Grandpa’s Spirit Ghost Story

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Author’s Note : This post is dedicated to my grandpa whom has recently passed away on the 23/2/2007.

After writing so much ghost stories, I’ve never imagined that one of the ghost story that I’m about to tell would involve my own grandpa. My grandpa passed away recently at the age of 82 and being a Chinese, he would be 85 years old. Don’t ask me why add 3 yrs but the elders tell me its to add the sky, the earth and the hell or something like that. Perhaps someone could enlighten me about what this meant. He passed away due to lung collapse. The factor that caused it? Due to excessive smoking when he was young.

This ghost story is not something of a horror but it was a scary experience for my aunt’s maid, Daisy who was sort of taking care of his basic needs (of changing diapers and other toilet needs) during the last few week of his life.

It happened during the first day when everyone was busy mourning at the funeral parlor in Cheras called Xiao En. No one was at home except for Daisy and she was just busy with her usual chores of cleaning and washing before heading to the funeral parlor herself. That day, she thought of cleaning up and folding the mattress since my grandpa no longer needed it. Worried that my grandpa might still be “lying” there, she carefully folded the mattress while asking my grandpa for excuses so she might keep the mattress. As suddenly as it came, she sniffed a whiff of faeces in the air and immediately recognized the smell as the smell of my grandpa when he did not manage to go to the toilet in time. At first, she thought it was her imagination but when she walked out of the room, she could still smell the scent. Her first reaction was to quickly make some drinks of milo and biscuits and put in it on the night table. She quietly told my grandpa to enjoy his food and she quickly ran upstairs to change into the formal black and white mourning clothes.

As she came down, she could smell the scent again at the foot of the stairs and was a little scared. Co-incidentally, her friend who was there to visit here could also smell the scent as well and Daisy confirmed that it was not her imagination. After that, she thought of going to the swing located at the car porch with her friend to sit around until my grandpa decides to leave. The funny thing was the scent followed her to the swing and she figured out that it was probably just my grandpa trying to thank her or something.

My uncle, on the other hand, was convinced that the smell was probably an after smell but she was very sure of herself that the smell was “fresh” since she was the one that attended to my grandpa’s needs quite often.

Well, I guess this is another case that proves the spiritual life after death does exist.

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12 Responses to “Grandpa’s Spirit Ghost Story”

  1. Nacht Engel Says:

    Proof that “spiritual life after death does exist” ?? HAHAHAHAHH…

    All this based on a maid’s hyperactive imagination and a lingering “smell” ?

    Wow.. the scientific parameters of your mind is simply.. mind-boggling!

    The most glaring fact is that your maid was cleaning up the old mattress used by your grand-dad when he was alive. I take it that alot of the “accidents” happened when he was lying in bed?

    I do not know if you have ever had to clean up a messy poo business on sheets or on clothes, especially if you have to pick up after a still-in-toilet-training toddler. I won’t go much into it but yes, the smell lingers and more often than not, it’s even more pungent that when it was “fresh”, the fabric having had time to “absorb” the residue.

    Unless your maid has been conscientious enough to wash the mattress each time thoroughly (with dettol e.g) each time an accident happened.

    What would have been freakier “proof” would have been if the milo and biscuits were half eaten or something and even then, that’s abit of a stretch.

    In these days of digital cynicism, a pair of superstitious maids with over-active imaginations just do not cut it.

    This post is a fail I’m afraid. And that’s scarier than your story is!

  2. icequeen Says:

    Nacht, thanks for your comment! the mattress wasn’t stained if that’s what you are trying to imply as there was always an outer layer which protects the mattress.

    Like I mentioned in my earlier posts, there are 2 types of belief, either you are convinced or a skeptic. 😉

    And yes, scientific parameters of my mind is simple because I choose to believe that perhaps that there was a chance that my grandpa “visited” the house after his death but then again, it could have been another active imagination which is why I “guess”.

    This post was not intended to change anyone’s belief and my apologies if I’ve annoyed anyone in anyway.

  3. jjme Says:

    Just to add to icequeen’s comment.


    In this world, there are people who believe in spirits, and those who don’t.

    I believe icequeen was sharing her own experience. The Chinese (I’m not saying all), believe that when someone passess on to the next world, his spirit still exists in the human world. A lot of times, these spirits do not realize that they are dead. Proper prayers will assist the spirit in this realization, after which he will be sent away properly to go through reincarnation. If burial and prayers are not conducted properly, he may be stuck in the human world as a wandering spirit. It is a traditional belief that the spirit is still “awake” for 7 days after the time of death. Hence, during the week-long funeral, grieving families may sense his presence still. You may argue sensibly that because they are grieving and depressed, they may be hallucinating. Yes, and no. Personally, I think that if people have not encountered experiences like that before … they should just respect others for having so. Unless you have actual scientific proof and what not to base your argument in a situation like this, then by all means present it forth as a good learning to share. As far as I know, till today there are still unexplained phenomenas. It is at your own freedom to make jokes and laugh about it, but maturity will stand out in a person if he/she is able to listen-in and respect what others have to share. I am not saying that discussion should not take place about the existence of the supernatural. But sacarsm and mockery is what every person should be aware of when talking about religion, beliefs, and customs.

    Just my two cents.

  4. purple-mushroom Says:

    I am a believer…

  5. icequeen Says:

    jjme, well said!

    purple, too much experiences left u a believer 😉

  6. Win_C Says:


    My message maybe a bit late reply to you but after read so much of your stories I guess I will be one of your good reader as well… hahah.
    But I do belive the existing of the death.. and their return after death. A few incidents happened.

    My father pass away 3 years ago. We have the prayer ceremony for 5 days. Thus the whole 5 days we heard stories about him.. my 2nd sister saw a little boy runing in our house. Which we do not know who is him. As when she leave the house she was very sure that no one is at home that time (my father’s coffin was not at our house because we stay in a condominium.) With her curiousity of who the boy ?? she open the gate and go into the house and check the whole house again and for sure no one is that. As far as she remember it was a dark shadow with a kid age btw 10 to 12 years old.

    After the 3 days of the ceremony, my father’s friend (which is a lady) saw my dad standing next to his coffin.She come for furneral visit (Chor yea) She described to us that he was wearing whole black and giving her a sign of silent do not inform us. I think my dad know that we are afraid and may freak us out if we know. After the whole praying ceremony end the lady come and inform us. That’s how we know.

    Anyway, till today the black shadow is still a questions playing in my sister mind. ???who is he?? according to my mom, maybe my dad return as a kid because he is afraid that he will scare us off…

    Actually on the day he died, we can heard his snooring sound. Not only me, my sister too. But he is for sure death. (Forgot to inform my dad died in his sleep) he snoor very loud. I thought is my imagination but my sister said she heard that too.

  7. Icequeen Says:

    win_c, wow! tat was a pretty amazing experience you got there. Sure bet you had a lot of people telling you that you and your family missed your father too much and probably dream the whole thing and that your sister was just far too tired during the ceremony and started imagining things. Yeah, I have my fair share of people telling me their “theories” but only you and you yourself will know if its a reality or just a dream.

  8. Win_C Says:

    hmmm….we thought it was a dream too and tired.. but we only exchanged all this information after the furneral passed, and we had the conversation together during we were chating.. so I am sure it is not b’cos of dream or tiredness.. but then .. I know he is there…

  9. Noerru Says:

    But it would be nice if it really was your dad coming back for a second visit before saying goodbye. I’m quite attached to my parents and in a way, it would be nice to know that they’re saying “Hey, baby girl. Bye and take good care of yourself, k?”

  10. TkY Says:

    +1 jime.
    “sacarsm and mockery is what every person should be aware of when talking about religion, beliefs, and customs.”
    hope nacht reads this

  11. J Says:

    +2 jime.

    im a muslim, and i too, believe that when someone passess on to the next world, his spirit still exists in the human happen to us malays too.dont worry. its true.

  12. Tiesha Sabagh Says:

    Some 700 military personnel from three services — the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force — lined the streets, including guards in scarlet tunics and distinctive black bearskin hats on the 24 cathedral steps.

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