Another Godly Encounter

July 30th, 2010

Author’s note : When I first heard this story, I sort of had goosebumps all over me and here’s why

My friend Amy is from Kedah. When she was young, her father was running a trading business between Malaysia and Thailand. Back when Amy was about 6 to 7 years old, her father decided to “invite” the 4 face Buddha back home to bless the family. Because of this, her father would request his family to offer prayers to the 4 face Buddha everyday.

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Penang Hotel Haunt

July 24th, 2010

This story is contributed by Su

This story happened to my third aunt at a Penang hotel. Many many years ago when she was in her 20s (probabaly back in the 70s), she and her friends made a sudden getaway to Penang. Because it was a sudden getaway, there were no booking or hotel reservations made. They had just decided to head on to Penang, to hang out and eat great food. Time flies especially when you are having fun and little did they know, it was already getting late. Since it was getting dark soon, my aunt and her friends decided to get a hotel room in Penang to stay for the night instead of heading back home.

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Encountered Ghost in TM Resort

July 16th, 2010

This story is contributed by Death Shishido

I have a ghost story that I don’t even know whether it is really a ghost or just a figment of my imagination but it happened to me during my family vacation at TM Resort in Port Dickson, Malaysia. Every time I pass by or hear the name of  that resort, it just gives me a creepy feeling.

It was a wonderful day to stayed there for one night in that apartment.  The apartment contained 2 rooms. One room for my married uncle and another for my family. The room for my uncle was supposed to be for my siblings and me but since it would have been boring if it was just our family, we decided to invite my uncle as well.

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