spok this came out from genting ria apartment… n btw will stayed there next week with 2 more couples…..
    when i told my hubby about this,he say one of the guy friend have stayed there before n nothing happen >_< n i think i might enjoy the experient soon

  158. kruel Says:

    been there last year..went for part time job during the school holiday for two weeks. nothing happen tho…but i heard that if u are using the lift, when u enter go stand at back of the lift…if u stand in front near the door there will be sumthing waiting for you at the back…
    also during that there already some suicide cases around that area..cant remember where

  159. meet Says:


  160. Anda Says:

    “something unexpected happened to she” ???…now i am really scared!

  161. SAKAI Says:

    Many of the accounts are true and its best the management cleanse the place nby engaging priests medium holy man to pray for the spirits

    those whom write stories for entertainment are harming people whom can and stay and no idea of the things happening. i stayed 10 years ago and til this day have goose pimples reading… my story is like many others hearing noises in the hall and upon coming out to check there was nothing or anyone… these noises went on throughout the night

    Be warned … don t try to be unbeliever or a hero and bring your bible, quran, holy book and tapes praisiing God if you really have to stay and good luck

  162. Neocyke Says:

    Haiyerr… you ppl are scared waaaaay too easily. the whole blardy genting is haunted lar. no matter where you stay. even maxims got ghost.
    my friend works there and has been there the last 10 years. he confirm. even you walk outside at nite can see ghost one… so why care? just let them do their stuff..

    back to Ria, i just stayed there like 2-3 weeks back. floor 20, unit 2019, selangor tower. left after exit lift. i was there with gf, her sister & sister’s bf. 4 peeps one unit. checked in around 7pm. Place was ok ok only.2 bedrooms. Me & gf took master bedroom. the nite while sleeping, there was this knocking sound coming from the bathroom. like someone was knocking on the door. at first ok la. then after a while got annoying since the bathroom door is next to the bed.. so i told the fella, oi.. orang mau tidor laa. it stop. then after few mins, start again. so, same thing lor.. told the fella to stop and it stopped. a bit later the knocking start again.. this time really tulan, told the fella.. you don’t stop, i come in there kick your ass wei~
    knocking stopped finally. that was already around 4am… really beh tahan with that fella.. kacau people sleep..

    next morning, go b’fast at marrybrown. so i ask the rest, you all got hear anything or not. both the sister and bf confirm they also got hear knocking on their door and also at the front door. they just make dunno only.. and continue sleep whole night..

    my point is, don’t let small things and stories scare you. yes, the whole of genting is haunted, but the most is, they don’t let you sleep only…
    like that door knocking fella…

  163. Neocyke Says:

    Oh, btw, anyone who got ghost story, please state which apt / room number you were staying and which place, ria, first world, theme park etc.
    especially the one got girl ghost one.. i wan to try something.. LoL..

    Oh, and, selangor tower has 2 lifts, one small, one big. if you scared got things behind you like the folks above. take the small one. i personally always stay at the back of any lift. safe from being pickpocket-ed. also, both towers now got lotsa people. and no, the 13th floor is not empty. got people staying there now d. i can confirm since just been there..

    and if you hear knocking or any kind of noise at all from the MAIN DOOR, DO NOT go and check to see much less open the door. That’s the STUPIDEST thing you can do in ANY hotel. That’s how people get robbed. Effing bastards try to scare you and when you go to see. Finish liao. They come in sapu everything.. got girls inside, even worse! Always bolt the door and use every freaking lock it has.. If it was a ghost, the fella can open it anyway so you know got ghost.. problem is fake black hair ghost..

    So, be safe, enjoy your stay at genting and try not to lose too much money… hahahaha

  164. Aussie family Says:

    Stayed there last night on the 22nd floor Husband, myself and three kids. Sister-I law let us take her philipino maid and her friend so a party of 7 all together. Overall appearance of hotel exterior and characters hanging about gave it a really creepy feel. We weren’t aware of any ghosts BUT did have a spooky experience. The entrance door was odd, looks like it might have been kicked in once and the locks changed a few times. More for safety my husband propt a chair against he door in such away that would make it impossible for anyone to enter from the outside. Twice I heard what sounded like people having a good time but then turn to screaming, to be honest I didn’t think to much of it. I could always hear the elevator ringing. My husband heard only a woman laughing in a strange sound. I woke in the night and checked our apartment, the chair was against the door still. The maid said she awoke at 3am and the chair was still in place. I heard a loud thump in the night but went back to sleep. When we got out of bed after enjoying the excellent view of KL at sunrise we noticed the chair was not against the door but sitting half a meter away. Our bedroom was closest to the living room and we were the 1st ones up. No one had been in the living area yet the chair had defiantly been moved. The maid said she felt like it was a ghost house. I had no idea about Rai being haunted but Genting in general just had a horrible feeling about it which is surprising because the view and scenery is spectacular. I would only recommend Genting as a day trip anyway. I am only now reading the stories. By the way the lift looked like it had blood

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