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My Second Ghostly Incident

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

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About 2 years after the weird experience, I had one more last encounter with the unseen. That night, I remember falling asleep quite early in the evening. As I was sharing the same bedroom as my sibling, I remembered that my sibling was still outside watching tv and I was alone in the room. After sleeping a while, I did not know what woke me up suddenly. Conscious of my surrounding, I decided to get up for a glass of water.

To my surprise, I could not move a muscle. Some would call it sleep paralysis but I was confident that it was not because I was pretty sure I was awake at that moment. I tried calling up for help but it seemed to be unless. As much as I hated the way thing were at that point of time, I realized after a few seconds that I was not alone. My bed was parked right next to the wall so out of the 4 corners of my bed, 2 corners were away from the wall. That time, I could see from the corner of my eyes that the 2 corners were occupied by shadows. Although I could not really see clearly who or what it was, but there was many of them. In fact, I could see each one of them surrounding my bed. Continue reading My Second Ghostly Incident »

Possessed in First World Hotel, Genting Highland

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Author’s Note : My friend continued to share with me what happened to her sister after the unfortunate incident. You can read more about what happened to her sister from stories Black Magic Love Potion Part 1 and 2

After my sister’s experience with black magic curses, she was already warned by her master that she was “weak” but she did not know what was that meaning of that until 2 years later when she and her group of friends visited Genting Highlands.

With the intention of having great fun at Genting Highland, my sister and her group of friends booked a room at First World Hotel so they could stay overnight. That day, after checking in, they proceeded to place their belongings into the room. Because her guy friends had an all together different room a few level’s above them, they placed their belongings at the girl’s room. Everyone gathered at the girls’ room located on the 21st floor and being a little tired of the whole journey, they decided to hang out for a while before heading to the theme parks and casinos.

And so, the whole lot of them laughed and joked and created a riot in the room playing card games. In the group, there was a guy that was particularly handsome. As it is in a group, everyone laughed and joked at each other and since the handsome guy was one of my sister’s closer friends, they shared even more jokes than rest of the gang. All the time, the handsome guy was sitting opposite of my sister and naturally since they were all joking and laughing, both my sister and the handsome guy had eye contact with each other. Continue reading Possessed in First World Hotel, Genting Highland »

Black Magic Love Potion Part 2 – The Revelation

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

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After the 7 days my sister was finally and successfully cured. So what had happened?

When my sister first started her first job, she was happy working in that company that was mainly ran by family members. She started noticing that her boss was interested in her and hinted to her by inviting her out alone to dinners and lunch. My sister brushed off her boss’s advances as he was a married man and I guess this angered him so much that he decided that since he could not get her, he would ensure no man would want her as well. In his efforts to break up my sister and her boyfriend, he placed black magic that would destroy her beauty. Continue reading Black Magic Love Potion Part 2 – The Revelation »