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Horror at Tapah Fishing Pond

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Author’s Note : One of my friend’s husband, loves fishing and would always go to a pond located in Tapah. For those fishing lovers out there that know this place, apparently this pond area is well known to be a super haunted. Although my friend’s husband has been there numerous times, he did not experience any supernatural activities although he did mention to my friend that they would leave the place before the sky starts getting dark. Here’s what happened on one exceptional day

My husband loves to go fishing. He and his gang of friends would often visit this pond in Tapah for his fishing expedition. They never stayed late there though as the area was known to be haunted and it would be their mutual agreement that everyone would leave the place before the skies darken. There was one time that things didn’t go as planned.

My husband and 5 other of his friends decided to have a 3 day trip to the Tapah pond. On the first day upon arrival, they had reached the pond around 4pm and as usual, they had already planned to leave before 7pm. One of his friends, Anson who was there for the first time was pretty excited as he had caught many fishes. When the time had come to leave the Tapah pond, he refused to go although the clock showed that it was well over 7pm. After a few minutes, another gang of friends (3 malay men) came with their fishing nets. One of my husband’s friends, Kent, thought of greeting them and asked one of the gang members, “Netting ke?” (Are you netting?). All of them nodded a yes and Kent continued asking, “Tak takut ke?” (Aren’t you afraid?). Then one of the Malay guys replied him, “Takut ape? Khabar angin sahaja. Jika benar, keluar dan tunjuklah, apa yang saya tak pernah tengok” (What’s there to be afraid of? Its just rumors. If its true, come out and show yourself! There’s nothing that I haven’t seen before). With this reply, all of them including my husbands friends decided to continue fishing. At that point, my husband felt pretty weird when everyone decided not to leave at that moment. Since majority had voted to stay, so my husband stayed back as well.

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Adventure with a Fox Spirit

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Author’s Note : I got this story from a Taiwanese TV talk show program called “Unbelievable World”. Last round (get the previous story here), I wrote about a Feng Shui Master so here’s another one about him telling the story about his experience during one of the classes he held.

Out of the many classes the Feng Shui Master (FSM) lectured in, there are definitely some students that are skeptics. Skeptical about the supernatural world and skeptical about the book of I Ching. If you have not heard about the book of I Ching, this book is The Book of Changes, one of the oldest chinese classic texts (for more info, you can click here). During one of the classes on Fox Spirits, one student, let’s call him A, challenged the FSM about the existence of one. You know what they say about seeing is believing? Well, the FSM decided to bring that A to personally experience the power of a fox spirit. After the FSM calculated the right timing to “visit” the fox spirit, he made a date with his class to be at the Yang Ming mountain at a specific time.

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The Tired Ghost

Friday, April 9th, 2010

This story is contributed by Funkfuzio

This incident happened in my house in Kuantan a few years back. You see, my house is located nearby a hospital’s mortuary and also near a chinese funeral parlour. That one unfortunate night, I went to bed as usual. It happened while I was about to doze off. Suddenly, I could feel something in my room. I cound feel the temperature of my room dropped and my room felt chilly at that time.

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