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Black Magic Love Potion Part 1

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Author’s Note : After hearing this story from my friend, being beautiful isn’t really a good news after all

My sister was what most people considered a real beauty. Her beauty always did attract many suitors but she remained loyal to her boyfriend whom she dated for many years. However, her beauty seemed to take a wrong turning a few years ago after she started work. It first began, pimples started appearing on her face. All seemed normal as many people even in their early 20s would have pimples, right? Wrong! At least not for her.

After a while, her face started to contort. We were all in a shock when half of my sister’s face looked like she had a mild stroke. We were all so worried, we immediately brought her to the hospital to get everything checked up. At that time, my sister’s face has changed so much it became unrecognizable. Her beauty had disappeared over the span of a few weeks. She could not move the muscles on half of her face and when she was sleeping, the eyes on the other half of her unmovable face remains open. In short, we were all scared. The doctors ruled her out as having a mild stroke so she was admitted to the hospital for a week. During that week, she were given medications for patients that suffered stroke. Continue reading Black Magic Love Potion Part 1 »

The Final Call

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

This story is contributed by Primila

Hi. I know some of you who may have your own opinions about what I’m about to tell you but what happened to me was as true as daylight. Till this day, it still sends shivers down my spine thinking if something like that is really possible. I’m not a ghost hunter or any type of hunter at all. Just a regular career woman making a living like everyone else. My past isn’t exactly perfect, people do stupid things in their teens. I was only 14 when I fell in love with a boy much older to me, he was 19. Having a boyfriend at that age with a motorbike who fetches you from school can make you popular at school for some reason. We were dating for a few months and he used to pick me up and send me home or meet me later about 4 or 5 in the afternoon after his work. At that time, there are no mobile phones. Only pagers and home phones. So at night, he would call my home phone very late around 1 am and we would talk softly to each other so that my mother doesn’t wake up and turn into a shouting demon because I’m on the phone so late. Continue reading The Final Call »

My First Ghostly Incident

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

This story is contributed by Cleo

My first ghostly incident happened to me back when I was in my old house. I was just about 8 or 9 years old then and although it was a pretty vague memory, I remembered that it scared the hell out of me. Nothing particular happened as that day, I was having my usual evening nap.

When I was about that age, I slept in the same room as my brother where we shared a double deck bed. I would be sleeping on the upper deck and my brother the lower deck. Because our house is pretty small, so’s our room and our bed would be parked right next against the wall. Out of the 4 corners of my bed, the upper corner and the one side of the bed would be against the wall. This is how my bedroom would look like.  Continue reading My First Ghostly Incident »