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Eyes of a Murderer

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Author’s Note : I think after a long while of hiatus, I have a story or 2 coming right up. So stay tuned! For this current story, it involves a long time friend of mine named Cassy who I would describe as a person that has quite a strong character. Probably because of that, the ghost chose her?

I never really experienced anything supernatural or scary or even remotely haunting except for this once. I think that most people would describe it as a dream or sleep paralysis but I think for those that really did experience the feeling of being sat on by someone or should I say something, they would have agreed with me that there is nothing paralysing about that feeling.

This “sleep paralysis” happened to me a few years back. I can’t really recall if there was anything special about that day or what I have done on that day that could bring this unfortunate incident to happen. I could only remember sleeping soundly. As most dreams, they happen all of a sudden and so did mine. Continue reading Eyes of a Murderer »

The Car And The Experiences

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

This story is contributed by Site Engineer

This is another real experience encounter by me and my younger sister Annie six years ago. No one could believe it unless you experience it yourself. Puzzle as it seems, it’s true happening to us. A case of bad luck if I should say so myself! In the year of 2006, my younger sister (we name her Annie) has finally finish her studies from a local college. So, the first thing in mind was to get herself a  job and of course the transportation to go to the work place. I, as her older brother have tried my best to support her financially, advised and also took the effort to bring her around to shop for her first second hand car. After visiting many shops around town, we finally came to a conclusion that a Proton Wira was the most ideal choice for her. We managed to find one that suits to our budget with perfect condition and without thinking much, we just bought it and drove around.

Annie seem to be the luckiest girl having the nicest used car that doesn’t give any problem at all, except some minor defect on the cabin light. Cabin light is the one that we use to turn on to brighten up the internal part of the car when we need to find something in the dark, it also serves as an indicator when one of the doors are not close properly. For a normal car, the cabin light is usually mounted on the ceiling of the car with tiny switch attached to it. The problem with Annie’s car was the lights would always turn off by itself, suspecting the switch was giving problem. Annie took the car to workshops for rectify, but none of them were able to identify the problem and that included the Proton Service Center; so I advise her to just change the entire light fitting to a new one since nobody is able to solve it. Continue reading The Car And The Experiences »

Haunted Site Office

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

This story is contributed by Site Engineer

I used to work very late in the office when I was still a learner in the construction industry. Normal for a construction site staffs, our office is always situated within the site compound where it used to be hoard up; away from public view for safety reasons. So, as a construction guy who was trained to use to be at this condition, I felt nothing. No scare, no eerie feeling, no ghost thought except planning what should be carry out for the next day. The work schedule alone is enough to keep our brain busy all the days and nights. In fact I have been through from one project site to another; none of my projects is giving me the eerie feeling even though I have to stay through the night to complete tons of works given by the boss.

Things has gone the usual ways until one day I was transfer to a new project site in Sungai Buluh, to look after the construction of six storeys building. At the very first week, nothing is happen and I have stick to my usual style of doing work in the site office until 9 p.m or 1 a.m almost every alternate day. Of course I’m not alone staying in the office. There are always few of us doing work together that consist of the Project Manager, Planner, Draftman, Site Manager and me as Quantity Surveyor. Continue reading Haunted Site Office »